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How to Ascend From 3D to 5D Consciousness | Highest Consciousness

Consciousness, including the human mind and Natures, all together is shifting to another level in 2021. The shift often occurs with the search for the hidden truth about life or planets. However, this shift, 5d Consciousness, is happening because of a massive change in the planetary system.

A shift happening from3 d or three dimensions to the 5th dimension is heavy and forceful. It’s one of the reasons behind people suffering, natural disasters, etc.

In this article of bigbraincoach, we will talk about the 5th dimension of Consciousness and how to shift Consciousness organically from 3 D to 5D.

Before we jump to the 5D Consciousness, it’s crucial to understand Consciousness and how it affects human life.

Meaning of Consciousness

Consciousness, If I put it in simple words, is Altered state of Awareness about happening inside and around us. In other words, An awareness that makes you live in the moment and observe the happening without any reaction.

Awareness has many levels, such as a child living entirely in the present moment, A yogi living in the present moment with different levels of understanding. Also, an ordinary person living in the present with totally opposite thoughts and feelings.

Everyone is living but with a different level of Consciousness or Awareness. Now let’s explore what is 5d Consciousness?

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5th Dimension Meaning

5d Consciousness Quotes Images

In order to understand 5D Consciousness, let’s see what the dimension is in short. We live in a three-dimensional world which is height, depth, and width. Additionally, time is considered the fourth dimension of life. The Fifth dimension is a micro dimension between space and electromagnetism.

5 D consciousness, If I put it in simple words, is the powerful energy shift that has happened because of our planetary system. In other words, it’s a stage where Consciousness is upgraded with the help of planetary movement.

To understand it in more depth, let’s see this example. Suppose you will go back in January 2020. You had different dreams, plans, and daily routines.

After a year, in January 2021, is it the same? You changed it, or were you forced to do it? I am sure you were forced to make changes in everything, including your daily routines.

It’s the planets that are ruling over the world and making the changes. It’s the fifth dimension where we are shifting either willingly or unwillingly.

Meaning of 5th Dimensional Beings

The fifth dimension is the most powerful force of energy where people who are resisting might suffer. If you observe around society or explore the internet, people are talking about mass awakening.

The mass awakening is a sign that our planet demands a different level of Consciousness, not the old one. Those who are accepting the change without any resistance are finding a way to walk forward.

Those who are expecting the things to get on their old regular routine might feel lost, angry and unhappy. In short, the 5D dimension looks like a consistent change in mood, including weather.

Most importantly, 5D Consciousness is the outcome of planets shifting and affecting the human mind to shift as well.

Let’s understand how to get to 5d Consciousness or How to shift into 5d Consciousness?

Tips to Ascend From 3d to 5d Consciousness

It’s not easy to tap into 5D Consciousness to those who were not ready for the change they are experiencing. However, It’s not impossible to adopt the change with few steps and enter from 3d to 5D Consciousness.

Here are a few activities that will help you upgrade yourself easily and eliminate the blockage coming into life.

1- Strengthen Jupiter

Most of the suffering is in their life who don’t have any guru or believe in the spiritual path. It’s the phase of life where everyone needs someone to guide them to walk on the right path or have more profound Knowledge about life.

The planet is greatly affected by Rahu and Jupiter, so taking proper action to avoid adverse effects on Rahu is essential. Also, strengthening Jupiter helps calm the mind and find the right guru for a better future journey.

2- Quantum Healing

Most of the suffering is the result of past life Karma or wound that need healing. Using various healing methods will help to overcome the past and move forward into 5D Consciousness.

Any Spiritual healing, including releasing Emotional pain, can be beneficial for those going through a lot of emotional pain. Emotional blockage is the leading cause of unacceptance and avoidance of the truth.

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3- Chant Mantra

Mantras are one of the most potent and effective ways to protect yourself from any more giant astrological happening. You may use any Mantra such as Mahamrtyunjay Mantra, Shiv Stuti, or simple “Om Namah Shivay” to stay in the protection of Universal energy.

Also, Chanting Mantra with the proper spiritual Knowledge will help you to tap into 5D Consciousness without any resistance.

4- Meditate with Universe

There is no better way than meditation to upgrade yourself from 3d Consciousness to 5D Consciousness. There are plenty of guided meditation available on YouTube and google.

If you don’t know anything about meditation, just follow the commentary and move your attention accordingly. Within few weeks, I am sure; you will start experiencing changes in your physical and mental health.

Once you start practicing any of the above methods on a daily basis, you will experience an immense change in your life. Few common changes are mentioned below.


5d Consciousness Quotes Images

1- Headache

Spiritual activities stimulate all the chakras in the body, especially the third eye. Third eye activation starts with a headache. The headache is different from the usual pain.
All you need to ease this change is to calm down and relax as much as you can.

2- Dizziness

It’s understood that when you are relaxed, it’s easy to feel sleepy. The dizziness is a sign that your mind, body soul is healing which is a good sign.

Try not to resist because your energy level will increase within a few days, and you will experience the 5D Consciousness with a more productive and high energy level.

3- Mood Swing

Mood swing is a sign of upgrading your Consciousness and imbalance between old thinking patterns and new ones. It’s time to gain control over your reaction habit.

Reaction during mood swings will mess things up while keeping quiet will level up your patience and understanding of human behavior.

4- Spiritual Flue

By Spiritual flue means you may feel you have a flue, but other cant feel it. Most importantly, no medicine can cure it. It’s the blockages that are opening, and you are increasing your body energy.

As 5D Consciousness is the highest energy level, It has healing power; all you need to do is stay on track and practice your rituals.

5- Ear Ringing

Ear Ringing is a sign that you are becoming sensitive to energy and can hear voices that ordinary people can not. Meditation or any other spiritual activity raises human vibrations.

In order to get comfortable with all these weird changes, you may need a Guru that can guide you on every step of your spiritual journey.

6- Less Sleep

Some of us require more sleep after entering 5d Consciousness, while others require less sleep more energy. In such conditions, one needs to wisely use their full physical and mental strength to balance the energy.

7- Waking up Between 2 to 4 Am

According to Hindu Scriptures, the time between 2 Am to 4:45 Am is called Brahmamuhurtam. In Brahmamuhurtam, It is believed that Devine God roams around the globe and blesses his obedient children.

If you are waking up during this time, you are experiencing 5d Consciousness organically. All you need to do is, figure out how to use this time for your growth.

8- Anxiety

It’s a wrong belief that spiritually connected people are not bothered by the happening around them. In fact, they are more sensitive and affected people.
Sudden anxiety or depression is another symptom of entering into 5D Consciousness.

9- Memory Loss

Experiencing often Memory Loss or finding it hard to remember any recent event also means your Consciousness is getting an upgrade. 5D Consciousness requires a fresh and innocent mind that lives in the present and cant resist any past.

10- Increased Self Worth

Increased Self Worth and not settling for any less in society is another sign of upgrading to 5D Consciousness. You might feel you are getting self-obsessed, but it’s just the areas that need your attention.

Also, 5D Consciousness is a powerful level where the mind knows its worth and tries its best.

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11- Changing Relationships

Changing Relationships while upgrading your inner level of understanding is one of the common symptoms of 5D Consciousness. It’s the level of Consciousness that everyone cant adjust with. SO people who are not at the same level will organically get away from you.

12- Greater Empathy

You will experience Greater Empathy that might be one of the reasons behind sudden anxiety. Empathy is one of the signs of an upgraded mind and understanding.

Understanding and caring for human emotions are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, You may become socially active or inactive as it’s a new emotion you need to adjust to.

13- Psychic Powers

Experiencing Psychic Powers such as telepathy, future vision, healing powers are the sign of accessing 5D Consciousness. Such powers require energy channeling in the right direction.

In order to do so, find the right teacher and do it under the guidance and save your time and energy.

14- Synchronicity

Magic Numbers, also known as angelic numbers such as 333, 111,444, seem to follow you everywhere. These numbers guide you to give direction to your thinking and manifestation process.

These numbers are the time when the 5D consciousness doors are open for you. It’s crucial to know the details to get ready to access higher Consciousness and leave your past behind.

#15 Increased Interest in Religious or Spiritual Activities are initial signs of accessing 5d Consciousness as the secret is already available in scriptures.

Studying psychic books or following religious teachings may guide you to walk in the right direction. Everyone needs a guide at the initial stage, find yours and follow.

Let’s see What to expect from life after entering 5th d consciousness.

Life in The 5th Dimension

1- Strong Intuition

Like it or not, your intuition is going to warn you about something good or bad coming on your way. 5D Consciousness allows you to access your higher self which knows the return of Karma.

2-  Healed Relationships

After achieving higher Consciousness, your relationships organically get healed, and life becomes more peaceful and abundant. The best part is it happens effortlessly.

3- Sense of Change

You naturally accept change after entering into 5D Consciousness. Change that was hard for you earlier seems a part of life. Understanding life and its process allows us to accept happening quickly.

4- Forced to Go With The Flow

One of the best parts is that you cannot hold for anything harmful or adverse situation as time itself is forcing you to move on. For an ordinary person, it’s always challenging to walk with the flow.

5D Consciousness allows you to move on in less time, no matter what the situation is.

5- Better Experience With People

people around you suddenly seems changed. Even though they might not sense the change, you will get a better experience even with the rudest person.

6- Improved Health

Your health gets improved as you entered into 5th dimension. It’s a dimension where energy chooses to heal you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

7-  Sense of Stability

Even after knowing about the change, you feel stable in life, which provides you satisfaction. Life seems smooth and worth living, and roads seem beautiful and worth traveling.

Let’s explore What’s the significant difference between 3d and 5d Consciousness.

3d vs. 5d Consciousness

The below picture will elaborate on the difference between Consciousness into 3d And The 5 D.

5d Consciousness Quotes Images


1- What is 5d Relationship?

Till now, I am sure you have accepted that 5D Consciousness isn’t about being physical but being at the cosmic dimension. 5d Relationships are based on purpose, understanding, and soul touch.
In other words, there is no place for physical connection in 5d relationships. Two people connect to fulfill their life purpose or feel a fellowship at the soul level.
No doubt, such relationships are drama-free, ego-free, and they find peace in the company of each other.
Conclusion: There are no two opinions that 5d Consciousness is arising worldwide and we as individuals must make efforts to reach there. It’s always better to walk with time and adjust to the situation.

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