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Do you feel you don’t belong to the society you are currently living in? Or do you have a gut feeling that you are extra blessed, In other words, Spiritually Gifted? Or you just want to know If God has gifted you with something special?

If any of the above questions you feel related to this article is specially written for you. However you don’t need any other person’s validation. Yet, there are some of the common signs that indicate a person has got some power.

God has gifted everyone with the same qualities and powers but we all are blessed something special. In this article I will share those common signs that make us different and better at something than others.

Before I jump to the main topic, I would like to enlighten you: what does it mean to be spiritually gifted?

Meaning of Spiritually Gifted Person

There are different dimensions of this world on energy level. For example someone is financially in pain, at the same time His brother is living a financially abundant life. For some, the world is going to end, for others, life is getting started.

In simple words, the difference between the energy level, the life style, their mental state and wisdom explains the energy level a person is living on.

Therefore, ”Spiritually gifted are those who are living above all the material level and think and act everything on an energy level.”

Spiritually gifted person receives power directly from the divine God or universe as they are qualified to do it. Here are some of the signs that indicate a person is spiritually gifted or you are spiritually gifted.

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Top 10 Signs You are Spiritually Gifted Person

Here is how to know if you have a spiritual gift from God!

1- Your are Able to Connect the Dots

Spiritually Gifted Signs

Connecting the dots using your brain and time is a regular thing which most of the aware people do. However, doing it organically without any effort is a special Gift from God.

If you have that strength and wisdom to connect a previous dot from the correct one is a sign of a spiritually gifted person. Yes, It happens immediately, you connect your experience and move to the next step learning from those dots.

This is how life becomes easy and they easily move on with wise learning. You might have heard that nothing is a co-incident, it’s all connected. So, if you are able to understand the things practically connected and live accordingly, you are specially blessed.

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2- Your Vision Easily Gets Manifest

Spiritually gifted people are aware about each moment and its value so instead of overthinking, they believe in moving on. Being special and having connection with God doesn’t mean to live a life like saints.

In the Holy Gita God says, God loves those most who are Living with their family and remember God. So, if you are one of them and get whatever you desire without much effort, you are gifted.

You might not know that you are special but if you are able to manifest things in less time than others, you have some special abilities.

3- You Wake up between 3-5 Am

Spiritually Gifted Signs

Waking up between 3-4 Am is one of the first desires of those who want to grow spiritually. It’s the time when all the divine powers come to earth and bless those who consciously connect.

If you naturally wake up between 3-5 Am it’s because God Himself wakes you up and blesses you in many ways. There are people, like me, who are trying hard to adopt this habit and become more connected, but it happens naturally to those who are spiritually gifted.

The time during this is auspicious, even according to science, so if you are awake use it to perform some rituals that will help you grow more. Rituals like Yoga, Meditation, chanting etc.

4- Your are Empathetic

Being empathetic in these cruel times, Kalyuga, is truly rare. When everyone is worried about their own problems and pain, if you care about others or feel others’ pain, you are spiritually gifted.

God blesses those and gives extra patience, power, peace and wisdom to those who have the capacity to handle and use it wisely. If you can feel others’ pain, it might be frustrating, then you are spiritually gifted and dear to God.

Awakened people are needed on this planet and if you feel that you are made to contribute to the world in some ways, you are blessed. Your empathetic behavior can lead you to learn healing and heal those whom you can connect naturally.

5- Strong Intuition

Spiritually Gifted Signs Images

Intuition is one of the most common requirements if you want to be awakened or blessed. The third eye chakra is the source of other powers a spiritual person can have. So if you think your intuition is strong and it guides you, warns you, you are definitely connected to God.

When the third eye, Agya Chakra, is open, you are conscious and aware about the time, you will notice all other symptoms in you. It is not necessary that only meditation can do it, there are many other activities that trigger the third eye.

In my opinion, a third eye can help you sense everything happening around you. If it’s closed, a person is trapped in the Maya Jaal. Even if you don’t meditate or perform any spiritual activities but your intuition is strong, you are spiritually gifted. You may choose to learn some technique and make it stronger with time and practice.

6- Keep Seeing Synchronicity

Synchronicity is one of the moments during the day which is there but not everyone is able to see or experience it. It’s the time where various energy portals open in the universe and those who are connected to it, can use it for the good.

If you often see time such as 3:33, 4:44, 2:22, 11:11, 12:12 and so on, you are an extra blessed child of God. Seeing such magical time or angel numbers during the day is one of the signs of a Spiritually Gifted person.

Let me tell you, if you have not been aware of these portals, then use it by visualizing your dreams, desires and small wishes. These portals help you shift yourself or your life to a different dimension which is obviously better than before.

7- Can Sense Presence of Invisible

Spiritually Gifted Signs

Your intuition never tells you any random or false visions or sense. If you ever feel that in the empty room there is someone else with you, then believe that there is. Do not worry of fear but pray and ask for you to guide and protect you as they are your guiding angels who stay around you for the same.

One of the most beautiful things I experience is a divine smell that brings all my attention to myself whenever I sense it. If you too feel any smell without available fragrance or flowers, you are experiencing something divine.

Sensing the smell, presence of someone around you is one of the signs that you are a Spiritually Gifted person.

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8- Often Get Emotionally Overwhelmed

A very common myth I have seen in society is that if you are awakened you have to be neutral all the time and in all the circumstances. Well, It might be suitable for those who are living in caves, detached from the world.

However, people who are living in society, families find it very challenging to stay detached. People like me and you experience a lot of ups and downs while living with families which can make us vulernable.

You may feel super at a time and the very next moment you may get emotionally broken. If you experience such a dramatic shift in your mood or emotions, know you are special.

It happens because you can’t fake things but you get real in the real situation and have emotions that you can’t hide. Hiding emotions means there are blockages so emotions pop up and you can’t control it.

It’s one of the very unique signs of a spiritually gifted person that they can’t hide their real emotion thinking about others opinion. They are who they are.


1- What to do If You are Spiritually Gifted?

Once you recognize your gift, practice and let it grow. The best thing about The God gifted ability is that the more you practice, the more it grows. Therefore, keep yourself grounded, stay grateful and let your gift help others to live a better life.

Keep in mind that you need to be very aware about not letting ego or being special feeling block your gift and lower your vibrations. When you are special, you need to stay grounded, humble and grateful to everyone who crosses your path.

Final Words: I want to congratulate and connect to you personally if you have the ability I mentioned above. One of the suggestions I would like to give here is to connect yourself to more intuitive and awakened people so that you can learn various aspects of life.

Learning from others’ experiences is the best way to practice and Grow. Therefore, if you think you are spiritually gifted, find more people like you and grow yourself in this area of life.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed