Prayer for Repentance and Forgiveness

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Mistakes are a roadmap to becoming a better person while overcoming your emotions of being wrong. A short Prayer for Repentance and Forgiveness can help you eliminate those feelings and move forward.

When a person is wrong, it’s easier to accept and move on, sometimes, it’s just a feeling of guilt that hurts your heart constantly. Do you know what’s the worst emotion one can carry with themself and hurt their core badly, its guilt!

Sometimes getting attached to some bad habits can harm your spirit and take you deep into bad feelings. In such circumstances, using a Prayer for repentance and forgiveness can help to overcome the habit and move forward easily.

Before moving forward to prayers for Repentance and Forgiveness, Let’s see what does the Bible say about Repentance and forgiveness.

Bible Verses about Repentance and Forgiveness

1 John 1:9, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Confessing your mistakes is not an easy step, it takes a lot of courage to do it. However, God says, if you are courageous enough to accept your actions and apologize for it, God forgive you.

I have been reading, listening since childhood, yet I can’t prove this to you. I can assure you for one thing that crying a guilt in your heart is heavy like slow poison. Saying a simple Prayer for Repentance and forgiveness does clear all the guilt from your heart and you move on easily.

Psalm 32:1, “Blessed is the one whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered.”

Prayer for Repentance and Forgiveness

“Heavenly Father, I came to you asking to forgive me for my actions that caused pain to others and led me down a wrong path. Please forgive me and guide me to do things that can contribute to others happiness. Bless with your mercy and love God, help me become a person of your choice. Amen.”

Each of our actions has an effect, not only upon you but others around you as well. Having that wisdom which can help to differentiate right and wrong is not an easy thing.

Life is a complex thing and getting lost into it is normal. However, Being connected to God, praying to Him daily, asking for guidance are some of the helpful steps to live a Godly Life.

Have you been carrying a burden created by any of your actions? Here is a short Prayer for Repentance and Forgiveness you may use to free yourself.

“Lord, I accept my every action and things that were not guided by you. I also accept that I was blind enough to not see the effect of my actions. I pray you to please forgive and accept me as your innocent child who is desperately in need of your guidance. Help me find peace and live a life you decide for me Lord, Amen.”

Prayer for Repentance and Cleansing

“Heavenly Father, I am tired of the pain and guilt stored within my heart. I ask for forgiveness for the actions I don’t even remember. Please strengthen me to hold my goodness under your love and kindness. Cleanse me Lord and make me a good, kind and forgiving person that you will love and guide in future. Amen.”

Holding up a grudge, anger, pain, even if it’s because of someone else, can take away all of your peace and happiness. God has created us all and filled us all with all of His goodness.

Its life, the drama which fills us with negative emotions and takes us away from God. Often these negative emotions present in our heart, keep us down and affect our connection with God.

If you are filled with impurity, negative emotions, simple and short Prayer for Repentance and Cleansing can help you be pure again.

“Dear Heavenly Father, I feel so lost, impure and weak that I can’t even cleanse my heart. Today, I pray you to please cleanse me and forgive me for the reason of all the dirt I am carrying. Show me your mercy Lord, Make me a better person I always wanted to be and lead me to a life that keeps me close to you. Amen.”

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Intercessory Prayer for Repentance

“Lord God, Today I pray for those who are looking for your forgiveness and peace in their Life. Please help them cleanse their heart and become worthy of your love and mercy again. Bless them with your love and Kindness Lord, and protect them from walking on the path that is unholy. Amen.”

There are people who are good by heart but are weak to follow the difficult path which is following Jesus. Being on Godly way is challenging in a world where everyone has become shellfish and it’s hard to make a living.

Taking time for those whom you don’t even know and praying for their cleaning and healing is Karma that is not easy. Let’s be a part of the Godly world who genuinely love and care for others.

Using a simple and short Intercessory Prayer for Repentance and forgiveness and strengthen them to rise above to Lord.

“Lord God, I pray for those who are weak and unable to sit with you and ask for forgiveness. Strengthen and help them to confess their sins and forgive them for the same Lord. Let your mercy help them to raise their faith in the presence of you. Love them so much that they follow you every step they take in their life. Amen.”

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Prayer for Repentance Graveyard Keeper

“O merciful and Loving Keeper of Graveyard, please accept my confession and forgive me for the sins I have committed in the past. As I work here, around the people who left this world, remind me of the mistakes I have made and teach me life becomes more meaningful if we follow your path. Forgive and Heal my heart Lord, help me become a better person in future, Amen.”

Life is unpredictable and we are certainly not aware when our breath count will finish. Being around those who have lost their life, seeing them everyday is terrifying and worth learning lessons.

We can’t even Imagine what the keeper goes inside when He sees everyday people grieving, asking for forgiveness. Lets take out some time and use a Prayer for Repentance Graveyard Keeper to have peace in His heart.

“Heavenly Father, I pray for those who have been a keeper to our loved ones after life. Take away all of their pain and sins they have committed in their past. Help them, strengthen them and guide them to be strong, kind and surrender to you Lord, Amen.”

Final Words: We all are a sinner at some point, even if you have thought once in our heart, it does affect your spirit. Let’s be pure, have and spread peace and love around the world for forgiving those who hurt us or we who hurt others.

We don’t have control over others emotions and actions but let’s be a guide to those who are lost and create damage in our heart.

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