The 7 Stages of Twin Flame Journey | Stages of Spiritual Awakening

“Twin flames” the word has been gaining a lot of attention among modern spiritual seekers. It’s especially between those who are looking or already in romantic relationships.

Every person on this planet awakened or still sleeping has got someone to share their life with. Most of them are living unaware about the depth of connection they have with their partner.

However, those who are going through awakening, are keenly interested in understanding the Stages of Twin Flame Journey. In this article of BigBrainCoach, I will share in depth information with you.

Before the stages, for those who still aren’t about the true meaning of twin flame, Here is the answer to what is twin Flame?

True Meaning of twin Flame Connection

Twin Flame term is popular in the spiritual world for two souls having a very strong and intense connection. Those who believe in this term say that feeling connected to another person strongly means they are meant to be in your life.

I personally believe it’s all about soul connection and karmic clearance from previous births. Further in this article while discussing different stages, I will try to clear my theory in brief.
Now, let’s explore twin flame journeys in detail.

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8 Stages of Twin Flame Journey

1- Recognition and Awakening

To my surprise, most of the spiritual awakening is caused by pain, especially with the pain of broken hearts. It might be because of the rejection or sense of incapability to be with the person.

It might start with just recognizing someone as sensing a strong connection, feeling for that person. The connection often makes the person vulnerable and pulls each other closer.

It can be either a peaceful or troubled beginning as they both lead to spiritual awakening. Therefore one of the Stages of Twin Flame Journey is to recognize the beginning of the spiritual journey.

It is believed that The universe itself synchronizes the events and guides them towards each other.

2- The Honeymoon Phase

As the Heading may create a scene in your mind, the honeymoon phase is always heart pumping days. As the term twin flame is basically considered as a romantic relationship, it starts beautifully.

During this stage of their journey, they feel euphoric and an intense love and blissful togetherness with each other. A feeling of knowing, accepting and strengthening each other makes them feel like they are made for each other.

The second stage of Stages of Twin Flame Journey is getting entangled and lost into each other. It’s the stage where they get tied in an emotional thread. Overall this stage feels like heaven, unbreakable and forever.

3- The Turmoil and Challenges

As the time passes, the twin flame journey moves to the next level and conflict starts. It is the stage where the deeper level of their karmic accounts or wounds start opening up and things start going against them.

All the wounds and trauma from past life that requires healing starts appearing in different forms that seem small things in this life. Both the individuals get triggered by each other’s actions or words.

Therefore the third phase of Stages of Twin Flame Journey is experiencing conflicts and misunderstanding in everything they do. It is the phase that requires an understanding that it’s not the sign of failure but time to heal each other.

4- The Runner-Chaser Dynamic

The healing phase is not easy for anyone so the next stage begins and they start running and chasing each other at the same time. It’s the phase where the term “Neither can Live With You Nor Die without you” suits perfectly.

They may feel overwhelmed, depressed and want to stay away but can’t live without each other. The bond they have created recently pulls them together and they keep running away and return.

The third Stages of Twin Flame Journey is to feel overwhelmed, run and chase each other. The intense connection between them brings them together but past Karma cleaning makes them turbulent and they run away from each other.

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5- Self-Healing and Reflection

The runner chaser phases it the time when they discover their true self, heal their past and cleanse themselves. It’s a time when they develop a next level of understanding and compassion for each other.

It’s also the time when they support each other to heal and encourage each other to know themselves. They confront their true emotions, fears and expectations from each other.

It’s one of the Stages of Twin Flame Journey that helps them to know their inner self and harmonize their connection to each other. Definitely it’s the time when they strengthen and develop a better connection to each other.

6- Reunion and Reconciliation

The stage of running and chasing make both the partner wiser and better individuals. The time gives them a chance to heal each other and develop a better level of love for each other.

After their healing and personal growth, often the twin flames find themselves ready to reunite. It’s not essential that reunion can be at a physical level but it can be purely a soul connection.

Entering into a new level of relationship is one of the Stages of Twin Flame Journey that teach them to appreciate each other. They learn to appreciate imperfection, their journey and spiritual growth.

Not to mention this stage brings them peace and harmony between two souls.

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7- Union and Service

The twin flame journey is basically a healing journey of many life’s karmic accounts of two souls. They need to cleanse, heal each other and settle the Karma in one life. Often, I believe it’s because they are meant to do some great work together.

They just don’t find each other but they cross their path of greater purpose in life. After crossing these Stages of Twin Flame Journey they contribute to each other with profound compassion.

They Learn to align their energies, work together, support each other to create a greater impact on the world. In many cases they spread love, peace, creativity, spirituality, or acts of kindness.


1- How long do twin flame journeys last?

Every twin flame has a different level of past karma that needs to be together and heal each other. Therefore claiming that there is significant time that will heal them, I believe wont justice with the journey.

It can take a few months, years or sometimes lifetimes. There are many reasons for them to be together or getting separeted.

2- Do twin flames complete each other?

Well, Every soul is a complete package in the core, that’s how God has created us all. Therefore, twin flame means cleaning and healing their past hurt so that the journey can move further.

It might look like someone did grate to their train flame, but it means they just healed the wound or blockages they have caused. Every soul is fulfilled, complete and great on their own.

Final Words: The twin flame journey is painful, soul cleansing, peacemaking and a divine connection in the end. In other words its journey that tells that soul connections are not just about physical connections but it’s beyond that.

Twin flames journey is more about a spiritual odyssey that involves self-discovery, healing, and growth. It’s about Embracing someone’s presence by crossing stages with patience, love, and understanding.

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