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If you think that the ultimate source of happiness lies in money, people, or power, you are mistaken. Real happiness lies within you. I have already shared essential Tips to Boss Up Your Life and attract more Happy moments.

When you enjoy being alive in every situation and keeps harmony with your mind, body soul, you feel happy. In other words, True Happiness is a state of mind engaged in love with yourself. To keep yourself happy, you don’t need luxury or someone special.

However, you can share your happiness with the people you love.
When you are delighted, you enjoy being alone and find ultimate peace there.

I believe happiness is the result of our effort to take care of ourselves. However, achieving true happiness may require sources such as security, opportunity, freedom, relationships, and skilled and meaningful activity.

Overall, happiness is the outcome of your internal thought process. In this article of BigBrainCoach we are going to explore the various source of joy in this article.

Here are seven source of happiness that can provide you eternal peace and harmony.

Top 7 Source of Happiness in Life

1- Authenticity

Authenticity, the meaning of the word is true or real. As we’re speaking in the sense of personal happiness, Authenticity means staying true to yourself, your feelings, expressions, etc.

Staying true to yourself is very easy, but, is as easy to ignore it. Even though its an easy task. However, it comes with endless difficulties. Overcoming those difficulties and knowing what you want is the key to a source of happiness.

Not only to yourself but staying true towards others is also a significant aspect of the long term happiness.

We can comfortably lie to others to make them happy for a certain amount of time, but in the long run, the lie may come to haunt you in the future when that lie slowly starts to get on nerves.

Lie also alters your sense of your own feeling and results in not understanding your emotions towards other humans and things. Therefore, do yourself a Favor and stay real.

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2 – Kindness

Kindness depends on compassion, and it also is an essential source of happiness. The way you treat others affects you too.

Your decision to be harsh may also be altering how well you understand yourself. Because everything is a slow process towards a steady result, when you decide to be bitter, your anger grows.

Whereas, when you choose to be kind, your compassion, your understanding increases. No one expects you always to be helpful, you have your moments where you get angry, irritated, but in the end, it’s about how you learned and grew from the experience.

The outcomes vary with your attitude; if you are harsh, you may not be ready to learn. If your being kind and understanding, it will help you learn. And from my experience, Learning things in life is an enjoyable experience.

In conclusion, being kind enables you to be understanding, warming, and a steady minded person, and these things contribute to your happiness.

3 – Forgiveness

Forgiving, it may be one of the hardest things a person has to do. When anger takes over, everything is clouded, and it becomes hard to forgive.

It may take you some time to calm down, and once you calm down, you may realize even you made some mistakes.

Now, you can hold a grudge and miss an opportunity for something better and a more substantial relation than before, or forgive and learn to embrace your mistakes, embrace the change.

Forgiving helps you create a better future and invite joy in life. It is one of the most significant sources of happiness.

When you forgive, it don’t just mean you’re moving past the mistake, and it means you’re embracing the fact that mistakes are going to occur, its life.

Most importantly, once you reach that point, you’ll have a warm feeling of gratefulness. Forgiveness also makes you have a better understanding of the other person’s situation and vice versa.

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4 – Acceptance

Acceptance is a concept that may help you grow or be stuck. It is a concept of reality and change. Accepting things around you is also a strong factor for happiness.

For instance, the person you live with has a different habit that don’t like; now you have two options, either accept the way they are and you may not feel annoyed, or you can get irritated by that habit and spoil your mood every time you see it.

Acceptance is not only a concept related to humans, but its also related to the environment. The change in your situation, for instance, your house, your office, your schedule.

In case of changes, the sooner you accept it, the better. The more delay done by you will cause you more discomfort and steal your peace.

Change is a reality, and with it comes a small responsibility of acceptance, which is an ultimate source of happiness.

5 – Self-love

Self-love is a very vast concept and a source of happiness. It has many small aspects that create a bigger picture. It is putting yourself up when you feel like it. It helps you to understand what you need.

Taking care of yourself provides more profound satisfaction; therefore, it is the ultimate source of happiness. The small aspects of self-care lead to better mental health.

Self-love is understanding what you like don’t like and accepting that you are that person. It’s about taking you as yourself despite what you come to know from others about yourself because no one knows you better than you.

Some people changed themselves for being liked and accepted by others, but they lose themselves in the end.

Self-love protects us from frustration and getting lost in the crowd of others. It also helps us to realize that we are at our best when we love ourselves.

6- Gratitude

The feeling of gratitude is the highest form of emotion. It keeps your connection to the higher source of the universe. Gratitude brings endless moments of happiness in your life.

People who practice thankfulness in every situation invites more positive and liveliness in their life. Being grateful doesn’t mean everything is perfect in your life.

However, accepting God’s plan and showing gratitude brings an ideal moment and fill your life with happiness.

When you take time to reflect on your day and show gratitude for your day, you forgive easily, sleep better, feel more energetic, and develop empathy in yourself.

Research says that gratitude is the most potent source of happiness. It helps you feel good, boost health, deal with the trouble, and build strong relationships.

Most importantly, By expressing gratitude and counting your blessings, you enhance your life quality and invite peace and fulfillment in your life.

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7- purpose

I am a believer that everything is connected. Everything you do, happening around, is having some connection.

The key to the real source of happiness is discovering it in every moment you are living in the present. After all, the real purpose of life is to find joy in small things and not wait for the future.

However, having a purpose in life is Living a passionate life is a fulfillment you desire.

The happiness that you feel after achieving your goal is always priceless.
Having a purpose is one of the significant factors of inviting happiness. It helps you to focus, excited, confident, and allow you to live a meaningful life.

Having a purpose also means helping people live better lives and build a more productive and healthy society. When you do something for humanity, you feel the responsibility towards a better world.

The truth is that those who give happiness to others; the universe itself takes care of their happiness. Goal and dreams are the best way to explore your potential and realize the purpose of your life.


1- What is the greatest source of human happiness?

In today’s time, true Happiness is something that everyone is looking for. I believe there is nothing outside the human heart that gives true happiness to the person. Happiness is within all of us.

In other words, the true source of human happiness is their connection with themselves. When you are connected to yourself, you find joy in everything outside.

2- What are the three 3 ingredients to happiness?

The top three ingredients that create happiness in a person’s heart are satisfaction, Human connection and Freedom to choose. If a person is satisfied with whatever condition He or she is in, there are no other desires that can make them unhappy.

In this world, we all need to connect with someone, share the energy and the freedom to choose their own path is the real ingredient to happiness.

Final Words: You see, the real source of happiness is inside you. When you develop your inner strength by practicing the above qualities, you create an immense level of joy.

Most importantly, that happiness is infectious, and it automatically gets spread around you.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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