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11+ Powerful Prayer for Confusion in Relationship and Life- BigBraincoach

Unknown future and uncertainty make Life an adventurous journey. Sometimes, the adventure becomes a terror and makes us pricked in one place or situation. In such a situation, prayer for confusion is an effective way to release the stress and believe in the unknown future.

Confusion is nothing but not clear about the decision and doubting yourself. In order to eliminate doubt and become a better decision-maker, you must train your mind to become strong.

In this article of bigbraincoach, I will share few practical and effective ways to become get clarity in Life. Also, I will share some powerful prayers for the confusion, which will help you move ahead fearlessly.

Before we jump to the prayer and tips, let’s see What the Bible says about being confused?

Bible Verse About Confusion 

Confusion is either lack of faith in God or getting influenced by society’s beliefs. As the Bible says, “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

If you want o have a clear mind and a straight path to your dream life, do not trust everyone but the one, “Holly script.”

Most importantly, if you still are confused about something, give it a try, have your own experience, and never repeat the mistakes.

Following God’s words and having complete faith in him makes Life easy and crystal clear. Lets see How do you pray for clarity?

Prayer for clarity

“Dear Lord, I am getting tricked in my mind, and I desire to have a clear sense. Kindly provide me wisdom and energy to have a clear mind and declutter unnecessary thoughts. I pray to you, Let your wisdom guide me today and Forever. Amen.”

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When the mind gets full of ideas, it’s likely to get confused between so many ways. I can guarantee that if you can dare to walk on God’s Path, following his words, clutters don’t come around you.

For your prayer to work ASAP, you must follow God’s words and believe in your desires. When the mind or situations troubles you, the only way to ease yourself is to surrender to Creator.

“Father, I am tired of my weakness and getting along with others quickly. Even my mind is misleading and confusing me, which is unfavorable. Please help me to keep myself align and follow your instruction. I desire to have a clear and stable mind; guide me, Lord, protect me from the worldly attraction. Amen.”

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Scriptures on Confusion

Often we confuse our opinion with Scriptures. In order to follow scriptures, we must apply them practically and know the true sense of words.

The saying “Half knowledge is dangerous” is purely Gold. It’s crucial to think before act and to do so correctly, analyze your opinion with Scriptures on confusion.

Before we pray for confusion, let’s see what the Bible says about confusion and clarity.

Timothy 2:7 Think over what I say, for the Lord will give you understanding in everything.

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Prayer for confusion in a relationship

“Dear God, I am unable to understand my partner’s needs and happiness. Increasing confusion between us is making our relationship hard. Please grant me wisdom to understand him and eyes to see the precise reason behind this chaos. Amen.”

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A beautiful relationship requires understanding and clarity in each other’s intentions. One single confusion or distrust may ruin the base of the entire relationship.

Although talking about issues is the ultimate way to resolve any problems, God is always the savior if it’s not working. He is the one who has the solution for every challenge. Using These prayers for confusion helps to see things and situations clearly.

“Dear Lord, My relationship is becoming challenging day by day, and I am tired of heartbreaking moments. The differences between us both are increasing; please help us to rebound. Grant us both the wisdom to understand, respect, and care for each other as earlier. Let our relationship bloom again in the name of Jesus. Amen.”

Prayer for Confusion Before The Exam

“Father, please help to increase my focus and pass the exam. Grant me the clarity and wisdom so that I can study well and stay focused. Amen.”

An exam is an event that makes everyone nervous, and sometimes these little feelings become heavy anxiety. Anxiety makes the mind weaker and doesn’t allow the student to focus.

No matter how turbulent your mind is, using prayer for confusion is an effective way to let it calm and stay focused. Here are few prayers you may use while feeling distracted.

“Dear Lord, I am worried about my upcoming exam and feeling distracted. I am praying to you to make the mind calm and focused. Please, Lord, remove all the anxiety and provide me peace. Amen.”

“Heavenly Father, As my exams are nearing, my mind gets anxious, and my piece gets lost. Please shower your calmness on me and increase my confidence too. Father help me pass my exams in good numbers to keep my Life on track. Amen.”

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Catholic Prayer for Confused Mind

“Dear God, Thank you for always guiding and protecting me silently. I may not always confess, but I am always grateful for your mercy. Today, I am praying for you to teach me again by clearing my mind. Please guide me again so that I could walk on the right path. Amen.”

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Confusion is one of the most energy sucker states of mind. To eliminate all the doubts and have clarity in mind, using this prayer for confusion and surrendering yourself to a higher power will help you.

God is the only source of actual knowledge, peace, and protection; praying to him and having faith provide greater wisdom and help us move forward confidently.

“Dear God, I don’t know why but these days are hard for me as I am confused at every point. I need to make a decision. Please forgive me, If I have done any wrong, but guide and protect me, Lord. Let no evil mind affect my decision-making and clarity of mind. Hover over me and grant me your power of clarity. Amen.”

Prayer for The Spirit of Confusion

“Holy Father, Something evil is happening around me; wisdom is getting shaded. Please help me and let this evil wind not affect me. Please provide me your energy and wisdom to follow your words. My faith is in your Lord, as you are only my savior. Amen.”

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I can confirm that if you have always been following God’s words and suddenly losing your clarity, something is wrong. There may be some negative energy around you blocking God’s light and shaking your faith.

In order to remove doubts and have clarity again, use this prayer for confusion and gain God’s wisdom.

“Father, all of a sudden, I am experiencing darkness, and my clarity is fading away. I am praying to you for your grace and spiritual wisdom to stay on the right path. Please protect me from any darkness and endow your blessings upon me forever. Amen.”

Prayer for Clarity and Direction

“Dear God, Everything I do is going opposite to my expectation. Please Grant me clarity and take me to the Right Path. Please direct my way and let my mind believe in your plan for me. Amen.”

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If your action isn’t resulting right, it’s possible that time isn’t good for you. Often we start questioning God during hard days; instead, we must ask him to guide and support us.

If you are going through hard days or everything seems cloudy to you, use this prayer for confusion and receive direction from Devine.

“Lord, I have always been loyal to you and your guidance. Still, things and situations seem against me. Today, I am praying you to have mercy on me and provide me peace. Let your wisdom take over my understanding and work as your will. Amen.”

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Prayer for Binding The Spirit of Confusion

“Holy Father, the evil spirit and confusion shade my thinking is taking over my mind. You have always been my source of wisdom, strength, and peace. Please grant me your protection and remove the binding spirit of confusion. Amen.”

In order to eliminate evil binding, you must increase your faith in God’s words and his will. Your faith has the potential to destroy any evil from your Mind and Life.

Admit your sins and seek forgiveness by using this prayer for confusion. God hears those who are willing to give up everything upon him. Serendipity is key to receiving the greatest blessing.

“Dear God, I know I am not perfect, and I am ashamed of the mistakes I made in the past. I admit my mistakes and ask you to forgive me and give me another chance to walk on your path. Please clear my path and eliminate any evil on my way, let my heart and mind walk on the path you are going to show me. Amen.”

Prayer to Break Mind Binding Spirits

“Dear God, please hover over [Person’s Name] and make him see the truth, his children, wife, and responsibility. Grant him wisdom to understand the uncertainty and value of the relationship. Provide him the strength to fight the spirit holding his eyesight. Amen.”

Sometimes your loved ones suffer and lack the wisdom and clarity of mind because of mind-bending spirits. The evil spirit covers their wisdom, eyesight, and strength and makes them blind and they feel lost.

It’s normal to lose patience and faith in such a situation. However, Asking God to guide the Person through prayer for confusion works like wonder. You may use these prayers to change the situation and help your loved ones.

“Lord, Looks like [Person’s name] has lost his wisdom eye and losing his mind too. Please use your weapon to cut his enemies who are working against him. You are only our hope father; let [Person] believe in you and get rid of min bending spirit to see the clarity of his mind. Amen.”


1- How do you pray when you feel confused?

First and foremost you need to accept that you are confused about something. Once you are clear, speak in a very clear words to God for clear the confusion and guide in the right direction.

“Heavenly Father, I am feeling lost and walking on wrong path. I pray you to please guide me, and lead me to the right place that allow me to live peacefully and happily. Amen.”

2- Where does confusion come from?

Well, in my opinion, from a spiritual perspective, Confusion is caused by various information or different opinions on the same topic. Medically, it can be caused by any health issues, head injury and trauma sometimes.

The less and filter information you consume, the clear way you will have in your mind and in life as well.

Final words: I hope these prayer for confusion will do miracles in your Life and help you gain clarity and peace. Praying is the most effective way to overcome any challenges.

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Stay Healthy and Blessed