7 Ultimate Book Of Affirmations To Guide You To Manifest Your Goals

Affirmation is one of the easiest way to force Universe to turn your desires into reality. The most important ingredient here is selection of correct words. Book of affirmations helps to select the right words and change your life as it did mine.

Every self-help writer will suggest you practice affirmations in order to Train Your Brain positively.

You can create your own affirmations. However, These books can be super helpful because these are the collection of the most powerful affirmation in the world.

Before I jump to provide you with the name of the best books on affirmations, I would like to share the most important key points of affirmations.

Power of Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are powerful because they provide healthy food to your brain. Your thoughts are the food of the brain.

Positive affirmations also free you from the thought of anxiety, worry, and fear. When you repeat these affirmations over and over again, They become a new reality to you. Your mind starts believing in what you think or say repeatedly.

Affirmations start to take charge of your thought and feelings. Most importantly, They slowly start changing your Thought pattern and eventually, your life too.

Here is The list of some of the best books on affirmations.

7 Ultimate Book Of Affirmations

1- Power Thoughts 365 Daily Affirmations

The famous Louise L. Hay is the writer of this handy book. The title of the book is enough to say describe the book.

Each page is full of the gift of self-empowerment affirmations. 365 DAILY AFFIRMATIONS means you just need to pick one affirmation for a day. By repeating affirmations, you will be giving the command to your mind.

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2- Badass Affirmations

Becca Anderson, The author, has provided powerful affirmation, which will help you to become more confident and badass.

Yes, Everyone needs to remind themselves who they are or what they want to become. No matter how busy your day or life is, affirmations remind you to become the best version of yourself.

You may be the best in your field, but this mix of badass affirmations will take you to the highest peak of unknown possibilities.

Badass Affirmations will guide you to develop the habit of positive affirmations every day. Moreover, you are going to experience a life filled with love, joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

This Book Of Affirmations includes many affirmations, including taking control of your destiny and Strengthen your self-esteem affirmations.

3- Shine On – By Doreen Caven

I believe every soul on this planet earth is beautiful. Some of them just need a realization to open their gift.

This book of affirmations is full of encouraging and inspiring affirmations. Therefore, you will start Embracing your unique gift. It will surely help you to live authentically.

The collection of unique, powerful, and profound quotes and affirmations is going to inspire you on your journey through life. In other words, It’s time to shine on!

The book of affirmations includes many Empowering ideas, thought-provoking statements to uplift your day. Practice those affirmations and Stay passionate and focused.

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4- The Daily Book of Positive Quotations

This affirmation book is a collection of 365 life-affirming. The quotations and affirmations will guide you throughout the year with wise and uplifting words of wisdom.

This book of affirmations include Kindness affirmations, Make the Most of Today, Morning affirmations, Living in the present statements, etc.

Above all, The book will also guide you to your To-Do List, and productive ideas. The book includes many affirmations for entrepreneurs, which will surely inspire you to do more in life.

5- Book Of Affirmations- Everyday Happiness

Happiness is an inside feeling. However, sometimes people need reminders to be happy. Here is a book of affirmations to keep unhappiness at bay.

Each page of the book is full of either an inspirational quote or exercises that will inspire something new every day. For example, take a plant to work, compliment someone, or embrace a color.

The book will give you ideas that take only one small action every day to build Happiness. It’s a perfect guide to make a gratitude jar and let good things happen throughout the year.

This Book Of Affirmations will teach you that it takes only one small act to build Happiness every day.
This extraordinary book is the perfect boost to ease your day and feel more energetic, blessed, and happy.

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6- You’re Smart, Strong and You Got This – by Kate Allan

Kate Allan is a fantastic personality who guides with the whole heart. The author discusses every area of mental health and provides authentic solutions too.

Negative thoughts are the biggest obstacle in living our full potential. Moreover, it pulls you back from attaining Happiness you deserve.
This book will provide you with ideas of personal growth. The book is filled with beautiful illustrations and mindfulness affirmations.

The book of affirmation will guide you through mindfulness and prioritizing self-care.

7- Book Of Affirmations- You Already Are 

Finally, my favorite book. Someone incredible is still hiding within you. Bring her/him out. Open your eyes and see the beauty within you.

This book of affirmations will make you feel that you are a real gift to the world. Therefore, embrace yourself allow the words to become your truth and reminder of how amazing you are.

This is an inspirational Book Of Affirmations that allows you to understand the unique gifts you already own.

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1- Why are affirmations so powerful?

We, as human beings are gifted with a powerful that has been doing miracle to the world using its power. However, its monkey behavior keeps distracting and decreases its power. To develop concentrate, or focus and make things happen, affirmations are great way.

It helps stay focused at one thought and lead the man in the right direction. When you affirm one’s thoughts, you get clarity about it in more depth. It’s why affirmations have power to change or do anything you want to do.

Final Words: These are some of the best Book Of Affirmations that include the most powerful affirmations in the world. These guided affirmations will heal your mind body soul.

Most importantly, It will train your brain to choose words wisely and give you control of your life.

In my upcoming articles will guide you on how to create your own life-changing affirmations.

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