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Have you ever thought that there is something more essential than food, shelter, and clothes in life? Most humans are fighting for the basic need of life- Food, shelter, and clothes. However, the most avoided essential is universal life force energy that allows us to breathe and stay alive.

In other words, Prana, which we consume while breathing, is the essential need of a living being. Unfortunately, people are still unaware of it, and that’s the major reason behind suffering.

Breathing consciously, consuming life force energy by using various techniques helps in healing many diseases. Universal life force energy helps relax the body and eliminate stress in no time if it’s done in a specific manner.

In this article of bigbraincoach, I will share every tiny detail about universal life force energy. I will answer every question you might have in your mind. Queries such as what is life force energy or how to heal using universal life force energy?

Before jumping to the uses and techniques to use universal life force energy for various purposes, let’s understand the meaning of life force energy.

Meaning of Universal Life Force Energy

If you see the word “Universal Life Force Energy,” it’s evident that the energy which the universe itself provides us is Universal Life force Energy. The energy is mainly known as “Prana” or “Reiki” in the spiritual world.

“Universal Life force,” the meaning of this small phrase, has the power of all the living beings on this planet. We live in a universe that has many obscure facts that still need to be explored.

Lifeforce energy is the vital energy that every living being requires to survive. It runs in our blood, bones, physical and mental, every state.

Most importantly, it’s available for each one of us free of cost. The only difference between healers and ordinary people is that Healers has developed a special connection to this energy.

If you still doubt that you have the same ability to access life force energy as much as healers do, let’s go a little deeper.

In order to know your limit, let’s see the field of universal life force energy.

Universal Life Force Energy Field

Universal Life Force Energy Field, It’s everywhere, around you and me, no matter how far we are. The only difference is when it’s at its purest level, it becomes a healing force.

Energy is everywhere; all you have to do is tap yourself into it and use it for your benefit. It’s totally free and available for everyone.

Let’s see how to tap into the universal life force energy as early as possible.

Ways to Access Universal Life Force Energy

Energy frequency works exactly like radiofrequency. If the frequency matches, the voice is loud and clear. Similarly, if you can match your energy frequency to universal life force energy, you will be able to access it anywhere.

In order to tap into its field, there are many paths such as Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Pranik, etc.; you may choose anyone. As human beings, we keep many emotions and thoughts running into our minds and hearts that block energy’s natural flow.

All the technics mentioned above have some specific rituals to perform that helps to increase your energy level. Once you learn to access the energy into your body, it becomes natural to heal yourself or others.

Universal Life Force Energy Healing

Many healing techniques are popular worldwide, such as Reiki, Pranic, Crystal, Quantum, and Qigong. These methods help balance the life force energy in the body and heal the infected part.

Energy healing techniques help healing disease and increase the energy level to such an extent that you can achieve any desired goal in life.

These techniques have specific rules, regulations, and policies to follow to access your physic abilities quickly. Therefore, Always find an experienced teacher and get attuned to yourself; after the attunement, perform the rituals and experience the magic of universal life force energy.

Wondering if there are any symbol or Mantra that helps access life force energy faster, There is. Let’s understand the symbols in short.

Universal Life Force Energy Symbol

After developing a connection with energy, there are a few symbols that strengthen the force of Reiki. In other words, reiki techniques offer many signs for specific desires to get fulfilled.

However, there are three basic symbols that every Reiki practitioner must know and use while using Reiki.

universal life force energy Symbols images

Cho Ku rei, Primarily known as a power symbol, increases the flow of Reiki. Sei He Ki is the harmony symbol used to balance mental, emotional, and physical health.

The third primary symbol is Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, which is used for distance healing.

Lets see How to call in universal life force energy to heal others?

Ways to Call in Energy for Healing

Generally, life force energy is available for everyone, but not everyone is aware of its presence. You see, this is why awakening is required in order to work with energy.

In other words, Awareness is the key to all the connections with the universe and universal life force energy.

Before starting healing sessions, we healers use reiki prayers to call upon Reiki and ask to fulfill the requirements. You may visit the link given below to read all the reiki prayers.

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After prayer, start the session. In order to heal others from a distance, a reiki healer uses the above symbols and sets the intention to cure the person.


#1 How do you heal your chakras?

There are many ways to heal Chakra occasionally, such as spending time in nature or salt bath. Specific chakras require a specific action to heal them.

Meditation, reiki healing, sound therapy, and yoga practices are the most effective ways to heal your chakras on a daily basis. In order to know more about Chakra balancing methods, read the link given below.

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#2 What should I do after a Reiki session?

Reiki works more effectively if the person takes a few extra efforts for healing. As we all know, any medicine works more profoundly while sleeping.

Similarly, after reiki sleeping, double the power of energy and heals powerfully. It’s not essential, but if possible, take a rest and let the energy flow through every vein and do its work.

Along with rest, here are a few actions that allow Reiki to heal you faster. Do not use alcohol or any other harmful substance; eat vegetarian and drink plenty of water.

Most importantly, stay relaxed and observe the happening within you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

#3 How do I regain my life force?

Stress levels and negative energy around us drain our life force energy and steal our passion. If you can relate to this statement, you need to adopt few new habits that will boost your life force energy.

Positive Affirmations, Breathing practices, Meditation and Reiki are the most powerful ways to increase your energy level. Practicing yoga in the morning, specifically, Surya Namaskar, will also energize you and make you more effective for the day.

Also, you may require to change few things around you. To know more about those changes, read the link given below.

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#4 What are the forces of life?

Four fundamental forces of life are organically inherited. Living beings require all of the four forces equally to survive.

  • Gravity.
  • The weak force.
  • Electromagnetism.
  • The strong force.

#5 What is the life force in Buddhism?

Different communities have a different word for the same energy, Universal Life force energy. Names such as Prana are Popular in the Yoga world; Kundalini Power is popular in Tantra Vidya.

Similarly, In Buddhism, Lifeforce is known as Consciousness or discernment. Buddhism focuses on meditation and Buddha s philosophy, the word is in Pali, but it indicates Consciousness or mind.

#6 Who actually created universal life force energy (Reiki )?

As I mentioned earlier, the word universal itself is clear that universal things are organically available for everyone. Therefore, No one actually created Reiki.

Reiki was discovered by Japanese teacher Dr. Mikao Usui who was researching for the healing power of Jesus. During his journey, He practiced meditation rituals for 21 days.

After 21 days, He experienced the Chi, Reiki energy and dedicated his life to spreading knowledge worldwide.

What term refers to a universal life-force energy transmitted through the palms of the hands?

Reiki is the technique that allows the practitioner to transmit the life force energy into another’s body. Healers use their palm to heal other during reiki sessions.

Final Words: The lack of universal life force energy in our body leads us to sickness. I am sure after reading it you will surely learn anyone energy healing technique and be more healthy and happy.

If you ever want to get distance healing, drop an email, and I will do it for you.

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Stay Healthy Stay Blessed

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