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How to Train Your Brain to Think Positive and Create More Happiness

How to train your brain to think positive and create Happiness? Simple question, right?

However, This question has bothered experts for decades, and the definite answer is still something that is the subject of study.

Before we jump into the answer, let’s understand how the human brain works.

How The Human Brain Works

Do you know, The human mind is the most powerful tool? Yet, people never reflect on the way they think. However, very few think about thinking?

But, the way you think about yourself creates your reality. If you carry wrong beliefs about yourself and your capability, Unfortunately, you are limiting your potential.

Your thoughts are an instigator for self-perpetuating series. Whatever you think, impacts how you feel and how you act. Your thoughts strengthen your belief about you.

Since we know that thoughts can shape our brains, let’s take a glance at exactly how they do that and what is happening under the cover. After all, self care is a very personal responsibility.

Every thought releases some substance. When you think positive, you feel happy or sparkling. Positive Thoughts increase energy level, and you become more productive. The mind becomes more relaxed, less worried, more focused, and more emotionally firm.

On the other side, if you think the opposite, the mind cant perform at its high or even normal capacity. Feeling stressed or scared also reduces brain productivity, and you won’t be able to perform well.

This is essential to understand that what you think can influence how you feel. In this article of Bigbraincoach I will share simple trick about how to train your brain to remain calm and positive. 

I am sure Now you know how the mind works, so lets get into different ideas about how to train your brain to stay positive and calm in turbulence. 

Here are 7 ways How to train your brain to think positive and create happiness daily. 

1- Start Your Day with Meditation and Affirmation

Meditation is the only way to fire and rewire your brain cells. It increases the activity in the region of your mind, which is connected with positive emotions and experiences. 

Meditation also helps to slow down the thinking speed, which is essential to combat depression, stress and improve pain tolerance. When you meditate after waking up, you consciously train your brain for the coming day. 

Are you still wondering how to how to train your brain to focus through meditation and affirmation? 

Well, Repetition of positive affirmations in the morning or during meditation let it inter deep into your subconscious mind. 

It is like you planted a seed during meditation, and by repeating them, you are providing required ingredients to the root. The more you repeat your statement, the faster the affirmations work.

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2- Write Down Your Gratitude List

Gratitude is the one of the best way to attract more happiness and positivity in life. If you start writing a daily gratitude list, you start seeing precisely how much you have to be thankful for.

It will help you to focus on the positive side instead of thinking about the things you don’t have, or you don’t want. Most importantly, your mind will start searching more events to be grateful. 

Writing about the things, people or situation you are grateful for will bring more harmony in your life. This also an answer to How to train your brain to think positive.

3- Know that Negative Thoughts are Energy Drainer

First of all, understand that nobody like their negative thoughts because they make them feel heavy and dull. If you think in the same way, you know when to eliminate such an idea. 

Negative thoughts are the best agent who wastes your time and energy most. Now the question arises that how to train your brain to think faster to eliminate negative thoughts. 

Here is what I have been doing since 2016, Think opposite or something that excites me more. Such as my next travel plan, cooking some unique dishes or learning new skills. 

Also, remembering the fact that Negative thoughts are the carrier of unhappiness and energy drainer helps.

So, identify and replace every negative thought. Slowly gradually positive thoughts will overpower your mind and negative will disappear.

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4- Invest in Brain Training Program 

To learn playing the piano, you must take a class, pay the fees, attend regularly and practice daily. Right?

Well, your brain is the most potent machine universe has gifted you. Want to know how to train your brain to be happy or how to train your brain to stay focused? Join some of the brain training program such as hypnotherapy, Reiki or any other event. 

These programs are designed to make you your best friend with your brain and train it to become your slave to some extent. The technique you will learn here will require your time and daily practice while performing your daily tasks. 

The best part of joining such a program is that the task doesn’t need your extra time, but it’s done while doing your daily activities. 

I firmly believe that one of the best answers to how to train your brain is to invest in feeding your brain through these events

5- Invest in Positive Mental Attitude[PMA] Books:

If you don’t find comfortable joining any above program, Allocate time each day reading books that encourage positive thinking. Are you Wondering how books will answer how to train your brain to be happy or how to train your brain to stay focused? 

Well, Reading books is considered a therapy worldwide because of its super helpful activity to guide your brain. 

It will help you focus on what’s important to you in life. It will be fantastic if you start and end your day by reading. Books can be your best friend because it will inspire you to do great things in life and defeat your failures. 

It can add positive value to your life. PMA books are the collection of millions of practical, effective and experienced activities. 

If you can follow the mentioned steps, you will understand how to train your brain to think positively organically. Repetition makes the mind to recognize what we want.

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6- Hit the Gym or Practice Cardio

Do you know your physical strength affect your mental attitude? Well, its very natural that if your stomach is upset or you have a headache, you will quickly get irritated or lose your temper.

When it comes to how to train your brain to focus or think more intelligent and better, your physical health is correlated. Include yoga, cardio or visit to the nearest gym and hit some instrument to stay fit physically.

Hitting the gym required mental strength too, so it’s collectively working for mind and body together. They say a healthy mind always create a healthy body, well, its works opposite also.

Training your mind or the body, both help in shaping your future and strengthens your focus.

7- Consume More Vegetables

Eating chicken or mutton to get more protein is the most famous myth I have read many times. Let me tell you a simple truth; you don’t consume only food and the energy that it carries. 

A dying animal does not think very positive and good vibes, but a fresh plant has a lot of positive energy that instantly boosts your life. Well, it’s a vast topic to talk about why to eat more vegetables or fruit if you want to know how to train your brain to be happy or stay focused.

If you have ever spent a day only eating fresh fruit, you will understand my intention behind recommending consuming vegetables. 

Your brain only takes the nutritional ingredients and vibrations from the food you intake. Therefore, make sure to provide high vibrational nutrition to it. 


1- Can you train your brain to be kind?

Of course, you can! The mind is the slave God has gifted to every human on this planet to train accordingly. All you need is to practice the quality you want to adopt daily. If you’re thinking to become more kind, happy of genuine, practice it daily. 

Being kind will also enhance your confidence and make you more attractive among others.

2- How can I improve my brain function?

To improve your brain function, it is essential to know how it works and the required ingredients. Yes, you can reprogram your mind and enhance your brain function with regular practice of meditation and other brain training activities. 

Final Words: Positive thinking is a rational and emotional approach that focuses on the shiny side of life and demands positive results.

Nowadays, It looks like this topic is gaining popularity, and there is an increasing number of people who acquire positive thinking as a fact and believe in its effectiveness.

I hope now you know How to train your brain to think faster and stay calm at the same time.  Follow these advice and you are are going to succeed in training your mind.

Stay Blessed!

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