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8 Inspiring Spiritual Movies on Netflix You Must Watch In 2023

spiritual movies on Netflix Images

Are you interested in exploring various dimensions of life through visual guidance? There are plenty of spiritual movies on Netflix that can give you enough insights into different levels of spirituality.

Believe it or not, These movies are the insight writer received and framed into words to share it with the world. The best part of watching movies is that you will see attractive visuals that clear many clouded facts.

This article will share all those movies that may enhance your knowledge and experience related to your occurrences. Before we jump to the main topic, “what are some spiritual movies on Netflix” let’s understand how to get the best movie on the Netflix dashboard.

Tips to Search for Spiritual Movies on Netflix

The best part of using Netflix rather than other OTT is its interface, and I found it super easy and quickly searchable. Most viewers use mobile, so here is the tour guide for cell phone users.

Here are a few simple steps you need to follow and access the movies you want to watch.

1-  Enter into the Netflix application and select the language you desire to watch the movies or series on the home page.

2-  You will see a list of various categories; you may select your choice such as, “Because you watched… Comedy, Supernatural, etc. You will find many options that you may not see in its category.

The other way to quickly access spiritual movies on Netflix is directly using the search box on the dashboard only.

3-  Go to the search box and command your niche. For example, If you want to see a spiritual movie, go to the search box and type spirituality and faith.

4-  You will find the list of movies that Netflix separates, mind it, Not by users. So I will suggest you explore both the way. You will have many options that are not listed in the category department.

I am sure you are an intelligent viewer who will easily find any movies or series on OTT. Let’s find out the film that will enhance your spiritual wisdom.

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Here are my 8 Inspiring spiritual movies on Netflix You Must Watch. 

Inspiring Spiritual Movies on Netflix

1- The Fifth Element (1997)

As the name shouts, the Fifth element is the next element to 4 essential elements: earth, water, fire, and air. The movie is about the requirement of the fifth element that is equally essential to the fourth element in order to save humanity.

I am not a spoiler, so you need to watch the movie and connect the Dot. What I learned from this epic movie is that humans are attached to the four elements only and are unaware of the power of the fifth element.

I added this movie to the top spiritual movies on the Netflix list because you must know how the universe operates.

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2- Blue Miracle

Blue Miracle is a true event-based movie that enhances family love, faith, and hope. In the world of chaos, less trust and a lot of family drama, we all need something to give our children.

It can develop our children spiritually and allow them to believe in miracles. If you want to strengthen the bond between your family members and build a base of love, faith, and hope, don’t miss watching it.

It’s one of the soul-touching spiritual movies on Netflix; I strongly suggest you watch; your age isn’t a bar.

3- God Bless the Broken Road

Another top spiritual movies on Netflix is “God Bless the Broken Road”. It’s another movie that will boost your faith in the unknown and scary road of life.

Life challenges often break us and scare us to believe again in love or trust someone again. Even we stop looking for a way to overcome and move forward.

“God Bless the Broken Road” Movie will guide you to gain strength and take a step forward into a leap of faith.

4- God Calling (2018)

One of the best spiritual movies on Netflix that has awakened many pained spirits and guided them to believe again. Sadness, Life tragedy can break someone so much that they don’t want to breathe anymore.

The movie ” God Calling” perfectly presents its name and does not disappoint viewers. Watch this fantastic movie with your family and connect your experience with God.

One family movie in a spiritual genre that will indeed develop faith in the unknown and encourage you to believe in the Bible.

5- Fatima (2020)

Fatima is one of the Best Spiritual Movies on Netflix you must watch to understand the reality of life. The movie is about the three children who saw a few visions that nobody believed.

The movie explains honestly why children are closest to God and Why they are blessed with unique qualities and powers. The movie teaches us not to lose our faith in God, especially when nobody trusts us.

The movie has many spiritual lessons that depend on an individual’s spiritual journey and wisdom.

6- The Young Messiah (2016)

“The Young Messiah” is a story about our beloved, God’s Child, Jesus Christ. A story about a child and his faith when nobody knew him. It’s a movie you must watch with your children and help them understand life from a spiritual perspective.

The movie reveals many unknown facts that are still unknown among millions. It’s crucial to understand why millions of people praise Him and put their faith in Him. It’s one of the must-watch movies about faith in God and His story.

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7- Greater (2016)

Greater is one of those uplifting spiritual movies on Netflix that can move your mindset. If you too often ask God, “Why bad things happen to Good people, ” the movie must watch for you.

I don’t know whether God exists or not; all I know is, every time I challenged His existence, I have experienced miracles. So, If you often feel lost in this life trip and keep questioning your faith, watch this heart-touching movie once in a life.

As they say, Miracle happens to those who try to find it, So faith works for those who initially question. The movie will raise your faith, transform you and take you to where you belong.

8- Come Sunday (2018)

The movie “Coming Sunday” is based on a true story about the charismatic Bishop “Carlton Pearson”. I am sure you will find this fantastic movie to guide spiritual awakening.

The movie reveals the True Gospel about Jesus’ contribution to the globe. In addition, If you still question Christianity, this movie will give you true stories of the origin of this community.

Not to mention, I found this movie as one of the connecting spiritual movies on Netflix that helped me connect to divine more.

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1- What spiritual awakening should I watch on Netflix?

There is plenty of movies, documentaries and series available on Netflix in 2022. So before selecting the right one for you, Know the stage of awakening you are walking on.

If you are trying to walk, In other words, you are new to this phase, watch Headspace: Guide to Meditation and Surviving Death.

If you are already ahead, try to watch a little deeper information such as DMT: The Spirit Molecule and Awake: The Life of Yogananda. These series and spiritual movies on Netflix will help you check your track and move forward fearlessly.

2- What should I watch for the Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a sudden event that you may encounter at any time, and all you require is a trigger that hit your soul. Often the trigger is outside, around you, that can shake you or numb you.

Some very insightful documentaries and movies available on Netflix may guide you to understand the term Enlightenment. Series such as Surviving Progress, I AM (2010), and The century of the self may guide you to speed towards Enlightenment.

Final Words: There are many other lesser-known spiritual movies on Netflix and Amazon as well; we need to explore and share with the world. I will try to include them as soon as I find them helpful to those on the journey to search for God.

If you find this list of spiritual movies on Netflix helpful and worth spreading, Share it with your family, friends and, of course, on your social media accounts.

Also, Don’t forget to bookmark this page for instant access to such informative articles in future.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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