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Top 10 Spiritual Documentaries on Netflix You Must Watch in 2023

While the planet is experiencing a significant energy shift and mass awakening, many questions are arising. People are questioning about happening around them and trying to search for the accurate answer. There are many spiritual documentaries and Spiritual Films available that may guide you to find your answer.

These movies may not answer you straight and solve the puzzles. However, it will surely hit you so hard that your mind organically finds the answer. Life journey begins with the question, “Who am I” and I end up finding my answers, reaching the original.

All you require to do is “connect the dots” so that you find the accurate and soul-satisfying result.

In this article along with academic experts from SmartWritingService essay writing service, I will share the top 10 spiritual documentaries and movies you must watch in 2021. Especially, these movies are for those who are going through awakening or questioning life.

Before we jump to the best Netflix documentaries, let’s see why Netflix these days is focusing on promoting more and more spiritual leaders.

Reason Behind Netflix Making So Many Documentaries About Spiritual Leaders

As we all know, Netflix is the most popular platform worldwide compared to others. According to a popular site, there were over 182 million subscribers recorded in 2020. Which, I believe, is huge.

As you read above, our planet and its people are going through a change because of the planetary shift. Whether we see it or not, everyone senses anxiety and desires to contribute to the betterment of the world.

Spiritual Gurus and people who are trying to change society through their spiritual ways are needed these days. That’s the only way to salvation, and now the universe is forcing the planet to accept it.

I believe Netflix has understood the need of the hour. Through spiritual documentaries and movies, Netflix brings those in the limelight who are working to shape a better world around us.

Now let’s explore, What are the top 10 best documentaries available on Netflix. I am sure after reading the short description; you won’t be able to stop yourself.

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Top 10 Spiritual Documentaries and Movies Available on Netflix

#1 Island of Faith

One of the spiritual documentaries that will blow your mind is the Island of Faith. If you haven’t faith in religious beliefs and rituals, you may feel surprised after knowing how nature is connected to everything.

Every day, we see and hear about natural calamities around the world and ask God why? If you are the one who does the same after knowing some of the painful events because of nature, watch It.

There are seven various stories about seven different places and seven different beliefs to help you understand multiple rituals. The rituals that religious authorities or common people perform are not just random but Have a deeper meaning.

This documentary also helps you understand the correlation between forest, village, human, animal and plants.

If you are curious about sacred reason and how it affects the events caused by nature itself, you must watch this documentary available on Netflix in 2021.

#2 Connected

Another series may blow your mind once you understand the connection between every tiny thing on this planet. In this documentary, the host, Latif Nasser, shares his wisdom and connection.

One of the spiritual documentaries on Netflix that helps to connect the dots through various perspectives. In every episode, The host shares his travelling experiences around the world while connecting the dots.

The documentary shows every perspective of science, nature, and the cosmos. If you find the link between your thoughts and events happening worldwide, you must watch Connected.

The series will definitely make you see the link between the human mind, trees, animals, clouds, 5 elements, and everything available around us.

#3 The Mind Explained

As the title says loudly about the content, this series is one of the best Netflix documentaries for exploring themselves. In the modern era, the greatest challenge is to slow down the brain and sleep peacefully.

Neuroscience is trying to make things easy to understand and hack the brainpower, but it’s still challenging for most of society. I kept this documentary in my list of one of the best spiritual documentaries as life is all about using the brain in the right direction.

The series uses various events, movies, and other visual sources to explain the human mind’s nature in the simplest ways.

The first episode covers the basic functions of the mind, including memory factors. Other episodes are about dreams, manifestations, mindfulness, and psychedelic drugs.

#4 Ramdas, Going Home

Saint Ramdas, an Indian philosopher, poet and spiritual teacher, was also Guru of emperor Shivaji Maharaj. The documentary Ramdas Going home goes deeper about his entire life but only the part that spiritually infected the world.

It’s one of the most profound spiritual documentaries available on Netflix. This short, 30 minutes long, the spiritual documentary will hold a special space in your heart for a lifetime as it’s filled with love and compassion.

Saint Ramdas, He shows how to live in the present and not affected by the worldly surrounding. Despite gaining colossal respect, fame and love, He was so down to earth and uninfected by the fame.

The small movie will teach you how to name fame, or any worldly achievement is less in front of inner peace and wisdom.

#5 Human, The World Within

As the name shouts loudly, This spiritual documentary talks about the human world from the organs within. The series includes six episodes that describe the in-depth theory and functions of inner organs.

We, as humans, never pay attention to our inner organs and the biology of human origins that is connected to each other. In every episode, The narrator Jad Abumrad talks about the various complex systems of the human body.

If you are not open to understand the deeper connection, the series might bore you. However, creators have tried hard to make it enjoyable by using examples from various work fields.

Human, The World Within is one of the deeper spiritual documentaries that explains how our inner organs generate our emotions.

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#6 Headspace, Guide to Sleep

Headspace Guide to sleep is based on the app available on playstore about sleep meditation. Do you know your sleep is the secret key to health, wealth and abundance?

Unfortunately, These days adults including teenagers are finding hard to sleep peacefully due to heavy uses of mobile phones or laptop. This is one of the best spiritual documentaries on Netflix that explains dream patterns in detail.

The narrator, Eve Lewis, who has given voice to all the meditation on headspace, makes the listener sleep within a few minutes. Try out the series and experience the change in your overall health within weeks.

Every episode provides real insight into how your sleep pattern affects your body and energy levels. A must watch spiritual documentary on Netflix.

#7 The Game Changers

If you know about this series, you may wonder why this series is on my “spiritual documentary on Netflix” list? Well, In my opinion, all spirituality begins with the body. Your body is the safest place you have been living for years.

As The popular quote says, “Your body is the purest temple; keep it clean.” The quote is the hardest truth because most of us ignore the body when working on our minds.

This series guides about what to eat and what not to. Right food feeds your mind, body soul, altogether and wrong do the opposite. It’s crucial to eat the right food if you choose your path and explore it with a healthy body.

#8 Surviving Death

The series is one of the must explore series with open eyes and see the possibilities. As the name ” Surviving Death” suggest the content, is about the afterlife.

When walking on the spiritual path, one of the greatest questions arise about life itself. In order to explore life, birth, death and in between, Karma, you must watch this series.

Most of us think that death is escaping from the cruel world and pain, but what if It’s not the end? I found this series interesting and tried to understand the concept of death during my awakening period.

You must watch one of the spiritual documentaries available on Netflix if you want to know what happens after death.

#9 Manifest

Manifest is one of the series I love to watch repeatedly. The reason behind it is that it helps in strengthens my intuitions. While walking on a spiritual path, you will experience overwhelming events.

It’s crucial to connect with like-minded people during awaking; otherwise, things go wrong, and most of us get depressed. In order to increase your faith in your intuitions, this series will help you.

The series is about a bunch of people who survive miraculously and start getting visions about the victims. These people started trusting in the visions and helping people.

The series is on my “spiritual documentaries on Netflix”, as intuition plays a crucial role in those who are walking on the spiritual path.

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#10 Minimalism

It’s one of the spiritual documentaries available on Netflix everyone must watch. Growing depression, unhappiness and emptiness is the result of over expectation. Are you agree with me?

Most importantly, we have flown away with the shining world and other luxuries. The show explains why it’s crucial to know your own deeper wishes and fulfil that.

I, too, believe there isn’t much if you will go within and ask yourself about your need. It’s one of the best spiritual documentaries available on Netflix; Everyone must watch it once.


#1 What are spiritual shows?

Spiritual shows are about life and many facts people are still not aware of. The makes gather information around the world and try to put it together for the audience.

Being a spiritual person and Healer, I found these series and movies related and worth watching. The surely add some illusions to make things clear, but you need to pay attention to understanding those illustrations’ deeper meaning.

2 What are the best things to watch on Gaia?

Gaia is one of the must-have subscriptions if you are interested in spiritual facts. Also, it’s hard to say what to watch and what to skip because the app is full of gems.

The best part is they have categorized content so you can explore and watch according to your choice. Gaia is the complete package with spiritual documentaries about health, wealth, and abundant life, including afterlife science for a spiritual person.

#3 Is the Bible series on Netflix?

The bible series, Unfortunately, isn’t available in every region of Netflix. However, In some of the regions, the series is available. You may check out by changing your region setting.

#4 What are the top 10 best documentaries?

Well, it depends upon the genre you are looking for. If you are searching for the best spiritual docuseries on Netflix, Above is my list. It would be best if you watched at least once to explore life.

Final Words: The above documentaries will provide you with various insights spiritually and help you grow organically. If you find these spiritual documentaries helpful and worth watching; share your experience with me in the comment box.

If you find this list helpful and worth recommending, share it on your social media and guide others too.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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