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15 Ultimate Ways to Declutter Your Life and Bring Abundance-BigBrainCoach

According to Feng shui and Vaastu, clutter is the trapped energy that mostly connects us to the past. When you Declutter Your Life, you release those past negative energy, create positive energy, and allow yourself to step into new opportunities.

Decluttering your life feels like reborn in the same body since it provides you new vision and energy to do better.

Clutter often looks like an incomplete exchange of life. When you clear those negative energy, you allow yourself to take more significant and creative opportunities because your past no longer controls you.

Before I jump to the ways to declutter your life, let’s see the central area of life that affects us most- Our workplace, Home, and Beautiful Mind.

Here are 15 ways to Declutter Your Life for a shining future!

Declutter your workplace

Declutter Your Life by decluttering your office space!- bigbraincoach
Workplace / bigbraincoach

Your office is a place where you spend most of your time and energy. To enhance your productivity, you need to keep your workplace clean and pleasant; it’s essential to clean it.

Here are a few ways guiding you how to declutter your workplace, and ultimately it will declutter your life.

1- Clean your desk-

According to the study, a dirty table indicates that you are extroverted and influenced by others. Being influenced by others affect the creativity of a person.

A messy desk is a sign that the person is busy and defocused. Even it is a distraction. For example, If you need to find a paper or file, It takes time to get it.

On other Hand, Clean and clear desk makes you more productive and energetic. Also, it saves your lot of time.

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2- Clean Your Computer Data

Your computer is The most important thing which affects your productivity. If there are unnecessary junk files and never used applications, it reduces the speed of the computer.

Please get rid of them by deleting it. It will increase your computer’s speed, which will save you time and boost your mood.

3- Keep Things Organized

A cluttered or disorganized impacts your focus. Messy files negatively affect you and reduce your ability to work productively.

Keep your files and other essential office tools organized so that you can find it on time when needed.

4- Keep a Safe Distance From Negative People

Office involvement has a significant effect on a person’s workability. It affects his performance, decision-making skills, team spirit, leadership, and company’s turnover.

To maintain a healthy workplace, you have to communicate with every co-worker. You may face challenges with them, make sure you spend less time with the people who make you feel low or suck your energy anyway.

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5- Stay Committed

Decluttering your workplace needs regular maintenance. Therefore, commit yourself to follow the above steps regularly.
The easiest way to do it is to include in your daily to-do list.

Maintaining yourself in the office is the first step to declutter your life. It will boost your energy, make you more productive, and keep you focused on your goals.

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Declutter Your Home

Cleaning your home helps to Declutter Your Life!- bigbraincoach
Home / bigbraincoach

Research says that decluttering your home helps your brain to focus and reduces stress. Your home is a place where you eat, sleep, relax, and spend your free time.

Cleaning your home creates space and raises your energy level. It enhances self-esteem and gives a sense of pride for yourself.

Here are some Guidance about How to declutter your home easily.

6- Keep it Simple

Simplicity is the latest trend to live a royal life. The more simple design you give to your home, the less time it takes to declutter.

Choose a simple and cool theme for your home. It keeps your mood calm and focused. It takes less time to clean, saves your money, and allows you to spend more quality time to spend with your family.

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7- Cleanliness

There is a reason behind Cleanliness is Godliness. Clean every corner of your home daily. It creates extra space and keeps you lively.

Daily cleaning kills the Germs and enhances your immune system. It also keeps your mental and emotional health in balance.

Most importantly, decluttering Reduces stress and keeps you connected with your family.

8- Get Rid of Expired Things

Often, we don’t pay much attention to medicines, cosmetics, and groceries, and they get expired. Even opened products lose their effectiveness after a few months.

Expired products lack not only efficacy but also cause allergy and sickness. It is essential to check these things at least once in a month and get rid of them.

9- Keep Things Organized

Home is a basket where you put everything together. Make sure you keep things organized. It will keep your home clutter-free. Few simple steps can keep your home clean and beautiful.

Don’t keep many decorative items, Instead focus on quality.
Schedule your time for daily cleaning. However, keeping things immediately in the right place keeps home more organized.

10- Develop A Habit of Donations

I am sure you have many things in your home which you don’t need or use now. Such as clothes, stationery items, and old books.

Donating gives peace and develops empathy in you. At least once in a year, clear your home and donate items to needy people.

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Declutter Your Mind
Declutter your mind to Declutter Your Life!- bigbraincoach
Mind/ bigbraincoach

Your home and office are places where you spend a few hours of your day, but your mind is where you live forever. Therefore, to declutter your life, you need to declutter your mind.

Mental Clutter such as watching tv, overthinking strongly affect your brain—the more mess in the head, the more stress in life.

Mental mess decreases your focus, disturbs sleep, and increases anxiety level.

Following are five ways to declutter your mind regularly:

11- Focus On Priorities

To live a happy and healthy life, you must set goals for life. Setting goals helps you to prioritize things in life. Setting goals and prioritizing things enhance your decision making ability and keeps you focused.

It also allows you not to become overwhelmed if you have multiple tasks to complete.

2- Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is a great way to complete your goals. However, The study says that multitasking decreases the capacity of the brain to focus and perform effectively.

When you try to do multitasking, your brain doesn’t perform both tasks successfully. Research also says that multitasking not only slows you down but lowers your IQ too.

On the other hand, if you focus on one goal at a time, you enjoy your work and get it done less.

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13- Keep Your Surroundings Positive

The essential task to declutter your life is to keep your surrounding positive.

People we surround have a significant effect on our life. If we surround ourselves with negative people, slowly gradually, you will start thinking like them.

Therefore, it’s essential to recognize them and declutter your life.
On the other hand, positive surrounding enhances your energy and keeps us in alignment.

Positive people have found a purpose to their life, which will give you the sense to understand your meaning of life. I believe positive people are a messenger to us.

14- Meditate/ Workout

Meditation is the best way to keep your mind calm and balance in your life. Meditation has a lot of mental and physical benefits.

It helps you to Stop planting negative seeds and Start growing positive ones in your mind. Make time for your mental and physical health in your daily routine.

15- Live in The Present

Most of us are having a habit of thinking about the past, which affects our life negatively. Therefore, Learn to live in the present.

Living in the present allows you to feel how blessed you are. Take one day at a time. Do the things you enjoy the most.

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Final words: Life is meant to live not to suffer. So, don’t hesitate to cut people out who are not suitable for your mental health.

I hope you will be able to declutter your life by following these tips and allow yourself to live happily.

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