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Nature provides us with all of its mystical resources and gives us a chance to stay healthy and blessed. Essential oils are one of those resources that has definitely made many of us healthier and fit.

Unlike other popular essential oils, Cedarwood is one of the oils that has many essential properties the human body requires. The aromatic and healing properties the cedar wood give has been rich experience since ancient times.

In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share some of the fascinating Benefits of Cedarwood Oil in detail. I am sure that it will inspire you to make use of it, and experience the health benefits of it.

Amazing Benefits of Cedarwood Oil For Health and Spiritual Advancement

1- Stress Relief and Relaxation

Unlike many other essential oils, cedar wood oil also has some claiming properties that help in grounding and peace. Inhaling the aroma it provides is super soothing and stress reliever.

It stimulates serotonin, a neurotransmitter which is associated with mood regulation. It helps in developing a sense of tranquility and inner silence providing a peaceful mind and calming emotions.

Use a few drops of cedarwood essential oil in your diffuser and allow yourself to relax after stressful days. You may mix any other carrier oil if using directly on skin in anyways. One of the Benefits of Cedarwood Oil essential oil is that it relaxes your mind by reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

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2- Supports Healthy Sleep

Sleep is one of the ways to relax your mind, heal your body and let go of things that are troubling you in the moment. Unfortunately, in this fast moving world, many struggle to have a good and peaceful sleep.

Sleep isn’t enough to heal and live a healthy life, a goodnight and deep sleep is the real key to wellness. Cedarwood oil has been a valuable ally to many in having a peaceful and sound sleep since ages.

One of the Benefits of Cedarwood Oil is that its sedative properties promote peaceful sleep and help in insomnia. Those who have an erratic sleep pattern can drop a few drops on a cotton ball and keep it under their pillow. It can work like wonder and make your morning feel like a real new day.

3- Natural Insect Repellent

Cedarwood oil has some natural components that are able to kill some harmful bugs like ants, mosquitos and others. In other words, using cedarwood essential oil is healthy for a family’s well being, especially for protection of infections.

Using harmful chemicals to keep your family and children safe sometimes are dangerous. Therefore, using natural products like essential oils is not only safe but healthier as well.

In addition, one of the Benefits of Cedarwood Oil used for protection from germs is that it creates an aromatic atmosphere around your home. You may use it on your skin by mixing any carrier oil and apply it on the skin. Use it before exposing yourself to areas where small insects live.

4- Supports Healthy Skin and Hair

There are few natural ingredients that are essential to keep your hair nail and skin healthy and radiant. Astringent and antimicrobial properties are naturally there in cedar wood oil.

In order to make your skin and hair healthy and shiny, mix it in carrier oil and apply. It cleanses skin, controls oils and reduces blemishes. As a result skin looks younger, healthier and brighter.

One of the amazing Benefits of Cedarwood Oil for skin is its suitable for alleviating skin irritation and other skin problems like this. While using hair, it balances oil production of the scalp and controls dandruff.

Not to mention, use of cedarwood oil strengthens the root of hairs, promotes healthy hair growth and protects from hair fall at the same time.

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5- Respiratory Support

One of the main elements of essential oils that attract me to it is their natural aroma and the original essence. The cedar wood oil has a woody aroma that promotes respiratory health.

Cedarwoods’s expectorant properties helps loosen mucus and phlegm and making it easier to clear the air passing in the human body. It cleanses all the infections from the respiratory system and makes breathing natural and easy.

Using cedar wood oil in your diffuser can create a healthy and blissful atmosphere around the room. One of the health Benefits of Cedarwood Oil is that it promotes well being of one of the crucial body parts, lungs.

6- Natural Inflammation Relief

Inflammation might be caused by any health reason, it’s never healthy for the human body. Cedarwood oil has a natural anti-inflammatory compound that helps reduce or eliminate any inflammation from the body.

Joint pain or skin diseases are the root cause of inflammation that can be reduced using cedarwood essential oils in the right manner. Using cedarwood with any carrier oil can give you relief and make you feel normal soothing your skin at the same time.

One of the fantastic Benefits of Cedarwood Oil is it can be a pain reliever from arthritis, muscles soreness.

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Note: Never use any essential oil directly on skin but mix it with any carrier oil and then apply on skin.


1- Which oil is best for sleep?

In order to sleep one needs a calm and soothing atmosphere that relaxes the mind and prepares them for sleep. Lavender is one of the most popularly used oils in diffusers as it smells like heaven and makes people easily fall asleep.

2- How to fall asleep quickly?

Sleep depends upon many factors, not only the atmosphere. Factors such as how was your day, whether you are tired or not and most crucial is the temperature of the room and mental state of you.

Walk for a few minutes before bedtime and read a book before lying on the bed. Books are a great way to cleanse your mind and prepare yourself for a sound sleep.

Final Words: Essential oils , in general, have many health benefits for users, especially when used in the right manner. I am confident that after knowing the Benefits of Cedarwood Oil, you will use it for your own benefits.

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