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Top 8 Mind-Bending Spiritual Movies to Ease Your Spiritual Journey

If you are walking on your spiritual path and looking for many answers, these spiritual movies can guide your soul in the right direction. These may help you to recognize and channelize your hidden Psychic Abilities.

During my awakening, these movies helped and guided me in many ways.

Before I share the list of movies, I would like to share a recent experience. During Corona pandemic, I was searching for some sci-fi movies to watch as I am only attracted to sci-fi and mysterious movies.

A movie crossed through me in Amazon prime named, “Contagion.” You might have already seen the movie then you know what am I going to say.

However, If you haven’t seen yet like me, You must watch it now. The movie was released in 2011; I could watch in 2020; I was so surprised to know that how could I missed it! Every scene is relating to COVID-19 situation.

I had related many things previously between spiritual journey and spiritual movies, but this one blew me. What I am trying to say is that these authors have a vision about the future, or you can say memory about the past because I believe life is a circle.

Therefore, don’t watch these Spiritual Movies just like other movies, but try to connect the dots. You would learn a lot of things.

Top 8 Mind-Bending Spiritual Movies

1- Lucy

Lucy is a sci-fi and action movie written and directed by Luc Besson, and it was released in 2014. The movie is shot in mostly Taipei, Paris, and New York City and primarily in the English language. However. If you are watching in Amazon prime, you will get other language options.

I am not going to spoil your curiosity by telling you in details, but I will tell you in short what I learned from this movie. The movie is funny, knowledge full and thinkable. It’s about the correlation between drug and mind.

A spiritual person gains control over mind through meditation. The same effect drugs have on the human mind; the only difference is that if you use meditation, you will have control, but if you use the drug, the drug will have control over you.

There is a beautiful explanation about mind and matter ever since ancient time. The difference between human and animal mind and How you can you access your brain and What happens when you access your brain?

One of must watch Spiritual Movies If you are want to hack your brain and desire to gain power over it.

2- Spiritual Movies- Inception

This movie is a real gem, more exciting, but you need your full attention to understand the real lesson. In fact, I believe it takes twice thrice watch to understand it fully.

The movie is directed by Christopher Nolan and was released on July 13, 2010. The main character of the movie is Leonardo DiCaprio as a thief. Hold on, not an ordinary thief but someone who can hack your mind.

The story line is terrific, and you won’t lose your interest for a second.
Now let’s see, Being spiritual and a healer what I learned from this movie. In the movie and life, there is a term called “DREAMS” In healing world, its call “HYPNOTHERAPY”.

The movie reveals the concept where you go to the deeper level of your mind, heal the wounded past and drop a seed of new ideas by changing that event in your memory. The hypnotherapy works in the same way, and it’s damn useful.

Its one of the crucial Spiritual Movies. Therefore, If you are planning to watch the movie, I will suggest you repeatedly watch for a few days and try the idea to change something of your life.

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3- Interstellar

This is One of that mind-bending and Spiritual Movies movie which teaches about a different dimension of life.

This epic science fiction film was released in 2014 and was directed, co-written and co-produced by Christopher Nolan. Remember, he also directed the previous movie “Inception”.

The story rolls around NASA’s former pilot Cooper, who was trying to save the future of humanity. The movie explores the dynamic relationships between a father and daughter scientifically also spiritually. You will love the time traveler theory, black whole’s truth and about many other planets.

Again, The lesson I learned from this movie is that nothing is co-incident. Its all connected, therefore never ignore your inner voice. Listen to it carefully; it has some important message for you send by the universe itself.

The movie also taught me that responsibilities are always crucial than our personal feelings. When you grow spiritually, you don’t belong to only your family, but you consider this entire world as your family. One of A must-watch Spiritual Movies!

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4- Cloud Atlas

This is one of that kind of spiritual movies which is a little hard to understand at first. Its because the movie explores six different stories which are not in sequence.

The movie is based on the novel published in 2004 “Cloud Atlas” written by David Mitchell. The actors in the movie performed multiple roles in an epic that crosses five centuries.

Cloud Atlas reveals how the actions and outcomes of anyone impact their past, present and the future.

Allow me to share what I learned from this movie. While studying the holy Gita, I learned that soul carries only karma through every birth it takes on this planet. As we all know every cause effects, so everything happens with us is connected to some of our past karma.

If you could connect the more in-depth lesson of this movie, your awareness of karma can rise higher. I believe every individual who walks on the path of spirituality, at some point, understand their past like karma affecting the present.

Its one of the spiritual movies I will recommend everyone seeker to watch.

5- The Matrix

This movie is one of the fantastic spiritual movies, where you can connect many concepts from different spiritual teachings.

The Matrix is a sci-fi and action movie were written and directed by the Wachowskis. The film was awarded by four Academy in the technical divisions.

The film presents a future where humans perceive reality is a simulated reality created by sentient machines. The exciting thing about The movie is the way it responds to reality. It takes ordinary things and gives them a sense to the proposed system.

Now let’s see how I felt the connection. The action and creation they presented is a different dimension of life we are living in.

The movie teaches us that We can create new realities if we are ready to see the real truth. Its entirely depends upon the choices we make. Once we see the truth, there is no suffering, its just life, happening to each one of us.

I must say, One of the must-watch spiritual movies!

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6- Avatar

The word “Avatar” is derived from the Sanskrit word Avtar which means “descent“. In Hinduism, it is believed that God takes Avatar to defeat the evil presented in society.

The movie is an epic sci-fi creation- written, produced, directed, and co-edited by James Cameron. Avatar Was released in 2009.

Now, Allow me to share the spiritual connection I felt throughout the movie. As we say that We are a part of this nature, our body is made up of five elements present in nature- The Sky, The Water, The Fire, The Land and The Air. If we don’t protect it and keep them clean, it’s we who are going to suffer.

The two metaphysical concepts that the movie is based on that God is feminine, and her divine spirit inspires nature. The movie has a significant value and message for every individual. It teaches us to understand our responsibility towards nature on this planet.

It’s one of those exciting spiritual movies that a family can sit together and enjoy the art and reality at the same time.

7- Doctor Strange

There are spiritual movies on Netflix available that helps in understanding the cycle of humanity. One of my favorite movies that awaken the mind is Doctor Strange. 

After his accident, Doctor Strange, being one of the popular doctors, lost his capability to perform surgery. When he didn’t get any cure for his shaking hand, HE followed his friend’s advice and visited East to try energy healing. 

It would be best to observe the Energy; either you practice Yogasanas, Hand Mudras, Meditation, or any other spiritual rituals. The universe always speaks Energy language. Do not become a blind believer, but experiment with your faith through Energy. 

If you are already into Energy work, One of the must Watch Spiritual movie add to your watch list. 

8- PK

I am a firm believer in God but not those Scripture Residing in temples, Masque Church but in the form of Energy. One of the best Hindi drama spiritual movies about faith in God is PK. 

I am against criticizing or making fun of any religion or its beliefs. However, I don’t support Not expressing your doubts about God. Even God says, Those who search for me Finds me. 

A blind believer sees God through others Eyes; open your eyes, and doubt everything. Once you take one step in search of God, He himself will guide you. 

You can watch these free spiritual movies using an online platform such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and so on. 


1- What are Some of the Best spiritual awakening movies on Netflix? 

Well, many movies available on Netflix that helps in understanding the spiritual awakening process. Spiritual documentaries such as Inner World outer World, Powder, Awake the YogNanda Movie, Samadhi etc., are full of reality. 

2- What are the best Christian movies on Netflix?

There are plenty of movies related to Spirituality and Cristian Beliefs, still waiting in my favorite list to watch. However, The Healer, Fatima, Creator, Soul Surfer, and Wishman have been my favorite watch.

I think These are a few of the best Christian movies; everyone must watch at least once.

3- Where to watch spiritual movies? 

Well, Most of the above list is available to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and Other popular online platforms. If you can afford and want to try some amazing spiritual information, you may try to subscribe to Gaia. 

4- How to search for spiritual movies on Netflix?

Open the application, keep your internet on and enter into the search box. If you want to look for a specific movie, type the name, and the related name will appear down there. 

If you want to look for the spiritual movies section, try searching for Supernatural, Sci-Fi and Mind-Bending movies. 

5- What are the latest spiritual games or movies for kids that are not recommended?

Some many games and movies are only made for adults and totally not for children. Some of them are True or False, Bible Telephone, Name Game, Who am I and Bible Bingo.

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Final words: Some many movies and documentaries explain the reality of the spiritual world. However, these selected spiritual movies will help you to understand the basic concept of mind and how it works.

I hope you are going to watch it if you haven’t watched it yet. Let me remind you; you are not going to understand everything in one time, try to watch it twice or thrice in a week.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed