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Smoking is injurious to health; even after knowing this, some people are unable to stop. If you or someone close to you is struggling with the same challenge, using Prayer to quit smoking will help to win this battle.

In this article of bigbraincoach, I will share Few Simple yet effective tips about how to quit smoking with Prayer. Also, You will learn few tricks that will help you divert from craving.

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Before we go to how to pray to stop smoking, let’s see what God says about smoking.

Bible Verses about Smoking

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According to the Holy Bible, “Whoever perpetrates a sin is a slave of that sin”.
As smoking is a dangerous habit, God never allows his children to get into an addiction trap. Today, most of the youngsters are trying to style themselves by holding some weed.

It’s very crucial for each one of us to realize that when fashion becomes an addiction, it’s hardest to quit. In order to do that government and spiritual community has forbidden smoking.

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If you know someone struggling to get rid of smoking, share this article and let them know how to quit smoking spiritually.

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“Dear God, I bow in front of you, seeking help to quit the habit that I know is harmful to my health. Please help me stop the craving and stop smoking to be more dedicated to your service. Amen.”

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Accepting a bad habit is the first step towards eliminating it and moving towards something better. Smoking, a generally long-term habit, are challenging to break, so Prayer will provide you extra strength to do that.

In the morning, before you start your day, use this Prayer to quit smoking and eliminate the craving so that you could make your day more productive and conscious.

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“Holy father, I know that I am not very dear to you because of my bad habits, but I am willing to break my smoking habit. Please help me by providing me with the strength to overcome the craving. Amen.”

Serenity Prayer to Quit Smoking Image

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It takes a lot of courage to accept your weaknesses; In fact, one must not feel ashamed about them. It’s not easy to stop craving something that has been a part of your routine.

The first step to change is to accept what you are going through. If you are willing to invite a miracle into your life, Accept and let it go. It helps to inspire change, no matter how hard it is.

After acceptance, courage organically enhances, and you get inspired to quit from within. After few ways, you will understand the difference between being a smoker and overcoming it.

The wisdom leads to freedom, whether from smoking or any other addiction.

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“Lord, You inspired me to believe in your words, and that increased my faith in you. Today I am feeling helpless and asking you to encourage me again to quit smoking and be a better child of yours. Please provide me wisdom and strength to overcome my addiction. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.”

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Unfortunately, I have met many willing to change, but their hand naturally goes to pocket and lights the cigarettes. After smoking, they realized that they were about to quit.

Understand that by smoking, you invite unclean spirits around you and close to you. Yes, smoking not only harms you but the people who happen to be around you. Using this Prayer to quit smoking will help you remind yourself not to smoke and overcome the craving.

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“Holy Father, I accept my weakness and am willing to eliminate it from Today till forever. You know my heart, and it desperately desires to be a pure person, which seems impossible. Please help me, Lord, grant me strength and wisdom to quit smoking forever. Amen.”

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Bible Verses About Not Giving Up Images

Bible Verses About Not Giving Up Images

Even If you feel tired of trying to stop smoking, you must remember these words. Words that have come from the creator who created you, and he believes in you.

Developing new habits and Prayer to quit smoking daily will definitely do miracles for you. Even after that, if you find it challenging to control, write these bible verses about not giving up on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket.

Whenever you struggle, read, reread and pray, you will feel the change within a few minutes.

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“Lord, I came to you to put my true desires in front of you. I want to be a non-smoker, healthy, clean, and better person. My smoking habit is consuming all my energy, and I am feeling sick. Please help me to overcome my craving and stop smoking forever. Amen.”

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God says those who will ask, they will, without doubt, receive. Therefore, Instead of focusing on your craving and trying hard to stop your hand from reaching cigarettes, find something else to do.

Habits, such as remembering your wish list and asking God to give you the strength to fulfil it is better than focusing on your struggle. In order to do that, make a list of the change you want in your life. Set the alarm and use this small but powerful Prayer to quit smoking every time the alarm reminds you.

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“Father, Thank you for every blessing you gave me and keep giving me. I am willing to follow your path and become a new and better person. I ask you to guide me, protect me, strengthen me and allow me to eliminate all the harmful acts I have been doing. Amen.”

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“Dear God, the savior of my family, I am asking you to help me get my life on track again. My husband is trapped in a smoking habit, and I am worried because It’s affecting his health now. Please have mercy on him and inspire him to quit smoking for the sake of his family and his health. Amen.”

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Husband, Mainly known as the head of the family, if he gets addicted, the entire family suffers. If you are worried for your husband, loved one for their harmful habit, use this Prayer to quit smoking silently.

Prayer is the most sacred gift you can give to others, especially loved ones. Most importantly, if the victim lives with you, try to pray before serving him food.

Food, surprisingly, observes energy, so when you pray before serving him, the food gets sacred and carries that energy. Within few weeks, you may see the change in him.

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“Dear God, please help my husband to quit his smoking habit as our family is falling apart. Cleanse his heart and mind, O Lord, so that he understands the difference and quit smoking. Inspire him towards his duty and grant him the courage to keep his distance from smoke. Amen.”

Deliverance from Smoking Cigarettes Images

Deliverance from Smoking Cigarettes Images

Desires only come when God wants someone to do so. If you are someone even think to quit smoking for good, it’s Gods will. You may feel week or unable to stop craving for it, but God is ready to help you.

Use this deliverance prayer to quit smoking in the morning and remind yourself several times a day. Within few days, You may experience a miracle you never imagined.

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“Lord, Today, I promise you to stay away from smoking and never touch it again. I believe in you and desire to become a clean son of my father, so I claim that I am becoming a non-smoker from Today onwards. I am submitting myself to God and decline any devil association knowing that you will provide me with the strength to do so. Amen.”

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“Dear God, [Person’s Name] came into my life to invite more joy, but things are happening opposite. The wrong association and habit of smoking marijuana are polluting your child. Please help and guide him to quit smoking and walk on the path you have sent him for Amen.”

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Smoking marijuana these days is spreading virally. In order to stop such addiction and protect your loved ones, it’s crucial to pray for their healthy being.

The most important thing is to keep an eye on those your loved one/son, or husband associates with. If someone is already suffering from this addiction, you may use this Prayer to quit smoking marijuana and right guidance.

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“Father in the heaven, Today I am praying you to guide your child [Name of the person] to your holly path. He has been smoking marijuana for a long time and now struggling to quit it. Please remove all the devils from his mind and life so that He could become a new person, A person He has destined to. Amen.”

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“Holly Saint Faustina, The greatest gift of God to humankind, I request you to hear my Prayer instantly. Show your mercy upon me and help me quitting smoking in the Name of Holly spirit. Amen.”

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Saint Faustina is the patron saint for smoking who win the battle against the smoking disease. If you are struggling to stop smoking and looking for someone to help you, Pray to Him.

Asking him through your Prayer to quit smoking and believing in his grace will provide you with the strength and willingness to hold your will and win it.

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“Dear Saint Faustina, I pray to you to respond to my request and help me quitting smoking. You have been helping thousands of people around the world, and please consider me one of them. I seek forgiveness for all my sins and promise you to become a better and clean person. Amen.”

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Scriptures for Deliverance From Smoking

The scriptures are reminders to those who have lost their path and got addicted to any substance. If you are trying to stop bad habits such as smoking, keep these lines with you.

Reading them repeatedly will inspire you to win the challenge of craving. Also, select any prayer for quitting smoking and repeat it every day with complete confidence and faith in God.

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These are my favorite words I used when I got sugar addicted. Using such prayers and scriptures strengthens the willpower and reminds us who we are, The pure child of God. They why depend upon any substance?

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“Dear God, Please forgive my sins and save me from this addiction I unknowingly got trapped in. Help me fight the evil and stop smoking. I am willing to pay any price and do more services to become a pure and better person. Amen.”

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Using Prayer to quit smoking is not only the most potent and effective way, but it takes you closer to your better self. God is the source of any possibilities, and asking him to get rid of any bad habit is the best way.

Not only smoking but any addiction is harmful to the health and soul. Addiction steals all the strength and willpower if carried for the long run. Whether it’s a long time addiction or just beginning, stopping it is very crucial.

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“God, please help me quit smoking as I am losing myself and feeling distant from you. You are my savior, and I don’t want to depend upon anything, anyone but you. Guide my path Lord; I will be forever grateful and obedient to you. Amen.”


1- How do I stop smoking ASAP?

Well, for starters, practice relaxation such as deep breathing. Deep breathing will also help you control cravings if done in the right manner. Find out your hobby and do that to divert yourself. Also, doing some physical work or working out will help you to control your craving instantly.

Use any of the above prayers 5times a day, most importantly, before leaving the bed in the morning. If you are still unable to stop, find a therapist or helpline and get help.

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2- What to say to stop smoking?

I am sure you are trying hard to become clean and stop smoking. Unfortunately, cravings doesn’t go quickly. So If you are unable to control yourself, remind yourself for how long you didn’t smoke.

Also, you may repeat these lines as affirmation; it will change your energy and stop craving. Say it loud out to yourself.

“[Your Name] I am proud of you that you can overcome your biggest challenge. I am sure you will achieve success in whatever you desire.”

” Nothing can stop you because God, The highest power, is with you.”

3- Can smokers go to heaven?

Smoking poisons a soul; there is no other opinion about it. However, Other actions and deeds are counting factors when it comes to heaven or hell.

On the other hand, If the smoker desires heaven and becomes God’s dearest child, they will quit smoking in less time than others.

4- What are the 4 Ds of quitting smoking?

The four Ds of quitting smoking is Delay, Drink water, deep breath and do something that requires your physical strength.

Final Words: Everyone will agree that addiction is challenging, heartbreaking and damaging to health. However, with the proper guidance and Prayer to quit smoking, one can win this battle.

If you are struggling to quit, know that there are millions of people praying for your well-being, just like me.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed