5 Best Psychological Thrillers on Netflix You Must Watch Once

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Your mind is the greatest gift you are born with. Do you like to play with it and sharpen your weapon? I will share some of the Best Psychological Thrillers on Netflix that will make you think like never before.

Netflix is one of the most popular platforms for sharing all types of movies and series according to the internet. If you are a fan of psychological thrillers, this article is a treat for you.

These mind bending movies will grab all of your attention and make you feel a part of the inside of your screen. Let’s not waste much of your time and dive into the list of top 10 mystery movies Netflix has for you.

10 Best Psychological Thrillers on Netflix

1- Gone Girl (2014)

The movie Gone girl is based on the popular novel “Gone girl” written by Gillian Flinn. If you haven’t read the book yet, I would like to give an idea about the story. Don’t worry, it won’t be a spoiler but will engage you to use your own intelligence.

The movie is about a husband who is the prime suspect of his own wife. When the wife went missing, the Husband is trapped into the suspect category and the movie keeps exploring all the aspects.

In general you will be able to guess based on the marriage, deception and identity. I enjoyed it as I wasn’t able to think about the turn at the end of the movie. Therefore, if you like to engage yourself with the movie, it’s one of the Best Psychological Thrillers on Netflix, go and watch.

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2- Shutter Island (2010)

After watching “Deception” Yes, not Titanic, but deception. I became a huge fan of The Leonardo Di Carpio. I googled all of his other movies and added some of them in my future watch list.

When it comes to mind bending movies, I found “Shutter Island” very interesting. If you are someone who likes exploring the way the mind works, even in reality, add this one in your watchlist right now.

Again, not a spoiler but the movie rolls around the U.S. Marshal investigating a patient in a psychiatric institution. Exploring the mysterious Island, blurring the line between imagination and reality will push you into your illusion world.

I was amazed to see the end, so I decided to recommend you as my second Best Psychological Thrillers on Netflix.

3- Black Swan (2010)

Unlike any other I am sure you have experienced the types of confusion between reality or illusion. Sometimes people don’t understand the tiny difference between ambition and reality.

The movie “Black Swan” is about a ballet dancer who gets lost between her ambition and doesn’t realize where she is heading. The move can be a guideline for those who get deeper into their mind exploring their desires and action, in reality.

The beginning of the movie will surely make you feel excited, competitive and of course in love with ballet dancing if you are into it. Slowly when the movie goes further, it takes you deeper into the psychological level.

I added it into the list of Best Psychological Thrillers on Netflix, as I think one must understand all the aspects of brain functioning.

4- Prisoners (2013)

The story rolls around searching for two kidnapped girls with an intense process. I am confident that you can guess the thrill when it comes to mind bending movies about investigation.

The lead actors, Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal have performed their best and keep the viewers connected to themselves. Yes, the movie is super intense and Best Psychological Thrillers on Netflix you must watch.

It will keep you guessing while using all of your imagination until the end surprises you. So, if you like engaging, and thrilling movies, go and watch once to feel the thrill I am sharing with you.

5- The Invitation (2015)

One of the slow burning psychological thrillers is “The Invitation” that you might need to prepare yourself before watching. The invitation is a story about a man who went to a dinner party hosted by his ex wife.

Can you imagine, you went for a dinner and things unfold with unexpected twists and trunks for the next few hours? Well, the simple the movies might seem while you are reading this, the twisted it is.

All I can say is that the movie is a masterpiece with the viewer’s expectations, building suspense throughout. If you are truly looking for some of the Best Psychological Thrillers on Netflix, add this in your watchlist.

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1- Why are psychological thrillers popular?

People, in general, like hardship, even their own personal issues are the result of their own deep rooted belief system. They like solving challenging things and situations.

It gives a different level of pleasure to experience things differently.
Solving puzzles is one example of people’s belief and exploring their own inner potential.

2- Are thrillers better than horror?

Are you one of those people who are confused to understand the difference between Thriller and Horror? I would love to answer you in the most simplest language so that you can understand it.

Horror is something that gives you a feeling of shock, creates fears and tension within you. The thriller can be suspenseful like horror but makes you excited and pushes you to think and express your own understanding.

Final Words: Movies, I believe are the subconscious creativity of some events experienced by the writers. You don’t need to connect everything, but there is something good to learn.

When I say to learn, make sure you capture the good part of creativity and know that you can enhance your imagination. You may have fun but if you are a self aware person like me watching such movies, they have some lessons for you.

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