Reasons to Believe in God

10 Logical Reasons to Believe in God: Strengthening Your Faith

One of the most common questions people keep asking me, give me some logical reasons to believe in God? I dont have only one reason to Love God but multiple logical reasons that I am going to share in this article.

Does God exist? Why should you believe in God Whom you can’t see with open Eyes? Such questions arise when you are about to encounter Him or you are the opposite. If such questions are haunting you, Keep reading.

I believe every miracle happens with a questioning mind only because that’s how you develop faith in something or someone like God. In this Blog Post of BigBrainCoach, I will share top 10 Reasons to Believe in God.

Top 10 Reasons to Believe in God

1- The Complexity of the Universe

We are living in a world where everything is becoming possible that once used to look impossible. The science, human mind is expanding day by day and making the world wonder about new inventions.

In such a fast growing world, still there are many mystical things, no one able to discover the true answer. The galaxy, black hole, entire universe and the celestial body are some of the examples.

These realities seem to align in a very perfect manner which indicates that there is a grand designer who is somewhere operating everything. Its first and foremost Reasons to Believe in God And I am sure even scientists will agree with this logic.

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2- The Argument from First Cause

Everything, even a human being originated at some point in history. Everything that exists on this planet today has been caused by something. Nothing simply dropped from the sky and developed a species here.

There is some cause behind everything that we encounter here so how this planet originated, is a question. Human mind has reached the point of flying to deep dive, yet we don’t have answers to many simple questions.

Again, you will be forced to think that there is something or someone who caused all this, including the universe, living non living things. Many theologians and philosophers believe that God initiated the chain of causation.

The unanswered questions are one of the other logical Reasons to Believe in God.

3- Personal Experiences and Testimonies

Today, where multiple universes are operating at the same time, people are living in many dimensions at the same time, divinity isn’t hidden anymore. There are thousands of people who claim to experience the mystical divine experience of the existence of God.

You may deny personal experiences of these countless people but can’t deny that things do happen in the collective mind. You can’t deny that personal experience creates habits, convictions and develops faith.

Many religion, communities, despite their differences, believe in One God, not claiming exactly who He is or where He is. This deep rooted belief in the existence of God is One of the most logical Reasons to Believe in God.

4- The Moral Argument

The Moral and a true guideline to live in the right manner is still considered Godly teaching. Today, when anything wrong happens, people do believe in God’s justice. Individuals are still afraid of bad karma which is a sign that they believe in morality.

These Moral values, a higher authority which has been established by many Guru’s spiritual leaders who claim to be connected to God. Having faith in God, following His guidelines, walking on the way He guides have changed sinners into saints.

Godly teachings and morals have been true guidelines of people since ancient times and still are. All of these teachings and its accuracy is one of the logical Reasons to Believe in God.

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5- Fine-Tuning of the Universe

The universe has many gasses, physical laws, elements and consciousness. While discovering, scientists found that everything is perfectly balanced and in line. Today, if you look at the man made things, you will find a lot of imbalances.

This fine tuning in the universe is so remarkable that it had to deny the existence of mystical divine entities. The things that’s not explainable by the modern scientist and scientific tools are definitely made by God, someone invisible.

By looking at these mystical and unanswered questions, many scientists and philosophers believe that there is existence of higher intelligence in this universe. It’s Definitely one of the logical Reasons to Believe in God.

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6- Historical Accounts and Scriptures

To those who believe in God and His existence above time, historical places and scriptures are the proof of God’s existence. For me, these scriptures are the guideline God sent to us through some of His messengers we call them religious Gurus.

Diving deep into these scriptures and connecting to personal life experiences will hit your core and force you to believe in His mystical way of operating this universe. The sacred texts are so powerful and guiding that you won’t be able to resist yourself.

The preservation of these sacred and ancient writings still keeps this world in balance while everything is falling apart. These divine existences are of the strong force and Reasons to Believe in God.

7- The Argument from Consciousness

The consciousness is one of the other mystical gifts we carry that is still not recovered fully. The ability of how you think, when you think, the experiences, the emotions are still getting explored.

The consciousness can be claimed to be fully explained, even in this modern highly scientific world. The power of consciousness that each one of us carry is one the most mystical things in this world.

The storage and its power that haven’t been fully discovered is one of the other logical Reasons to Believe in God’s existence. I believe science is still exploring many aspects of life that only God can answer.

8- Miracles and Divine Intervention

If you explore the internet for real miracles and supernatural experiences, you will find many true events shared by people around the world. Well, in fact if you can sit with closed eyes and explore your own past, you will find many events that you still did not understand.

All of these divinity and events occurring around the corner are not random or imagination but someone is there making them feel. Throughout history, God has been making His children have faith in Him.

Anyone, believe or not, He is there and He loves all of His children, it’s we who either accept or deny His presence. All of the supernatural activities happening around the world are one of the Logical Reasons to Believe in God.

9- The Unity of Religious Experience

Although there are many religions carrying their own working system, one Thing is common, “God is One”. Even if they have idols, pictures at home, the finger always goes up while mentioning God.

The core of every religion is the same and gets the same kind of experiences when it comes to miracles. These experiences and core belief systems are enough to accept that God is one, even if you belong from a different religion or community.

Despite all the differences, the core essence of Godly people are one of the logical Reasons to Believe in God. No one can unite millions of consciousnesses and create the same miracle around every corner of the world.

10- Pascal’s Wager’ philosophy

Blaise Pascal, who was a French philosopher and mathematician, proposed a pragmatic argument for believing in God. He researched and finally got to the point where He accepted that God’s existence cant be proven.

For me, being a child of God can say that His existence can be felt in the heart. It can be felt in your day to day action if you involve Him in your life. The total devotion and surrender.

The acceptance of something can’t be proven is one of the logical Reasons to Believe in God and His existence in the universe. However, if you can look within yourself and ask Him to make you feel His presence, you will definitely feel.


1- Why is God important in our life?

He is the creator, our father and teacher, who knows everything about you and has a better plan than you have for yourself. Having God around Him and allowing Him to rule your life, He will do miracles to you.

Today, we are all looking for someone to be on our side, isn’t it? Can you imagine what will happen if you have God on your side, The source of all the power and existence? This is why God is important in our life.

2- Why should we seek God first?

If you think you are a perfect person, living a perfect life and living your full potential, you don’t need to seek Him. However, if any aspect of your life feels less, you must seek it as It’s the part that Only He can make it happen.

God is our creator and true Guide, of course we must seek Him and ask Him to be with us each moment. It’s the way to live your full potential.

Final Words: The mind who questions, gets the answers and is meant to do something bigger. I am sure you are one of the ones, who is made for a greater cause.

I will suggest you to send your queries about God, please visit any Brahma Kumaris Center around your area and know more about Him.

Your religion, community of faith isn’t the barrier, Just have the Knowledge from them and then decide for yourself. If you found this article informative and worth reading, do like and share with some of your friends.

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