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 What is the Astral Body | 5 Types of Bodies | 16 Elements of Physical Body

 What is the Astral body | 5 Types of Bodies | 16 Elements of Physical Body

As they say humans are made up of dust involving many elements present in the universe. We, humans are not just one visible body, our physical body. Human body is made with 5 elements, in spiritual terms.

You might find it fascinating but it’s not the only body we carry with us. In the spiritual realm, we carry many bodies which play various roles in our life. These invisible bodies may not have skin like physical ones but have many potential to transform a person’s life inside out.

Astral body is one of the invisible bodies we care about which protects us and plays a crucial role. Allow me to explain the Spiritual body in easy and simple language in this article. Let’s start with “What is the Astral body in the first Place?

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Meaning of the Astral body

Astral body, in other words, known as a subtle body or you can say AURA in simple words. You can’t see it but it’s already there in many ways. Spiritual body is completely made with universal energy combined with our thoughts and feelings.

Allow me to explain in detail using some key points about Astral or spiritual body here.

1- Non-Physical Nature

First and foremost, the astral body is nothing like our physical body but it surrounds us so it’s in the shape of our physical body. You may say it’s made up of ethereal energy and is totally different from the physical human body.

2- Interconnection with the Physical Body

As I mentioned above, the astral body is nothing like the physical body yet, it’s connected to the physical body. Our physical body has many invisible energy points called chakras in our body. Astral or spiritual body is connected to the chakras and works in the flow of energy between these two bodies.

3- Astral Projection

One of the most crucial parts the astral body plays in is astral projection. Those who have experienced an out of Body event may relate to it. Astral projection is all about leaving the physical body consciously and traveling in the other realm with the astral body.

4- Consciousness and Perception

Again, as I mentioned earlier, the astral or spiritual body is a combination of universal energy and the energy that we produce through thoughts and emotions. Through regular meditation for a long time, it’s possible to experience both the body.

5- Role in Afterlife and Dreams

The astral body is also connected to our dreams we experience while deep sleeping. Dreams are the outcome of deep conscious thoughts that definitely connect to the astral body and make it feel real.

In order to understand the astral body, one must meditate and consciously explore the existence of the spiritual body. Its deep spiritual concept that depends upon the individual’s practices and experiences.

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19 Elements of The Astral Body

In the spiritual realm, it is believed that the astral body is a combination of 19 elements. These elements are available in various religions, communities and beliefs with different perspectives.

Here are the 19 elements of the Spiritual body you might be interested in knowing.

  • Ether
  • Akasha
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Light
  • Darkness
  • Sound
  • Thought
  • Emotion
  • Memory
  • Imagination
  • Desire
  • Will
  • Intuition
  • Perception
  • Identity
  • Divine Spark

If you look closely all of these elements are there but you can’t see or touch it with physical senses. These elements affect the astral body in a significant way.

While Talking about Astral body, allow me to share how many spiritual bodies a human organically carries with themselves.

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Types of Spiritual Bodies

  •  Physical Body
  • Etheric Body
  • Astral Body
  • Mental Body
  • Causal Body
  • Spiritual Body/Soul

The body is an essential for every human being living on this planet. It is essential in many spiritual ways such as to survive, to protect and to enjoy. The spiritual body is believed to connect us to the divine or higher realms of existence.

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1- What does astral mean in science?

In simple words, astral means relating to, proceeding from, consisting of, or resembling the stars. An astral body is a biology of or relating to the aster occurring in dividing cells.

In spiritual terms, the astral body is made of universal components and is connected to your physical body.

2- What is a causal body made of ?

The causal body is basically known as karana sharira, Ancient Sanskrit. It is said to be composed of karma and samskara, which are, respectively, the record of the yogi’s actions and intentions.

In other words, the causal body is made of our Karma and intentions. Whatever we think, we create and energy around our physical body is called Causal Body.

Final Words: The concept of the spiritual body exists based on scientific evidence as well. Human aura can be seen through machines these days. Even those who are spiritually well developed can see the other person’s aura with open eyes easily.

I am sure you might be curious to experience your astral body, all you need to do is meditate. If you found this article helpful and informative, do like, comment and share it with others as well.

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