9 Stages of Meditation That Organically Awakens Psychic Abilities

If you are trying hard to develop your Meditation but failing to sit for 40 minutes, this article will help you succeed. In order to gain something from Meditation, one must travel through many Stages of Meditation. It’s not as smooth as people assume to sit and observe.

I often encounter Spiritual groups merely collecting data from the internet and pretending to be a tribe. Nothing wrong with it, However, cheating on yourself is not at all a wise act. Meditation is a real exercise that can miraculously transform you.

There is plenty of meditation technique well-known around the world; You need to select one for yourself. It’s crucial to follow someone for initial days until you reach the point where you can develop your own commentary.

This article will present 4 Basic stages of Meditation every real-time practitioner follows but rarely shares. Also, I will present My strategy I discovered in my journey to help you move forward in the right direction.

3 Stages of Meditation Essential For Everyone

If you are just starting over or struggling to achieve desired results, you must follow four basic principles. These Stages of Meditation are crucial; you will further agree on why?

1- Gyan or Knowledge

People these days using Meditation for relaxation, unlike Yogasans for physical fitness, not realizing that Meditation isn’t just for peace but is the ultimate way to alter existence and transform yourself. The only reason behind not receiving the aspired outcome is the lack of Knowledge about Meditation.

Before starting following any method, it’s vital to understand the right Knowledge about why and how to practice it. For an instant, When I was introduced to Rajyoga by BrahmaKumaris, I attended their seven days course.

During the course, they Introduced the more profound concept about life and who the real God is? I started to identify myself better by obtaining more mysterious wisdom.

They also demonstrated how Karma works and everything happening with us is the outcome of our previous Karma? So, the first Stages of Meditation is Getting the right Knowledge.

2- Yoga/ Connection


After attending the Course, I realized that Rajyog is about developing a relationship with the Supreme “God.” After learning the theory, It was more comfortable to sit for a longer time.

For me, Meditation is about Cleansing, Healing, and growing at the same time. Rajyoga taught me how to clear misremembered Karmic records and made it easier for me to accept life.

Yoga or Meditation is not about becoming thoughtless, but recognizing and guiding your thoughts in the right direction. One of the popular misconceptions about Meditation is that you need to control your thoughts.

Yoga itself says to connect or strengthen the connection between you and God or the Universe (Depends Upon Your Faith). So, Another Stages of Meditation is to develop a relationship with the Supreme.

3- Dharna/ Application

While picking a comfortable and right method to practice, you need many days to day activities to follow. People often find it challenging to practice essential qualities such as Kindness, silence, acceptance, etc.

People who have even only one percent desire to meditate are often Kind and struggle in adjusting to a disaster happening around the world. Meditation not only strengthens their will but render them the courage to sit back and create their reality.

Once you attain the right Knowledge and develop a bond with the Supreme, it becomes easy to practice the above soul qualities. After all, I assume everyone expects the same, a peaceful, happy, healthy, and wealthy life.

It doesn’t happen overnight; however, it works from day one, whether you sense it or not. One of the last stages of Meditation is Dharna or applying those qualities in real life. A person full of Knowledge is just like an empty vessel Without the application.

9 Stages of Meditation 

Here are 9 stages of Meditation I discovered in order to Achieve my Desired results. If you are craving to purify your consciousness and alter your reality understand these nine stages clearly.

My six years of journey has already guided many, and I am sure it will definitely help you thrive.

1- Set Your Clear Intention

Time is changing, the environment is changing, and most importantly, time itself is demanding people to focus on themselves. Mental Health is becoming a fatal illness as days are passing.

The best thing is that we have several natural ways to combat it; however, people find it challenging to sit for 15-20 minutes and meditate. If you are one of them, understand the real reason behind this conflict.

Let’s say you are in charge of driving the car but don’t know the destination; what will happen? In the same way, when you sit for mediation, you must know the goal.
One of the essential stages of Meditation is to set a clear intention. It can be the time duration, the desire to overcome anger, attain more focus, and so on.

3- Force Yourself To Stay in with Closed Eyes

I assume everyone, These days, need Meditation as much as they need food and shelter. Having all the luxury but not peace isn’t the goal one must strive for.

In my opinion, attaining harmony and abundance is the latest luxury everyone is looking for these days. Even after setting an evident intention, people are unable to sit for 30 or 40 minutes.

It’s one of the crucial stages of Meditation to push yourself to stay in a meditative manner. When I started, my mind brought the most critical task before six years, but I told my mind to wait for 40 minutes.

That’s how I kept sitting and wondering with my thought until I started feeling change. It took 3-4 months to realize that after Meditation, I was charged and ready for work again.

Believe me; You will never regret the time you pushed yourself because your Meditation will naturally start falling.

2- Decision Makes The Real Difference

The key to success is to stick to the decision you made to work on. Einstein failed thousands of times, but success finally fell into his lap after that. The good news is that you don’t even require a thousand days. A couple of weeks are enough to experience Meditation.

Do you know if you will put a break on a speeding car at 120 miles per hour, what will happen? I am sure the answer is undeniable; in the same way, you can’t put a break on your thoughts suddenly.

Those who try to stop thoughts forcefully, End up saying “it’s not my cup of tea” within a few days.

One of the crucial stages of Meditation is just following your decision and practice sitting; after a couple of weeks, you will start organically observing your thoughts.
After so many years of practice, I can assure you, focus on the Action part, results will follow.

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4- Stages of Meditation/ Observe Your Happening


A few weeks of practice will start bringing small changes in you or happening around you. If you follow any commentary, you will mark a positive outcome.

If you only use brain waves, you can sense a boost in your energy or will be able to catch negative thought when it occurs. There are many signs you will be able to experience after a few weeks.

Most of the people, after such small success, start convincing others to follow their path. This is totally not recommended by me because it drains your energy, so better stay quiet and keep going.

You may have encountered my Healers or motivational speaker going through depression or Psychic Attack; that’s the reason. Remember, Let your glass full and overflow; when it will burst, people will organically get drawn to you.

5- Stages of Meditation/ Feel The sensation

The fifth and one of the crucial stages of Meditation presents many extraordinary changes at the physical and mental level. Boosting energy, feeling positive, happy, and becoming a bit observer feel like a superpower. Isn’t it?

Well, It’s just a beginning, my friend! The real changes occur at this point when you feel the sensation in your head, stomach, chest, etc. In other words, When Chakra starts opening, and it scares at some point.

That is why I always recommend everyone have a Mentor, teacher, or Guru who can guide you and support you. It is the stage where you might get a feeling of high, low, or confusion.

Having a guru guarantees you not get lost, but keep walking and have faith. Keep in mind; Spiritual Journey isn’t so fancy as people post on social media.

To reach this level is a significant achievement, not everyone mostly get. So, Embrace your growth and decision.

6- Clear The Blockages

Karma, The only part you control, never forgets or forgives anyone at any cost, and God doesn’t interfere in it. So, If someone claims that He or she did a thousand Good deeds against one wrong act, it Doesn’t matter.

We are not this body holding consciousness but consciousness living in this body. The consciousness or Soul, carrying millions of unremembered Karmik accounts that demand to clear.

Have you ever wondered why a child takes birth in critical conditions, demands plenty of money to get treatment, Hurts the parents, and leave the body? It’s all about Karma; one needs to pay knowingly or unknowingly, in this or another birth.

It’s one of the very crucial stages of Meditation when you start catching energy, gains telepathy, and so on. In other words, Conscious Karmik Clearance starts happening, and you could experience it clearly.

7- Heal The Empty Spaces

As you experience vivid visions and sense a connection to your life, you need to remove those memories consciously. How to let it go is either asking for forgiveness or sending them positive and healing energy.

After a few sessions, you will be able to sense the heaviness is gone, and those memory doesn’t interest you anymore. It’s the sign that healing has been done; you need to move on.

It’s crucial to heal those empty places before filling them with new memories or desires. After the healing is done, it feels light, bright, and as beautiful as a butterfly.

It’s one of the most critical stages of Meditation that drive you towards your destiny. A destiny you have been designated with when you started the journey of self-actualization.

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8- Stages of Meditation/ Fill it With New Goals

When the healing is done, and new adventures begin, it’s essential to fill the space with some desires. Yes, It’s crucial to fill it unless you desire to become a saint and live the rest of your life in the mountains.

A common man’s spiritual journey must include the desire to live worldly luxury while staying detached from it. In the Holly Gita, Krishna says, “I don’t demand you to leave your home and family but stay with them and remember me.”

A regular meditator is more potent than he thinks. It’s the stage where the person is presented with the canvas of destiny by the universe. Without asking, the universe grants permission to paint your life and fill the color you want to fill with.

Isn’t it seems incredible and fairy telling type experience? Well, To reach this stage, one must follow those first three primary stages of Meditation shared earlier.

In my experience, Till today, I studied many spiritual teachings and found the most accurate wisdom is of Brahmakumaris. I will recommend visiting your nearest center and exploring their Knowledge; if you find it interesting, try to experience Rajyog.

9- Show Gratitude and Spread Your Wisdom

Finally, the meditation stage shows your gratitude and spread healing vibes as the world needs it most. If you follow a pattern of meditation method, it will be easier to reach this stage.

I don’t recommend becoming a blind follower of any organization as the saying is evident that life is an alone journey. However, accumulating experiences and experimenting with Knowledge makes life more exciting.

There are still many Stages of Meditation that needs to be discovered. However, Reaching out to this extent makes you no less than a saint. I feel extra blessed to experience the things I shared with you, so showing my gratitude for being chosen one is very tiny.

Counting your blessings and sending Sakash, Healing vibes to the planet provide more wisdom and strengthens your practices.

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Final Words: All these Stages of Meditation are natural experiences if walking in the right direction. I recommend you not make your spirituality Show off but include it in your natural lifestyle and experience a charmed life.

Please share your thoughts and lets us know your unique experience in the comment box.

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