Top 7 Faith Based Movies on Netflix You Must Watch Once in Life

Netflix is one of the largest platforms where we find most of the web series and movies in various languages. If you are looking for Faith Based Movies on Netflix, this blog post is especially written for you.

I am a huge fan of movies and series that help me believe in the existence of God, His power and Miracles. It has helped me gain mystical insights and understand how God’s will works in unexpected ways.

These movies open our eyes by sharing many real life stories and uplift our spirit to believe in God. In this blog post I am going to share some of the most mystical Faith Based Movies on Netflix you are going to enjoy, for sure.

Top 7 Faith Based Movies on Netflix

1. The Case for Christ

The movie is based on a true story about an investigative journalist. Lee Strobel was an avowed atheist who decided to go out, research and prove that God doesn’t exist.

It all began for Him when His wife converted into christianity. The movie is engaging and interesting as well. As he moves forwards in his research he faces many struggles yet miraculous as well.

It’s one of the Faith Based Movies on Netflix that made Lee Strobet believe in God in the end. The movie will touch your heart and remind you of the experience you have encountered through your spiritual journey.

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2. God Bless the Broken Road

The movie is all about loss of faith and restoration. The story of the movie is about a young lady who lost her husband in Afghanistan and is struggling to raise her daughter.

Her struggle, today, is the struggle of millions of people out there. She survives to restore her life through her faith in God and the help of community people. Therefore the movie has a strong message for us all.

The movie is one of the Faith Based Movies on Netflix that will awaken your inner strength and guide you to do more in life. We humans are about to help each other to live in faith and Let God handle other challenges.

3. Miracles from Heaven

The movie is again based on a true story about a girl with an incurable disease. The stars made me sad but moved forwards after her near death experience she started to recover.

Her recovery is a miracle even for her doctor which is the result of the spiritual power she received. Undoubtedly the movie is a great example of the invisible faith power.

It’s one of the Faith Based Movies on Netflix that is very moving, uplifting and inspirational to those who sometimes get tired of life. The movie will make you believe in God and wait for your timing.

4. The Shack

This movie is based on the best selling novel name “The Shack” which is about a man suffering from personal traumas. He receives an invitation to meet God at a place called “The Sack”.

The invention transformed his life and led him to her spiritual journey. The movie will touch your core as we all are going through something and we never know which moment will lead us near God.

It’s one of the Faith Based Movies on Netflix that teaches us to forgive and believe in God’s plan. The movie gives a deep insight about how the healing process begins and works.

5. Soul Surfer

It’s again a movie based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, a teenager who lost her arm in Shark attack. The movie is an inspiring one in many ways to those who have an insight to look at it.

Determined to not to give up on her passion she returns to water and becomes successful. The journey is worth watching and gives a sense of believing in your will which I believe is from God only.

It’s one of the Faith Based Movies on Netflix that teaches about faith, resilience and perseverance. While watching I learn to be focused and prepare yourself to overcome challenges in pursuit of your dreams and goals.

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6. I Still Believe

As the name suggests, the movie is one of the iconic movies that shares the power of love and faith. The movie is based on the life Religious music star Jeremy Camp.

The movie follows his personal life including his relationship with his first wife and her cancer journey after the marriage. The struggle of his life will teach you that never lose hope and God works in mysterious ways.

It’s one of those Faith Based Movies on Netflix that will teach you to look for the light even during your darkest time. Believe that darkness is temporary for those who never lose hope and have faith in God.

7. A Week Away

It’s a must watch movie, especially for today’s generations as they are getting away from their core. The movie follows the story of a troubled teen who accidentally finds himself in a Christian summer camp.

While getting along with the activities happening in the camp he gained different insights and found a new path for himself. The movie will teach you everything happens for a reason and the reason is always for your better future.

It’s one of those Faith Based Movies on Netflix that is mixture of personal growth, faith while living a fulfilled life. Although it’s impactful for a young age, it’s a delightful one for all ages.


1- What is the No. 1 Motivation movie?

I believe movies motivate us when they are based on true events because that’s the movie that connects us with the story. For me there are many other movies but “The Pursuit of Happiness (2006) is the best one.

We all are looking for peace, happiness and wealth, in other words, an abundant life. This movie tells the story of Chris Gardner (Will Smith), who was homeless and a single father who struggled and rose himself succeeding in the city.

Final Words: Once in a while we all feel down and hopeless as life keeps throwing challenges in our way. Spending some time with yourself, watching these movies is really uplifting.

As they say, investing your time in the right things is a great way to level up. Therefore, watching these movies will guide you, inspire you and help you walk on the right path.

If you find this list of inspirational movies interesting and worth reading, do like and share it with someone who might find it helpful. Also, bookmark this page for more articles like “Faith Based Movies on Netflix” for instant access in the future.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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