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7 Easiest and Effective Chakra Balancing Exercise to Heal Your Chakras

Do you know most of the physical and mental diseases are the results of no exercise? Is it a lack of time or no interest in doing physical workouts? If you don’t get much time, 10 minutes of the day can help you maintain better fitness. Few minutes of Chakra Balancing Exercise will provide you the result of a one-hour daily walk.

Blocked chakras are the real cause behind every disease; if you can learn to unblock 7 Chakra, you will be blessed with a healthy mind and body.

Now the real question arises, how to open your chakras? How do you know if your chakras are blocked? How can I align my chakras at home?  And so on.

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Well, In This article of BigbrainCoach, I will share seven chakra balancing exercises to help you create a better and healthy life. This 7 exercise will help you to open, heal and strengthen your seven chakras within a few practices.

Before jumping to the main topic, let’s understand the chakras in brief.

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What are 7 Chakra in Human Body?

Well, Chakras, In other words, known as Energy centers, help to balance the energy in our body. Our body organs not only need proper food diet but life force energy too.

Balanced Chakra helps to provide all the needed requirements to body organs. If these chakras are imbalanced, we encounter physical, mental, and emotional health challenges.

Let’s understand with this simple example, one single switchboard in a six-room Villa will take a longer time to find the issue in a particular room. However, having a switchboard in every room will help find the issue and solve it quickly.

Similarly, if someone has a stomach ache, it will be hard to find the Third eye cause. Chakra helps in healing a particular organ immediately by focusing on that particular Chakra.

For example, if someone is having a heart issue, healing heart chakra will give immediate relief.

Now the real question is, How to open your Chakra and balance it to have a balanced life. Well, there are many ways to unlock and Balance your Chakra Organically.

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These seven chakra balancing exercises that will help you unlock, cleanse, Heal and strengthen Chakras.

1- Chakra Balancing Meditation

If you are a meditation practitioner, you may Practice Chakra balancing Meditation for at least seven days continuously. If you don’t know how to Practice it, here is a simple yet effective way to balance Chakra at home easily.

Create a meditative atmosphere around and sit quietly, spine straight.

Take a deep breath and hold as long as you can, then inhale. 4-5 Times breathing Practice helps you n bringing attention to the present and aligns mind, body soul.

Take your attention to your root chakra, imagine its symbol, and chant the Root chakra mantra 5- 10 times.

Similarly, take your attention to all your Chakra, imagine its symbol, and chant mantra for 5-10times. Repeat this process to all the chakras step wiser.

It takes only 30-40 minutes, and your Chakra gets unblocked, healed, and balanced. If you love meditating, it’s one of the soul-feeding chakra balancing exercises you will love doing.

2- Chakra Balancing Exercise- Yogasana

Yogasanas have been practiced since ancient times, and it’s another easy way to balance your Chakra and keep your body fit as well.

Every Asana has an Empath on chakras. Many asanas help in unblocking, healing, and balancing seven Chakra instantly.

If you are a busy person and don’t get much time to sit and Practice many asanas, here is the best Asana for you.

Sun solutions/ Surya Namaskar is one of the best chakra balancing exercises that helps in unblocking and balancing Chakra instantly.

Surya Namaskar includes all the six major asanas that stimulate Chakra instantly. Daily, 10-12 round of sun solutions is the easiest way to balance Chakra for busy people.

3- Chakra Balancing Exercise/ Reiki

If you ask me about the most effective Chakra balancing exercise, I will recommend Reiki.

Well, there is a reason behind Reiki being my favorite ways to unblock, heal, and Balance Chakra. Reiki is the only way you provide an immense amount of energy to each Chakra directly.

If you know how to take Reiki, then try either 7chakra if you want instant results. My recommendation is to give Reiki to all 26 points to get the full benefits of balancing your Chakra.

One of the most potent chakra balancing exercises is through healing energy; that’s what Reiki does. So, get initiated and unblock, heal and Balance your Chakra through Reiki and feel the miraculous change in life within 21 days.

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4 – Physical Workout

Yes, other workouts also help in unblocking or balancing chakras such as cardio or Zumba. When you Practice High-frequency workouts like cardio, it organically affects all the chakras.

If you already workouts for more extended time me and don’t want to spend more time Practicing another exercise, cardio is Best.

While doing it, the only change you have to do is take your attention to the Chakra where your body is getting stretched most.

To balance Chakra, the most important thing to remember is, stay focused. Your focus is the one that carries energy to certain places so if you want to unblock or balance seven Chakra, take your focus there.

5- Chakra Balancing Exercise- Use of Crystals

Another my favorite Chakra balancing exercise is using crystals or Grids. Thinking about how can I unblock my Chakra with the help of Crystals?

Well, if you know about energy healing or Reiki healing, it will be straightforward for you to access your Chakras Through Crystals.

The most crucial point to keep in mind while Using this Chakra balancing exercise is your intention. Your intention and selection of the right crystal will help Cleansing Chakras instantly.

Once all the seven Chakra gets cleanse, use your wand to heal and energies them. Also, it’ vital to protect yourself to keep yourself safe, energetic, and connected to the energy source.

5- Chakra Balancing Exercise – Energy Balls

Playing with energy is my favorite Chakra balancing exercise as this technique seems fun too. It not only cleans, Heal, and energizes your Chakra but enhances my relationship with energy.

I feel my connection with universal energy has become stronger since I started using energy balls frequently. Create a crystal ball and let it go through all your Chakras, starting from root chakra to balance it and drop your affirmation there.

Yes, using affirmation while working with your Chakras is one of the easiest ways to Manifestation. Also, Energy balls help focus and create reality.

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7- Chakra Balancing Exercise- Nadishodhan Pranayam

Are you a Yoga person and thinking about Yoga for chakra balancing exercises or worried about how to balance chakras for beginners? Well, the most popular and easiest way to work on Chakra is Nadishodhan Pranayam.

If you Will ask me, How do I balance all my chakras? For instant, I Practice Nadishodhan every day, even before starting my Meditation Practice.

Nadishodhan not only cleanses Ida Pingla Nadi but unlocks major seven Chakra and Awaken the Kundalini. If you are a busy person and don’t get much time to Practice Meditation, then a few chakras of Nadishodhan will work perfectly for you.

Nadishodhan is one of the easiest and best to exercise for chakras for beginners.

Final Words: I hope at least one of above seven Chakra balancing exercise is suitable for you and will help unblock, heal and keep your Chakra balanced.

Stay Blessed!

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