17+ Powerful Prayer For Child Custody and Winning the Court Battle

Children are the bridge between two people who promised to spend their life together. Unfortunately, sometimes that togetherness doesn’t last long, and children suffer. If you are fighting to get your child back, Prayer for child custody will help you have them soon. 

The child deserves to have both the parents, more importantly, the one who raises them well. Despite parent’s mismatch willingness, if you think you are the better one, have faith that you will get custody. 

In this article of Bigraincoach, I will share the most powerful and effective Prayer to help you stay positive and win the battle. 

Before we jump to the prayers, It’s crucial to understand some basics about Prayer to allow your Prayer to work faster. In order to do that, let’s see how to pray for child custody.

How do You Pray to Win A Court Case?

Asking for legal help clearly Indicates that you mutually are unable to find the best way to resolve the issue. Now the critical decision of your life is in someone else’s hand who doesn’t even know you personally. 

It’s crucial to increase your faith in God and ask him to guide the decision-maker to result in your favor. Using Prayer for child custody requires a lot of factors; however, if you indeed are capable and desire to have child custody, God will help you. 

While struggling to get your child back, after praying, live in the feeling of being with your child. Happy feelings about your Prayer being answered double the power of Prayer. 

Before we to the prayers list, Let’s see what does God says about custody battles. 

Bible Verses About The Child Custody Battle

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There is no doubt that God loves your child more than you, and He knows their best. If you are the one who can give a better life to your child in God’s Eye, have no fear of losing your child.

Just make sure to keep every essential criterion in line for your child’s best and surrender your case into God’s Hand. Believe that your prayers have been answered. 

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Keep in mind that no matter how much you love or care for your child, your child deserves an abundant life in God’s eye. 

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Prayer for Positive Outcome in Court

“Dear God, My heart is breaking to know that I might lose custody of my child. As I need you, my child needs me too. Have mercy upon us, Lord, let the custody come to me so that I can give my life a better life. Amen.”

After knowing the date of hearing, don’t get stress. Instead, start praying and keep yourself inspired to bring the child to your home. 

God only sees the clean heart and pure intention, so make sure you don’t carry any negative thoughts for the result. You may use this Prayer for child custody before leaving the bed in the morning and after laying down on the bed in the night. 

“Feather in heaven, You know the reason I am praying to you. There are only two things I can not survive without, your mercy and my son. The situation is against me, but my faith is in you, Lord. Please let me win the case so that no one can separate me from my bay. Amen.”

Prayer for Strength During Child Custody

“Dear God, Today is the most challenging day of my life as I have to fight for my own child. I never Imagine this day, and I cannot stop my tears as I am afraid of losing the case. I request you to walk with me in the court and grant me the strength to bear all my struggles. Amen.”

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Being present in the courtroom and hearing things against you is as painful as a broken heart. If you are there to get your child custody or any other reason, It’s crucial to stay strong and put your points firmly. 

Remember, God only supports those who support themselves in the first place. Strong voice and confidence is the key to win any battle against the world. So, If you desire to have your child with you, don’t break down but stay strong. 

I can understand; it can be hard to pretend courageous when your partner is against you. You may use this Prayer for child custody before going to court.

“Father in the heaven, Today my only concern is to bring my child back home with me as He the only light of my life. I am doing everything to provide him a better life, and you know my heart is clear. Today, When I enter the courtroom, please guide me and be my strength to convince the court. Please let the result be by my side, Lord. Amen”

Prayer To St. Jude for Child Custody

“O holy St. Jude, Dearest child of God, I request you to hear my Prayer and help me to let me win my child’s custody. I keep my faith in you and surrender my love and desire of having my child with me. Please answer my Prayer and let my child be with me. Amen.”

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St. Jude is the patron saint of legal cases, including child custody. Prayer works at its most when it is done in masses or with the help of someone holy. 

While taking the help of Prayer for child custody, Ask the patron St. to help you win the battle. Saints have been the greatest blessing on this planet to the needy one. 

“Dear St. Jude, You have helped thousands of people to win the court battle. I pray to you to be on my side in the court and ask the jury to result in my favor. For my child’s shake, grant me patience and courage to get my child back. Amen.”

Child Custody Strong Prayers for Court Cases

“Dear God, As I am fighting the battle to win my child custody, days seem a little longer to pass on. Anxiety, hopelessness is increasing, and I am becoming vulnerable. Please watch over us, Lord, let my child be with me. Let the judges allow me to be with my child, Amen.” 

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I can understand your stress and thought of letting your child go away, but you must understand, God is always with those who believe in him. In order to win custody, never feel hopeless.

Things that make you fearful, you must eliminate immediately; otherwise, they will consume your strength. In order to keep up your hope and win the case, use this Prayer for a child custody battle more than thrice a day. In fact, whenever you feel worried, start praying.

“Heavenly Father, I am going through the battle I desire to win at any cost. Please let my child be with me in this holy environment, home. Allow me to raise my child under your protection and guidance. I pray to you, Be on my side and allow me to fulfill my promises. Amen.”

Novena for Child Custody 

“O Holy St. Jude, Apostle, and Martyr, great in power and rich in wonders, Help me win the custody of my son. You have helped those who invoke your special patronage in time of need. I am kneeling down in front of you, keeping my faith in you to do a miracle and allow my child to be with me. I humbly beg you to help me in my present and crucial hearing. In return, I promise to give you credit for everything in front of the world. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

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Number nine is a magical number, and St Jude is the patron saint for court cases. Offering Novena to him will surely help you to keep your hope high and present yourself accordingly. 

You may print and Prayer to Get The Child back by winning the battle. 

A Thank You, Prayer, for Winning Child Custody

“Heavenly Father, I have never been so overwhelmed by the joy that I am Today. You have always helped me, protected me, and guided me in my everyday life. Today, my home is filled with my child’s happiness, and you are the reason behind it. Thank you for bringing the truth in the courtroom and doing justice for my child’s future. Amen.”

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God has a greater purpose for his children, better than you and I. No matter what we desire, If He doesn’t get us worthy, He shows us differently. 

If you win the custody of your child, you are amazing, worthy in the Eye of Heavenly Father. Thanking Him for guiding you, helping you, more importantly, winning your child’s custody is nothing but your humbleness. 

You may use this Prayer for child custody after winning the battle and bringing your child home. 

“Thank you, God, for all the abundance and happiness, including my child. There was a time when I was losing my hope, but you supported me by not breaking me down. Thank you for making me feel worthy by bringing my child back home. I promise you to raise him/her well and not let your decision be wrong. Amen.”

Prayer for A Child to Return Home

“Dear God, My life’s purpose was to raise my child well and make him/her a better being. As You know, after separating from my partner and seeing my child away, I have nothing left. I pray to you, please, Lord, bring my child back home; I promise you to change yourself and become a better parent in the future. Amen.”

After losing the battle of a child case, often parents lose interest in life or feel lost. As children are the blood and flesh of both the parents, both are naturally connected to the child. 

There is always hope, even for a dying person. Therefore, Always believe in the miracle and keep praying for strength and togetherness with your child. When there is love, there are various hidden ways. 

If your child has willingly chosen to be with other parents, you may use this Prayer to win your child’s heart and return home.

“Lord, I accept that I have not been the best parent in the past, but after losing my child, I understood real value. I never ask you anything because of my arrogance and overconfidence, but I am kneeling before you; please Help me. Please grant me the wisdom and help me become a better parent. Bring my child back home and let me prove my worth. Amen.”

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Prayer For Child Custody/ Prayers for The Custody Battle

“Lord, You are my only hope when I am feeling lost in the thought of being away from my child. Just like I won’t survive without you, my child needs my love and care. Please help me win custody and bring my child back home. Amen.”

Trusting God in Custody Battle has been working miraculously for many, and it will do to you too. No one can judge better than God can. If you are worthy in His eye, know that you have already won.

If you want to prove someone you’re worthy, prove it to God and know that He will give you a chance to be a better parent. Use this Prayer for child custody after opening your eye in the morning.

“Heavenly Father, I have worked hard to be the one I am Today, A better parent, A better human being. However, fighting for my child is tearing my soul as I never Imagine breaking my family. All I have done is for my child’s better future. Please allow me to prove my worth and win the custody battle Lord. Amen.”

Prayer for Charges to be Dropped

“Dear God, the Past few days have been challenging for me. I even haven’t done the charges I am facing, but I can’t prove them to the court. Loving father, show me your mercy and do something to drop the charges as you know I am innocent. I promise you to become more aware and better in the future. Amen.”

Trusting God in a custody battle or any other battle you are fighting in the court will help you because God is the one who knows your truth. If you think you have been framed or made a mistake, you deserve a chance; ask God to help you, pure heart. 

Those who believe in their prayers experience magic in every moment of their day-to-day life. Use these Prayer for Charges to be Dropped with full faith before entering the courtroom. Accepting and asking for forgiveness is the only way to win the case if you have done wrong.

“Father, I made some wrong choices in the past, and I regret that daily. Since that day, I am working hard to better myself and my choices. Forgive me for my past and give me a chance to prove myself as a changed and worthy child of yours. Please inspire the judges to drop the charges and allow me to pay for that differently. Amen.”


#1 How to prepare for the child custody battle?

Before going to court demanding custody of your child, there are few things every parent must do. 

#1 Talk to your spouse about every aspect of your parenting and try to resolve the matter. Many times, fathers or mothers are not aware of their behavior towards the child or home environment. Talking to each other may open a new door for both of you. 

#2 Collect evidence if talking didn’t work out. Without evidence, you won’t be able to win the custody of your child. Most importantly, be true to yourself for the sake of the child. Evidence such as emails, pictures, social media activities, and people who can support you will help win the case. 

#3 Make necessary changes in your lifestyle according to the situation. For example, if your schedule doesn’t allow you to spend more time with your child, reschedule your day. 

#4 Don’t let your child suffers because of the battle you are going to fight. Children are innocent, and they deserve the best of everything. Sort our your differences but let your child get both, the love of mom and dad.

#2 How do I impress a judge for custody?

In order to win child custody, you must be presentable and impress the judge with your attitude. Here are some tips to prove yourself a better parent in front of a judge. The below points are beneficial for both, Mother and father to win child custody.  

#1 Show your support to other parents and be ready to share the particular events of the child. No matter how many issues you have with the other parent, don’t split it in the courtroom; instead, show your respect.

#2 Don’t get disturbed by the charges another parent is forcing onto you. Be humble and prove them wrong with your behavior. Show your polite and understanding behavior in the courtroom so that the jury can believe you will raise the child better. 

#3 Do not bring the child between any matter while fighting for child custody. Be willing to work with the other parent in the future as your child deserve both of you for a lifetime. 

Final Words: Chose any suitable prayer for child custody and use it to get the child custody. Never lose hope because there are thousands of people praying for you, just like me. 

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All The Best, Stay Blessed

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