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9 Significant Signs of Awakening Your Psychic Powers | Psychic Abilities

Are you already practicing to increase your Psychic abilities or unable to figure out signs of Awakening your Psychic powers? In both the situation, you will experience an inevitable shift in your life, which may feel scary and overwhelming you.

Yes, Awakening is confusing, scary, and bliss at the exact times. So, even if you are trying to raise your life at a vibrational level, you will experience many unknown feelings.

In this article of BigbrainCoach, I will share nine signs that will help you recognize your psychic powers Awakening.

If you are looking for easy exercises for Awakening your psychic powers, this article is perfect for you. At the end of this article, I will share some simple activities that can empower you to strengthen your Psychic powers.

Before jumping to the main topic, lets first understand what it actually means by Awakening your Psychic powers.

Meaning of Awakening Your Psychic Powers

Based on Indian Spiritual philosophy, a human is the combination of Shiva and Shakti. If you explore more about it, you will find the spiritual reason behind hormonal imbalance.

The Shakti, also known as Kundalini Shakti, is sleeping power inside root chakra. The sleeping Shakti makes a man dependent on their senses, and they act accordingly. On the other hand, an Awakened person has complete control over their feelings. You may say that they operate their bodily systems by controlling their mind and five senses.

This article, Awakening your Psychic powers is the sign of activation of Kundalini shakti that can be overwhelming at the same time beautiful experience. In my case, I went to the doctor with the unusual physical experiences and doctor laughed at me by saying,” Why don’t you start a clinic!”

After a few days, I realized it was my heart chakra opening, and I couldn’t sense it. If you are trying to awaken your Kundalini or organically experiencing Awakening your Psychic powers, these sign will make you sure about it.

9 Significant Signs Indicating Awakening Your Psychic Powers

1-  People Overwhelms You

You may have heard the term Everything is Energy, thousands of time till today, but now you will feel the actual experience. You see, the most incredible energy carrier are people around you, so you are Going to get affected by people. While Awakening your Psychic powers, your energy becomes pure and potent.

When you encounter people with negative thoughts or people with negative aura, you may feel exhausted and depressed.

Many people may say that you are becoming weak. But, that’s opposite. You aren’t getting weak but becoming more sensitive at the vibrational level that may feel overwhelming sometimes. However, you will learn to protect yourself from any evil thoughts or uncomfortable aura bypassing the time and working with energy.

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2- Signs of Awakening Your Psychic Powers | Vivid Dreams

Believe me or not, dreams are never meaningless. However, only those can connect to it who are spiritually awakened. During Awakening your Psychic powers, you may experience vivid dreams that may seem random and meaningless.

However, you will be able to connect those dreams to reality if you can remember it. Many times people forget dreams which I believe is for good only. Also, those are the sign of some specific message from the universe.

When you become more sensitive and aware of energy, you also gain access to your subconscious mind at a more profound level. So, these random dreams may or may not provide you with definite meaning because it may be old memories that need healing or some evidence of future happening.

3-  You Become More Aware of Your Actions

Awakening your Psychic powers also makes you more aware of your meaning behind your actions or words. If you have been a fun-loving person who used a lot of sarcasm to create a light surrounding may suddenly become silent.

You become aware of your intentions and get sensitive towards other people emotions that stop you from commenting on different person.

Of course, it’s a significant and unexpected change that makes uncomfortable and sometimes stressful.

The position side of this awareness is that you develop a sense of responsibility and become a fantastic person people secretly love to hang out with.

4-  Sleepless Nights

The most uncomfortable event you May face is sleepless nights. When you go through Awakening your Psychic powers, energy level drastically increases, and you feel more alive, active and fresh.

I often think about why I am becoming owl, but I learned how to manage my energy to live every day.

These supernatural powers would be gifts if you learnt to use it in the right situation and understand the difference between right and wrong. In other words, life seems so meaningful that you don’t want to sleep. I feel like staying Awake and explore life more profoundly.

If you are unable to sleep without any stress, and after sleepless nights you feel energetic, happy and fresh, Awakening your Psychic powers seems fun at this point.

5-  Weird Physical Sensations

You see, emotions are berried into chakras residing in your spine. When Chakra opens, many physical signs are visible. In other words, Awakening your Psychic powers stimulates all the chakras and inner body parts.

Opening Heart chakra may feel like the air is passing through your heart, or the third eye may feel itching on the forehead a lot.

The most unusual thing about these sensations is that no other person can explain it so you can’t tell others.

I believe all these physical sensations and changes are based on past life karma.

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6- Sudden Attraction Towards Energy, Cristal, Spiritual Talks

In my case, I was not at all aware of energy or Psychic Abilities, so I felt scared as there was no one to explain to me. The best part was of my initial day’s journey was that I experienced changes and then tried to research its meaning.

The best way to understand Awakening your Psychic powers is to notice the changes feeling inside you and surrounding.

Suddenly feeling more attracted towards crystals, energy healers, and looking for more soul tribes helps Awakening your Psychic powers Organically.

7- Feeling More Exhausted Using Electrical Gadgets

Electronic gadgets, which have become essential and helpful tools in modern society, doesn’t attract you anymore or seems useless. Awakening your Psychic powers stimulates highest Energy source, Kundalini Shakti, that keeps you safe and mysteriously guides you.

Energy, most potent source, Someone can gain through living naturally and being authentic.

Awakening your Psychic powers makes you more connected to natural resources such as hiking, trekking and spending time with your pet.

On the other hand, using gadgets lowers energy and makes you feel exhausted. Losing your interest in trending, handy gadgets is one of the signs of Awakening your Psychic powers.

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7-  Nature Attracts You More than Man’s Creation

You read above, nature becomes more beautiful, meaning and attractive to you. The signs of Awakening your psychic powers include sudden love and need for natural resources such as walking on the beach, trekking to the mountain, and loving rain.

The more time you spent with nature, feeling of livelihood increases Organically. Living in High society, associating with usual people doesn’t make you feel more exciting.

The reason behind all those about new and not much comfortable feeling is that the vibes don’t match others.

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9- Started Loving Spending Time Alone

Most vital and unexpected sign of Awakening your Psychic powers is that you start like spending time alone. LONELINESS becomes your new therapy; even the crowd makes you more feel more alone and uncomfortable.

Most importantly, you feel the connection with the highest source of creation, and it feels more exciting than any other things to date.

Spending time alone also is the best time to go deeper and explore the world inside out.


1- What is Medium and how does it work?

A Medium is someone having psychic abilities to connect and share messages between two worlds. A medium has the ability to connect to those who are not in this world and convey the message to the living person.

They can be willingly to connect a spirit or the spirit may choose the medium to connect to their living connections.

Final Words: I believe we all have some of the psychic powers. If you notice any of these Signs of Awakening Your Psychic Powers, work on it and become your better version.

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