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Sage is one of the holy plants that has many spiritual benefits for users. Burning sage in your home, occasionally, provides many benefits. It’s one of the favorite and regular habits for those who are into energy healing.

Since ancient times, nature has been the greatest source of healing energy, positive energy and spiritual well being to mankind. Sage plant is one of the sacred plants popularly used around the world.

Popularly known as smudging, there are many mystical Benefits of Burning Sage. Dry sage leaves are beneficial to mental, spiritual and sometimes physical health.

In this article of BigBrainCoach I will share some of the major Benefits of Burning Sage.

Mystical Benefits of Burning Sage

1. Cleansing and Purifying the Space

Sage is commonly known for its energy cleansing uses around the world. Sage has a natural element called negative Inos, while smudging it releases negative ions. Negative ions are known to neutralize any negative bacteria or heavy energy from the atmosphere.

The smudge burning process is popularly known as smudging or smoke cleansing. The smoke creates a positive atmosphere and makes the space harmonious and peaceful. In other words, dry sage leaves are beneficial in uplifting a house or significant space energy.

It is some of the Benefits of Burning Sage that inspire most of the people to use for increasing the energy of their homes or offices.

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2. Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Burning sage creates a peaceful aura that provides a calming effect to the human mind. The aroma of sage can be super soothing because it stimulates the olfactory system. Which leads the mind into a relaxation response.

Many people who believe in energy space or are prone to energy find it a way to calm themselves and heal something that’s not right at the moment. It’s a ritual that definitely helps bring harmony and reduce stress or anxiety.

Some people burn the dry sage leaves prior to bed because they believe it helps them have a peaceful good night sleep as well. Therefore one of the Benefits of Burning Sage is to eliminate negativity from the mind and feel relaxed.

3. Spiritual Connection and Mindfulness

Burning sage, as I mentioned earlier, is a popular activity among those who are spiritually high or prone to atmospheric energy. Along with physical benefits, dry sage leaves help people grow spiritually.

It is used to set intention for manifestation, energy or crystal cleansing and invite positive and uplifting energy in life. To those who practice meditation the smudging helps to strengthen their meditation and feel a higher connection.

It heightens the awareness level in today’s life, helps living in the present moment and gains spiritual insights. One of the major Benefits of Burning Sage is that it leads mind to the state where you are one with the universe.

4. Enhanced Focus and Clarity

Focus and clarity in the mind is one of the most common challenges in one’s life these days. In order to gain focus people do a lot of rituals including smudging. I found smudging very effective as it directly has an effect on mind.

The aromatic properties of sage does twice of its work at the same time by cleansing the atmosphere and calming the mind. It cleanses the mental fog one carries, enhances focus and provides mental clarity.

If you are preparing for any event that needs your focus, or mental strength, use some dry sage leaves to help you gain it. Do the smudging and meditate for some time with the same intention. You will see the Benefits of Burning Sage in your event.

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5. Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Properties

Along with spiritual and mental benefits it is said that sage has some antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. In other words, even science believes that sage possesses something that cleanses the air.

Burning sage often or occasionally helps cleanse the area scientifically and promote a healthier atmosphere to the human system. Therefore Benefits of Burning Sage is accepted by the scientific mind as well.

A small amount of dry sage leaves does its work within no time and relaxes us by promoting healthier air and surroundings. You may say that sage is one of the plants that definitely can be used with many intentions for our own benefits.

6. Ritual and Tradition

In every energy healer, crystal healer and meditators home, you will find a bundle of dry sage leaves. It’s because sage helps them to enhance their energy and spiritual practices by cleansing their living energy field.

Smudging also helps in grounding and develops a sense of brotherhood or makes us feel one with the universe. Every full moon and new moon rituals are incomplete without smudging in their houses who practice meditation.

One of the major spiritual Benefits of Burning Sage is that it helps practitioners to connect with time, either past or future. Enhances the senses and grows their wisdom to experience the highest level of consciousness.

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Note: All the above Benefits of Burning Sage burning is my personal experience as being an energy healer. I don’t claim anything here, it depends upon individuals belief, practice and level of spiritual practices.


1- Is it OK to breathe in sage smoke?

Scientifically, inhaling smoke intentionally is not healthy for human lungs. It can cause problems to lungs if you keep breathing for a long time. You may like it and inhale during smudging for a few minutes naturally.

However, doing it intentionally for a longer time is unhealthy and not recommended for any reason.

2- Why is sage sacred?

Sage is considered sacred because it simply protects you from negative energy. Since ancient times it is believed that it prevents houses from evil spirits or evil eyes which is a real thing, believe it or not.

As you read above many Benefits of Burning Sage, the most effective reason is protection from harmful energies. That’s why sage is considered sacred.

Final Words: In India sage is one of the sacred plants that is rare to find. However, the Kapoor is always used in every religious or spiritual activity without fail. Apart from India, Dry sage leaves are used all over the world, mainly to cleanse the negative energy and invite positivity and healthy energy.

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