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11+Addiction Prayer to Eliminate Craving and Adopt New Lifestyle Habits

Whether you or someone you love is trapped in any addiction, this article will guide you to break the trap and get freedom. Using these addiction prayer and other rituals will help you gain spiritual strength and experience the miraculous results within few days.

Getting trapped into Addiction is worst, but a will to cut the trap is more potent than any tricky tie. More importantly, if you are trying to find effective ways to recover from Addiction, know that there are people like me who are silently wishing you’re well ASAP.

In this article of bigbraincoach, I will share few practical tips and powerful prayers you may use for better results. Before We jump to the prayers, let’s under how to pray effectively for Addiction?

How do you pray for Addiction?

Firstly, let’s understand the trap of Addiction. Addiction is nothing but a habit we develop while practicing it daily. Daily practices demand our emotional attachment too.

So, to get your prayer answered, you must attach your emotions and have complete faith in your action and the source of creation. As it says, “Faith Power Works Wonder.”

In order to break the Addiction, we need to shift our attention from old habit to new and develop the same attachment to the new mode.

Yes, I know it’s not as simple as it’s appearing, but it’s effective, that’s for sure. Asking for help from our close one and patron saint for addiction prayer is another crucial step.

Now, Before I share prayers, Know who is the patron saint of Addiction and how to ask him/her to help you achieve your desire.

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Who is the saint for drug addiction?

The best part about being catholic is you have patron saints for almost every individual issue. These saints double the results of your prayer, which helps you to overcome challenges sooner.

The patron saint for Addiction is Saint Maximillian Mary Kolbe, who was a Franciscan Friar in Poland. Praying to him for recovery from Addiction has already helped thousands of people worldwide.

Here are few powerful prayers for Addiction that may help you to increase your faith.

Prayer for Addiction Quotes

“Lord, help me eliminate the craving that has already destroyed me in many ways. I am praying to you with full faith and conviction that you will give me strength to control and wisdom to eliminate any single thought about my Addiction. Amen.”

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As the Bible verse says,” “Everything is permissible for me, but not Everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible for me, but I will not be mastered by anything.”

Understanding God’s words for your own good and applying them practically will give you the strength to reach your target. While you are trying to develop a new habit and eliminate an old one, wisdom is essential.

“Holy Father, I am tired of my weaknesses and praying to you to take all of my faults and replace them with courage and faith in your words. God help and guide me to become a better person by adopting better habits. Amen.”

Powerful Drug Addiction Prayer

“Father, consuming harmful substances lead me far away from you. Today, I want to come closer and follow your path willingly. Please grant me the wisdom and courage to do so. Amen.”

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“Dear God, My will to be better and walk on your path is stronger than my habits, but I am losing control. Please provide me strength so that I can be the person you want me to become. Amen.”

Living a life one day at a time is one of the most effective ways to develop a new habit and leave the old one. Have a long future vision but learn to live only for the day.

Additionally, using these prayers for Addiction will help you to leave drugs or any other addiction.

“God, Just for today, grant me strength to control my craving; today, grant me wisdom to understand your teaching. Please be with me so that I can spend my today wisely and silently. Amen.”

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Alcohol Addiction Prayer

“Father, please help me stay away from consuming harmful things for my Mind, body, and soul. Guide and change my choices of food and drinks so that I could be your worthy child. Amen.”

Willingness to change your choices and asking God to help you will surely change your entire life miraculously. If you are someone you love who has been trapped for a longer time, it’s crucial to ask for help.

Yes, Addiction is challenging to eliminate, but God is superior above all. Using these powerful addiction prayers will not only stop your attraction but magnetize you towards God.

“Dear God, Today I am asking you to help [name] to stop drinking alcohol and start consuming healthy foods and drinks. Guide [Name] him to develop a stronger connection to you to become a different and better human being.”

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“Dear God, please open my heart to your healing energy and Mind to love good things. Help me leave [Addiction] and adopt new habits that take me closer to you. Amen.”

Addiction damages the Mind and damages the healing cells of the body and makes you weaker. In order to heal the body, and attach your Mind to better things, prayer for Addiction helps.

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“Father, please help forgive my sins and guide my Mind to adopt better habits. Heal my Mind and body with your pure and powerful energy. Help my body to get rejuvenate and develop new cells that are addiction-free. Amen.”

“Dear God, Grant me the strength to become unshakable and uninterested in the Addiction I have been trying to overcome. Let my mind and heart bond with you and leave my past behind. Amen.”

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St Jude Addiction Prayer

Praying to the most potent intercessor St Jude Addiction for any addiction is a way to receive extra energy. Here is the most powerful St Jude Addiction Prayer you must pray it daily.

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“O St. Jude, most holy Apostle, I am reaching out to you because I am in need. I beg you to intervene for me so that I may find the energy to win my illness. Bless all those who are struggling with craving. Reach them, heal them, and comfort them of the Father’s constant love.”

Prayer when hitting rock bottom from drug addiction

It’s really challenging for someone who is trying to be sober, but the craving touches them. It becomes uncontrollable to pass the craving. During such a hard time, let God protect you.

Use this addiction prayer in such a tough time, surrender to God and let him care for you.

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Final Words: Allow God o take over all of your challenges using these Addiction Prayers. When life seems uncontrollable, surrender yourself and ask Him to take care of His child, “You.”

Hey, pray for those going through such a painful situation and know that you are thinking about them. If you care for others, share the article with them or on your social media. Also, Don’t forget to bookmark the page so that you may receive my latest update.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed