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7 Amazing Spiritual Warfare Books Everyone Must Read- BigBrainCoach

Are you looking for spiritual warfare books? You are going to get introduced with many life changing books. As I am a spiritual person, not a religious believer. However, I respect every religion and like exploring the religious concept.

Today I am going to share some of the best books on deliverance and spiritual warfare which everyone must read once in life. But, Before I jump to the books, I would like to share a little about the base of the books.

Meaning of Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is the concept in Christianity that believes in fighting against the act of unnatural evil forces. 

It is based on the biblical faith in sinful souls, or vampires, that interrupt in human life in different ways.

Now, I can say why I am always attracted to such books and movies! Being an energy healer, I believe there is a vital energy force that pulls me towards it.

Therefore, it’s not a religious reason to read it, but you must learn to explore the truth.

Now, I am going to share 7 best spiritual warfare books with you. I  recommend you to read once in life. More importantly, Even if some of these books are fiction, there are some hidden truths.

Spiritual Warfare Books | Books on Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare

1- Piercing the Darkness

A supernatural book that is going to take you to the real unseen world. It will teach you the importance of spiritual activities. You will understand that not everything can be seen through open eyes.

This book is a series of THIS PRESENT DARKNESS written by Frank E. Peretti. You may say that the first one is better than this. However, I liked it more than the first one.

However, you don’t need to read the first one to understand this book.

This book is the right choice if you believe angels live in heaven, and devils are hiding behind every wall. The book is super exciting. It is a story of the battle between angels and devils. 

However, The book also provides a message about legal maneuvering that takes place on the earth.

Honestly, one of the well-written spiritual warfare books! You are definitely going to enjoy it.

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2- The Bondage Breaker

The book presents some useful advice for those who are dealing with depression, grief and suicidal thoughts however, its not a self-help book.

The book provides a different way of reshaping your though with a solid scriptural basis. 

Through this book, The author exposes a battle within the self. So many other obstacles that everyone is going through every day. All the struggle can be defeated by practicing discipline and surrendering to God. 

A must-read book for those who are seeking healing and freedom from traumas and addictions. Moreover, those habits are an obstacle between your spiritual practices.

In the end, You will accept that the prayers hold power. It’s full of inspiration, enlightenment and profound examples of bondage and how to break it.

I feel The Bondage Breaker is one of the best spiritual warfare books.

3- Victory Over the Darkness

The name of the book is saying everything. However, I would like to give a little brief.

The author, NEIL T. ANDERSON himself is founder and president of Freedom in Christ Ministries. He has published many bestselling books on spiritual freedom.

This book can transform your life. Likewise, it says that Knowing that the truth will set you free.

We all are having some inner darkness. The book is going to remove it and fill you with light.

This key point of the book is to find healing in Christ. The book will make you understand the spiritual side by indicating the physical and emotional elements of health.

The book will help you to recognize the hidden and blockages in your life that need healing.

I already kept it in the category of best spiritual warfare books. The book teaches the importance of staying grounded.

A must-read for everyone.

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4- The Three Battlegrounds

I am deeply in love with this book. I read this book once a year for more profound growth.

The book presents in-depth investigations of the three stages of spiritual warfare. First-The mind, Second- the church and third- heavenly places.

These are the stages every person encounters on a spiritual journey.

The author addresses the regions where the souls of God too can fall to blindness. He reminds everyone that repentance and obedience are the essential pillars of spiritual warfare.

The author provides all the wisdom and solutions to victory. Most importantly, he offers practical insight and its utilization. These insights help in understanding the battlegrounds and destroying the enemies of our faith.

If you want to increase the power of your prayers, this book is for you. The book will fulfill your desires to surrender to Christ.

I am sure you too will accept this book as one of the best spiritual warfare books. 

5- The Bait Of Satan

 The Bait of Satan reveals one of the tricks evil uses to get believers out of the will of God-offense. The author says, Most people don’t even realize that they are trapped.

The book says that at some point, You will face offence. It’s totally up to you how it influences your connection with God.

Remember, Your response is going to determine your future. If you handled offence in the right way, you would become more robust than before.

This book provides tons of examples and situations to identify it and deal with it. Everyone must read this book. Especially, those who have been hurt by “the church”. 

If you don’t want to be trapped and desire a profound growth in life, Must read it. You are going to develop one of the essential skills- forgiveness.

Surely, one of the best spiritual warfare books you will ever read!

6- Victory in Spiritual Warfare

Author, Dr. Tony Evans is one of the most respected church leaders and the founder and senior pastor in Dallas.

In this book, the author reveals a simple yet fundamental truth. Every strain and conflict encountered in the physical area has its origin in the spiritual sphere.

This was the point which made me read the whole book. I never regretted my choice.

The author explains Ephesians 6 (the spiritual armor) very beautifully. It will make you feel encouraged and empowered.

This book can be an excellent reminder for you that When you bring God Into the battle, you are going to win.

The book includes so many scriptures which is refreshing. In the end, It’s not enough to know God; you need to involve him in your life.

If you feel burdened and losing yourself against the spiritual enemy, this is the book you need.

For me, one of the best spiritual warfare books to read again and again.

7- Spiritual Warfare Books- Dressed to Kill

Last but not the least, One of the best spiritual warfare books!

This book is going to provide you with the unique armor to qualify you for any battle. Therefore, you can become a champion and triumphant in your life against Satan.

This is a perfect book for those who want to increase their understanding of spiritual armors. However, read carefully recognizing what you are going to gain!

The armor section is filled with colorful pictures. The book provides not only the historical experience but also the spiritual connections of each.

The author takes you on a spiritual walk. You will want to read this book regularly as a reminder. Moreover, to keep your mind and spirit aware of the tricks of the devil.

The author also provides different kinds of prayer that describe the staff of the Armor. 

I highly recommend this to everyone. One of the best spiritual warfare books I prefer to read twice in a year.

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1- What are the concepts of spiritual warfare?

Spiritual warfare is the concept in Christianity to fight against unnatural and evil spirits roaming around the world. Yes, whether you believe it or not, the evil spirits, negative energy are around you and it affects only those who are weak and disconnected to God for a longer period of time.

If you encounter events such as, losing the victory near the point. Many times, it’s the result of an evil spirit blocking your ways to victory.

2- What is the biblical approach to spiritual warfare?

In the bible, there are many references that claim that God needs someone who can fight against evil spirits and help others to do the same. It can be done by connecting to God, spreading awareness about it.

Praying together for peace and prosperity of others and a blissful world. By eliminating All the evils and unhealthy habits is a way to fight against them.

Final Words: I hope you like my choice of catholic spiritual warfare books. These books are a must-read if you belong to the Christian community. However, I recommend it to every reader who wants guidance in their spiritual path must read once.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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