Prayer to Guardian Angel for Help

Powerful Prayer to Guardian Angel for Help and Protection

If you are a believer and looking for different Prayer to Guardian Angel for Help in challenging situations, this article might Guide you. As I always believe, prayers that come directly from the heart are the most powerful ones.

We are not alone because someone sent by God is always protecting and guiding. Some of us feel their presence, many don’t. Being aware about their presence and power not only helps to stay calm but gives a sense of Loved by God.

In this article I will share some of the prayers that directly come from my heart for these angles in different circumstances.

Prayer to Guardian Angel for Protection

“Divine Angel, the Gift of Lord, Thank You for being around me and protecting me even when I never said Thank you to you. Today, I am praying for you to make me feel safe, protected and Loved so that I can feel safe and stay relaxed. Amen.”

Feeling fear in your heart for anything is a sign of weakness. Our weakness is caused by many things and circumstances such as a sense of being unloved. In such a situation, having an Angel of God beside you can make you feel secure and Loved at the same time.

Know that even if no one loves you, God is the greatest lover who has assigned someone to take care of you. Do you still feel unloved? You may use one of the shared Prayer to Guardian Angel for Help to eliminate any fear and feel protected.

“Angel of God, my protector, I thank you for being around me and making me feel your warmth and care. Please stay around me, protect me and let me become as divine and stronger as you are. Amen.”

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Guardian Angel Prayer for Child

“Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here. Ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide, bless me with a bundle of joy, a child. Amen “

Children of the greatest gift From God, to show us how much He loves and cares for us. They are also the greatest responsibility God wants us to do very carefully. So asking Angles to be our side and help us fulfill that duty is crucial.

Be it to take care of your child, better education, better guidance , taking help for the divine itself will nothing go ever wrong. Here is a Prayer to Guardian Angel for Help protect and guide your child.

“Angel of God, my guiding source, helps my son to be a better son and citizen. Guide him to achieve greatness He is meant for and Allow him to spread his wings at the right time in the right direction. Amen.”

Angel Prayers for Your Every Wish

“Divine angel, my source of inspiration, I ask you to collect all the desires residing in my heart and send it to God where they can manifest and make my wishes come true. In the Name of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

If you have a lot of desires, unlike me and others, and work hard to fulfill them all. Take an extra advantage, eat, work, sleep and repeat, along with these, use one small Prayer to Guardian Angel for Help to manifest your wishes, and it will be done.

When you include divinity in your routine and God’s will in your desires, nothing can stop you to achieve them. Having God on your side, valuing your guiding angel and asking for help from time to time can ease your life organically.

“My guiding Angel, the Love from God, I pray you to pray for me and ask God to fulfill all of my wishes I dream to achieve and help others to complete my duties of being in this life. Amen.”

Prayer to Guardian Angel Before Sleep

“Angel of God, my guardian dear, To whom God’s love, commits me here, ever this day/night be at my side, To light, to guard, to rule, to guide. Amen.”

Science says our subconscious mind starts working as soon as we go into bed and become unconscious. It also says, that’s the right time to guide your mind to work in your favor.

Therefor night, before Bed is the perfect time to say a Prayer to Guardian Angel for Help guiding your mind in the way where you truly want to take your life. Allow your guiding angel to protect you from nightmares and work to make your life better, more divine.

“Angel of God, protect me from any fear, nightmare while I am resting myself in the Lap of God. Heal my mind and body and prepare me for a better tomorrow While I am in sleep. Amen.”

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Guardian Angel Prayer for Adults

“Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here, ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.”

Even we, as adults, need someone to look out for us and who can be better than our Guardian Angels. Isn’t it fascinating to have the feeling the greatest source of the Lord is around you and ready to guide, protect and help you?

Why not connect yourself to your Angel and allow Hog to have control over the circumstances that stress you. Yes, taking responsibility and doing your duty is in your hand, but it will be wiser if you can surrender the result to God and let him do it for you.

Here is a Prayer to Guardian Angel for Help you achieve your dreams, take away all the stress and keep you safe.

“Angel of God, I Thank you for blessing me with enough strength to perform all of my duties. I pray you take care of its result and let it be in my favor so that I can stay inspired and do more. Amen.”


1- How do I call my guardian angel for help?

First and foremost you need to know that your guardian angel is someone who is always around you, even when you are not conscious. If you believe in the protection of guardian angels, you need a little effort to contact you.

While saying your regular prayers, include one simple prayer to your guardian angel to connect to you. You will have a magical experience in the beginning. Later on it will be normal for you.

In the same way you can call your guardian angel everyday for some reason and feel their presence.

Final Words: It was really fascinating and inspiring for me to have someone invisible constantly taking care of me and my happiness. The day I became conscious about my Angle, my life entirely changed.

Using a specific Prayer to Guardian Angel for Help in specific circumstances always strengthens me and allows me to perform my duties better.

I suggest you to do the same and forget about the right script as your guiding angel understands the words better that comes from your heart.

If you found these prayers effective and worth using, share with others and guide them to connect to their guiding angel and live a happy life.

Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page for more guiding articles like “Prayer to Guardian Angel for Help” for instant access in the future.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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