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Yogasanas not only provide you with many physical and mental benefits but helps you upgrade your posture too. Vriksasana is one of the basics for beginners but an essential asana to balance body posture.

If you are looking for the right way to perform Vrikshasana, you are at the right place. Also, the Tree pose is the first Asana of Surya namaskar Pose, which is the most popular yoga to balance the mind, body and soul. 

In this article of bigbraincoach, I will share details information about the Tree Pose, such as how to do Vriksasana, its benefits, Precautions etc.

Before we go to the steps and benefits of Vriksasana lets, see how do you say Vriksasana?

Correct Ways to Pronounce Vriksasana

Vrikshasana is a Sanskrit word, so to pronounce it correctly, divide the word into two parts: Vriksh+ Asana.

Now let’s see what does the word actually means and how to perform this Asana.

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Meaning of Vrikshasana | Tree Pose

Popularly known as the Tree pose, trikonasana is considered an essential pose for everyone. The word Vrikshasana has two Sanskrit letters, Tree or Vriksha and Pose or Asana.

If we see the meaning of the word Vrikshasna, It says the posture when the body stands tall and straight like a tree is called vrikshaana.

Tree pose is the most straightforward pose to perform but the easiest way to quickly access the best body posture. Let’s see the right way to practice Virkshasana/Tree pose.

Steps to Practice Vrikshasana Tree Pose

Here are the simple steps of vrikshasana you may follow in order to practice it perfectly.

  1. Select a peaceful place where air ventilation is available. Spread yoga mat on a plain surface and get ready to perform Vrikshasana.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes so that no distraction can disturb you. You may use soft music in order to keep your focus and mind engaged.
  3. Stand tall in Tadasana, like a palm tree, keep your eyes open, hands on the side and breath.
  4. Now slowly lift your right leg from the knee and take it to your left leg’s inner thigh.
  5. Place the sole of right feet firmly to the inner thigh left leg. Balance your complete body on the left leg and stay stand.
  6. Inhale and lift both your hands in namaste Mudra in front of your heart. Exhale and look front.
  7. Stay in the same position for 15 to 20 seconds or as much as you can. Keep your breathing regular, spine straight and body balanced.
  8. Slowly Bring your hands down beside your body. Then right leg down on the floor and stand in Tadasana.
  9. Repeat the same with the other Left leg and complete one round of Vrikshasana/Tree pose.

In order to get the benefits of the Tree pose, one must perform 3-5 chakra daily. Now, Let’s see what the benefits of Vriksasana/Tree Pose are.

Benefits of Vrikshasana Yoga |Tree Pose Benefits

There is an old and Famous scripture in India,” Vriksh Kabahu na fal bhakhai, Nadi na sanchai neer.” The meaning of this sentence is that the Tree provides us fruits and woods for free; River gives us water but never expects anything from us, So be like a tree and river.

I believe this Asana also helps us inherit that quality of a tree, so It’s one of my favorite poses. Apart from this, Vrikshasana provides many physical and mental health benefits.

  1. Daily practice of Tree pose helps in balancing and improves calves muscles.
  2. Vriksasana helps in strengthening legs and ligaments, and knees.
  3. Daily practice for Tree pose tones the entire legs, which improves walking, standing, and running stamina.
  4. Tree pose also improves the whole body position, which enhances personality growth rapidly.
  5. Daily practice of few rounds of vrikshasana helps to open the hips and helps the body to establish pelvic stability.
  6. Tree pose is beneficial to those who are already suffering from sciatica issues.
  7. Daily practice of Vriksasana improves awareness and the concentration of mind and body.
  8. Tree pose helps balance all the aspects of life, including social, personal, and professional life, which ultimately reduces stress.
  9. Vrikshasana Yoga also helps in balancing Third Eye Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Root Chakra.

No matter how beneficial a particular Yoga pose is, there is always some precautions to take care of. Similarly, before practicing Vrikshasana Yoga Pose/ Tree Pose, it’s crucial to know about all the precautions.

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Precautions in Vriksasana Yoga Pose | Tree Pose

  • Those who are suffering from Insomnia must avoid practicing Tree pose.
  • If you have severe joint or bones issue, do not practice vrikshasana without consulting your doctor.
  • Someone who is suffering from low blood pressure must not practice Tree Pose.
  • During Heavy headaches, do not practice tree Pose.
  • Beginners must practice Vrikshasana under the guidance of an experienced teacher for few weeks.
  • In case of any other serious health issue, consult your doctor and then Practice any yogasana under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

Preparatory Poses for Vrikshasana Yoga Pose | Tree Pose

Before practicing vrikshasana, these yoga poses will help your body and mind to prepare and strengthen you.

  • Trikonasana
  • Virabhadrasana II
  • Baddha Konasana

Follow-Up Poses for Vrikshasana Yoga Pose | Tree Pose

After Tree pose practicing, you may use any other Yogasana/ Poses; it will help you relax your muscles and mind more and give you energy for the day.


1- What is the use of Vrikshasana?

The Asana helps in strengthening your legs, Ligaments, enhance body balancing and better overall body posture. Apart from physical advantages, vrikshasana is an easy way to increase your concentration and open heart Chakra.

2- Is Tree pose a hip opener?

Yes, vrikshasana/Tree pose is a hip opener pose.

3- What is the contradiction of Vriksasana?

In the situation of vertigo, arthritis, Migraine, hips or joint replacements, etc., are the contradictions of Vriksasana.

Final Words: I am sure after exploring the fantastic benefits of practicing vrikshasana on a daily basis, you will get tempted to add tree pose in your daily workouts.

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