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Reading this article shows that you love writing and looking for Cheapest Way to Publish a Book and let your thoughts roam around the world. Well, you have reached the page where you will find detailed guidance for your search.

If you have an idea and thoughts to publish it, whether you want to do it for sale or free download, trust me you are meant to do it. Your deepest desire popping up means they are meant to come out.

If you are not willing to go the traditional way where the publisher decides whether your book must get printed or not, there are other options available. The best part of living in the modern era is that you don’t need to depend upon others.

There are many ways to publish your book where you are the wholesome owner who decides everything. There are many platforms that allow you to publish your book for free and generate sales as well. Before jumping to free publishing let’s explore the Cheapest Way to Publish a Book.

Easiest and Cheapest Way to Publish a Book

1- Apple Books

Apple is covering the market by providing the best of the best services. In addition, the brand has created a craziness in every generation. People don’t go for the price but for the quality and its services.

In order to publish your book for free and grab quality readers, the Apple book platform is the best option. Publishing your book costs nothing but the revenue generated on this platform gets distributed between the author and apple.

As compared to other popular platforms, Apple gives you the highest royalty which is 70% of your revenue. Isn’t it worthy?

In order to publish on this platform you can use an IPhone, Mac, IPad or cloud which is simple and easy. Honestly, I found it the easiest, free and Cheapest Way to Publish a Book.

2- Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Amazon Kindle is another popular platform used by readers and authors to engage with and generate handsome money. In addition, the Kindle is not limited to Apple gadgets but it is in every man’ s pocket who has a mobile phone.

Therefore if you look at the number of readers, I believe Kindle has more than apple books. Whatever your niche is, you need to be specific and target specific readers in order to get success and make money.

Unlike Apple books, publishing your book on KDP is free for you. However, Amazon does provide a print copy if your book reaches bestselling and on demand. Here is the best part, they don’t cost you printing and delivery cost, they deduct it from your royalty amount which is fair and profitable for you, I believe.

Most self published authors agree that Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a Cheapest Way to Publish a Book and generate thousands of dollars monthly.

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3- Barnes & Noble Press

Another self publishing, especially for free, is one of the famous platform for books is Barnes & Noble Press. The platform provides you all the other services like printing and delivery if you decide to do so.

However, publishing your Ebook is free and easy to access millions of features. They provide you with royalty but it’s different from Amazon Kindle and Apple books. Therefore you need to read them thoroughly.

The best thing about selecting this platform is that it specializes in books so you know in your heart that your book will get noticed. It’s one of the Cheapest Way to Publish a Book, be famous as an author while making dollars.

4- Kobo Writing Life

Having more than 6 Millions books available on this platform Kobo is another best choice to publish free and sell your Ebook. Unlike other platforms shared in this article, Kobo doesnt cost you anything to publish, unless you opt for Kobo plus.

Kobo grabbed the second largest platform around the world for publishing Ebooks only. So if you have decided to stick around Ebooks only, it’s the Cheapest Way to Publish a Book and make money only.

You as author get paid once you reach their threshold which is $50. The best part of selecting Kobo is that it helps you decide the price for an ebook and set multiple currencies which seems amazing when it comes to global marketing.

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Final Words: Every writer deserves to be published at some time and if you think your time has come, don’t hesitate to take the first step. The digital era has been a blessing to those who are unable to pay and publish.

The above shared platforms are not only the Cheapest Way to Publish a Book, but gives you the most number of readers around the world. If you find this article helpful, let me know in the comment box.

Also, if you want me to review your upcoming book, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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