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If you are curious about self-growth and want to know How to Spiritually Meditate, this article has everything you need to know. You might be aware of various types of Meditation around the world.

However, spiritual Meditation is trending these days because of its outcome. Many meditations are being practiced worldwide, Such as Money Meditation, Tratak, Healing, etc. Among all of them, being a healer, I can assure you that Spiritual Meditation with God is the best one.

Most importantly, it comes with all the power you need to heal, guide, and strengthen yourself. To this extent, many types of spiritual Meditation are practiced worldwide. If you are looking for an answer to how to do spiritual Meditation at home, I will guide you through my text here.

How to Do Spiritual Meditation at Home

Before I jump to the steps to How to Spiritually Meditate, Let me remind you that spiritual Meditation is performed with the intention of connecting to your spirit and God. It’s the Meditation that will take you to the world within you and make you realize who you indeed are.

What are The 4 Steps of Meditation?

People often ask me, “How do I prepare for spiritual Meditation? So, there are always specific steps if you want to save time and meditate effectively. As you read this article further, you will find all the essential steps to meditate in the proper manner.

Now, Let’s talk about the main topic of this article, “How to Spiritually Meditate.” These are the steps to Spiritual Meditation with God, So If I use the source of Energy or the Creator, you may consider it as your Idol whom you worship as God.

1- Selection of Place and Sitting Position

Yes, the palace where you can sit with yourself for a few minutes is crucial. So select a place of your choice. Another important thing in practicing Meditation is your sitting position. I have seen people sitting in lotus positions, so you may also select that.

However, My suggestion to you is to sit in the position Gautama Buddha used to sit. Holding His hand together, Opening upside in His lap. The position is most potent as you direct your energy in the right direction and increase your spiritual connection.

If you are genuinely looking for the answer to “How to Spiritually Meditate,” the sitting position matters as Lord Buddha was looking for the same solution.

2- Prepare Yourself to Dive Within

If you are a beginner, you might struggle to focus and stay calm for a long. Therefore I am sharing a few tips to bring your attention to the present and start Meditation. Please take a deep breath and hold it as long as you can.

When you reach your capacity, exhale and again inhale and hold as long as you can hold. The reason behind this breathing practice is you can experience yourself calm with a clear mind and, most importantly, in the present moment within a few sets of breathing practices.

Do the breathing practice at least ten to fifteen times and relax yourself after stopping it.

3- Connect With the Divine

How to Spiritually Meditate

Being an energy healer and BrahmaKumari Student, I strongly feel a connection to God, who is in the form of a star, an energy source. Therefore when I meditate with God, I imagine the source of light above my crown chakra and connect myself to Him.

It clearly depends upon your faith, so you can imagine your God above or in front of you, showering his blessing upon you. In the beginning, you may feel it’s just imagination, But I am confident that after a few weeks of constant Practice, you will start noticing something unimaginable.

In other words, If you believe in God and Miracle, Miracle will follow you when you are ready. I am confident that your answer to “How to Spiritually Meditate” is here, and if you can practice this method, you will indeed feel the connection.

4- Receive Everything You Want from God

Once you connect yourself to God, Remind yourself that He is the source of all the powers and glory. It will be better if you start Meditation with God with a sense of Purpose. In that way, after connecting to God, you just need to remind yourself of your Purpose.

In my experience, we often Get Lost in the vibes we feel with God. It’s crucial to channel your energy in the right direction. Let me remind you that God is the source of powerful energy, Knowledge, Love, Peace, Purity, and Bliss.

Therefore the creative energy you receive is much more valuable than you think, so use it creatively to invite more happiness and peace into your life. Those who look for the answer to “How to Spiritually Meditate” often become more spiritual, calm, and prosper in every area when they follow God’s wisdom along with Meditation.

Spiritual Dangers of Meditation

When we talk about the spiritual benefits of Meditation, It’s crucial to talk about the disadvantages you might experience during your meditation journey. My intention is not to scare you, but I think those who follow my reading deserve to know the truth.

When you begin your meditation journey, you might feel many changes, good and bad, within your system. I have already shared a particular article about the benefits of Meditation.

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Here are some of the adverse experiences of Meditation on the experience once the true journey moves forward.

1- Anxious Thoughts

Anxious thoughts may occur when you start meditating and start gaining something out of your practices. Yes, Meditation calms your mind. However, the old thinking patterns pop up and make you uncomfortable at the moment.

It takes some more time and patience to train your mind with new thoughts. Conditioning takes time, and it’s sometimes challenging to adopt a recent change in your mind and body as well.

2- Changed Sensory Perception

The best part of Meditation with God is that your third eye activates sooner than in other Meditations. Opening the third eye also gives anxiety if you aren’t prepared to experience something unusual.

One of the benefits of opening the third eye is you gain your sensing power. You may experience things you have never participated in in the past, and other people sitting next to you don’t feel the same way.

3- Past Memories and Emotions May Trouble

Past Images

Meditation cleanses not only your mind but your soul as well. While the practices get more intense, you may start remembering memories that don’t give you good feelings. You may feel more emotionally attached to those painful memories.

Most importantly, your mind can fight these feelings and create chaos. However, if you stay calm and accept all the emotions, they will pass and heal as well. Those who are here searching for answers to “How to Spiritually Meditate” can understand this process is essential as the Creator heals everything.

4- Physical Changes Might Trouble You

Yes, Meditation with God not only changes you mentally and emotionally, but it affects your physics as well. They may heal if you have had any pain or challenges in the past.

You might feel tingling, itching, or other sensation in your head, heart, or other body parts. It might trouble you or make you feel uncomfortable. I want to tell you that it’s all a process of past life Karma healing, so there is no need to worry or Go to the doctor.

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5- Self Doubt

Unfortunately, if you don’t meditate under the guidance of a Good and experienced teacher, you might feel lost. A journey with God isn’t easy; most importantly, it’s not the same for everyone. Understanding that everyone has different pasts and Karma accounts is crucial.

Therefore, you might doubt yourself at some points because of lots of painful and lonely experiences. Let me again remind you that it’s all process, so there is no need to panic.

6- You Might Become Loner

The worst part of a long-time and regular Practice is you lose interest in other’s life or social welfare. Initially, it might feel uncomfortable, but as time passes, you gain more power and wisdom that will inspire you to do more social causes, so there is no need to worry again.

Loneliness isn’t easy in the beginning, but you need to stay tight with your Guru to easily cross the river of loneliness.

Final Words: You don’t need to worry about the scary part of Meditation, as it’s a process of releasing all the unnecessary clutter we experience in this material world. I am confident that you got the answer to “How to Spiritually Meditate,” and I suggest you practice it to experience magic in this life.

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