10 Signs God Loves You

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10 Signs God Loves You | How do I know if God loves me | How to Find God’s Love in My Life

Do you feel the presence of God around you or have a sense of being extra blessed? Even if Not, there are many events that are Signs God Loves You. If you are curious to know if it’s truly fact or only fiction, keep reading.

We all are children of God before our parents who gave us birth and raised for good. Yes, they hold a huge part of our lives, but there is someone above all of this watching over us, protecting and loving us unconditionally, without claiming anything.

Those who have the desire to know Him, connect to Him or Love Him, can find His presence in their lives in the most mysterious ways. He is God because his way of loving His children is unique and not measurable.

In this article of BigBrainCoach, I will share at least 10 Signs God Loves You. To your surprise, you might have experienced them before but are still unaware of the truth behind it.

10 Signs God Loves You

1- Unconditional Love

The first and foremost answer to what are the signs of God’s love that I see or experience is Unconditional Love. If you have someone who loves you unconditionally , God has His special attention upon you.

In my experience with God, if one of His children is worthy, He sends someone who loves them unconditionally. Although God’s love and care is enough for all of us because He doesn’t expect anything from us in return.

Yet, having someone to love and care without expecting anything in return is one of the 10 Signs God Loves You. It’s also a way of His protecting you, making you feel happy, even if you don’t ask for it.

Unlike our parents, God loves His children because they are His creation.

2- Forgiveness

We as a common man are full of mistakes, sometimes we ourselves find it hard to forgive. Yet, God never punishes His children for the mistake They did because of His conditional love and mercy.

No matter how big sin one has done, He forgives His children for He doesn’t want them to suffer. He created karma for that Still made a simple rule for instant forgiveness, Remembering Him with all the love.

Don’t you think it’s the kind of Love no human being can offer? His extended mercy and forgiveness is one of the 10 Signs God Loves You. In your hearts, You may sense many signs that God has forgiven you.

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3- Guidance

Have you ever experienced a light, a miracle guidance during your darkest time? When you felt there was no way to move forward but suddenly you found a way. Such experiences are signs of his presence around you.

No matter how long His children have walked on the wrong path, He always guides them to the right one. It’s we His children who don’t understand immediately that suffering is a sign you are walking on the wrong path.

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God loves everything you desire in your heart and guides you in the right direction to get that. If you have experienced any such moments, know it’s one of the 10 Signs God Loves You.

4- Comfort

Have you ever closed your eyes and asked God to protect or calm you down and you got that? During the stormy times, God is the greatest shelter, even if His children forget to ask, He protects Them.

In fact every time you remember Him, He blesses you with peace and comfort silently. Some of us can immediately feel it. My experiences are the reason I don’t need to open Youtube and hear some inspiring speech.

His presence, His remembrance and His Love is the greatest thing I ever need during challenging times. Sensing all of these priceless emotions are one of the 10 Signs God Loves You.

5- Answered Prayers

I am confident that at least once in a lifetime your prayer has been answered, at least once. In fact, it has been heard every time but atleast once it was in the exact way you asked for.

What did He asked in return? I am sure NOTHING. Can anyone in this world offer you everything in the exchange of nothing? I haven’t found one yet and Now I am not looking for someone.

God has been with me all the time protecting, comforting and guiding me in the best, sometimes not in the way I asked for . However, Later I thanked Him because the way He answered was the right way.

If you feel the same about His blessings, timing, it’s one of the 10 Signs God Loves You.

6- Blessings

What to say about His blessings that has been the priceless gift I ever received in the form of people, events and protection. Every time I look for something outside, most of the time I look within, there is a blessing around me.

The beauty I got in physical form, the intelligent mind, the parents, siblings, spouse, child, home education, everything is a blessing. Yes, I am so grateful for the things I own while others are still struggling.

Even my emotional breakdown feels like a blessing as I feel it clears my spirit and prepares me for better things. If you have the same sense about what is happening in your life, such wisdom is one of the 10 Signs God Loves You.

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7- Conviction and Correction

There are billions of souls living on this planet but not everyone believes in the existence of God. Some of them are living a better life as the result of some good karma and some of them struggle for a lifetime.

Those who are connected to God, believe in His guidance, often look like suffering. The reason behind it is that God loves them so much that He doesn’t want them to do unethical or wrong things.

His discipline, guidance, might seem hard to follow but it’s the only way to live a clean and pure life. Those who dare to follow God’s path, get everything they ask for . It’s one of the 10 Signs God Loves You as He only gives you the things that’s good for your future.

8- Miracles and Provision

Everyone who has even a little faith in God has experienced a miracle some day in their life. If you pick up stories from the internet about God’s miracle, countless books can be made of those experiences.

God’s love isn’t limited to humans only but can be experienced in all the creatures’ lives. Especially God’s miracle can be seen where the situation is out of control of the human mind.

Miracle has been occuring in financial, healing , or other supernatural interventions. God is so kind towards His children that He never lets them down when they have clean intentions, yet suffers.

All the miracles around the world, especially in your life, are one of the 10 Signs God Loves You.

9- Relationships

Relationships are one of the most influential ingredients in human life. Simple touch of another person can either boost you or break you. Having someone who supports you emotionally and makes you feel alive is a precious gift.

Those who work upon themselves, make themselves worthy of God’s Love, God blesses them with more people who genuinely love them. In other words, they are not only eligible for God’s love but other souls as well.

If you are having people in your relationship whom you can count on, you are more blessed than others around you. It’s one of the 10 Signs God Loves You and wants to see you filled with genuine love and care.

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10- Salvation

Last but not the least sign of God’ love is you feel salvation in your spirit. Even if your life is not perfect you feel the perfection within your heart, in the eye of God. Sometimes, the struggles are karmik clearance that every soul has to do.

Although, remembering God now and then, praying to Him everyday, is a way to clear the debt in a speedy way. If you are the one who feels His presence with you all the time, it’s one of the 10 Signs God Loves You.

He is there for you because He is pleased with your actions and wants you to keep going without any interruption. As you might have heard, “Those who have more, will receive more”, it’s because God finds them worthy of more.


1- What is the proof of God’s love?

Every human being on this planet, including me and you, are the bundle of impurity. I am confident that you know the meaning of purity when it comes to connecting, praying or meditating with God.

Even while being dishonest, performing bad Karma, if you once remember Him and ask Him something from your core, He blesses you. No matter how much pain you are in, you keep breathing and find a way to survive, that’s the greatest proof that God loves you.

Remember, Nothing in this world is happening randomly, everything happening for Good, and that’s the proof God loves us.

2- Who is the purest love in the world?

“Love” is the strongest, beautiful and most powerful emotion in the world. Unfortunately, in the changing world, it’s hard to find it because it’s been mixed with other desires. Love that involves lust, expectations and any other intention is not the pure one.

The purest Love, I believe, is the one that don’t include any other emotions, but just selflessness. The one you do to a random child. The one God does to His children, Us, is the purest Love.

Final Words: These were some of the most common signs of God’s love for you. Therefore, know that He can make you feel in many and most unexpected ways that He loves you.

The important thing is that no matter how much He loves us, We must constantly seek His presence. In order to do that, keep reading, praying and meditating with His love and light.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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