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As everyone agrees that women are the most powerful creature God has gifted this world with. Unfortunately, many of them are not even aware about this fact until today. If you are one of them, I want you to believe me.

However, In order to use your gift in the right direction with the right attitude, one must stay aware about God’s Law. Women, who have a reading habit, are leading their lives in the most effective and impressive way.

There are countless self help, history, biography books and movies based on women power. In this article of BigBrainCoach I will share some of the best Christian Books for Women to study and grow spiritually.

Top 7 Christian Books for Women to Read and Grow Spiritually

1- “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldredge

In this amazing book, author John and Stasi have shared their personal perspective learned by personal experience. It’s a book that dive into the deepest core of a woman’s heart.

By exploring their desires, and requirements they reveal the correct way to understand their strength and true beauty. To all the women who are willing to explore their true nature, gift from God, it’s a must read for you.

The book inspires us to connect to God, develop a strong connection, and know their true strength and power. In addition the book helps strengthen relationships with God so it’s one of the recommended Christian Books for Women to study and know themselves.

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2- “The Best Yes” by Lysa TerKeurst

Getting lost, feeling overwhelmed or tired is one of the most common emotions of the maximum females around the world. In addition, these days social media sucks more than household and professional time.

This is what life is and it demands more than we are willing to perform. The book “The best Yes” helps to make accurate decisions, set required boundaries and so on. The author guides the females using biblical wisdom.

While reading this book, unlike me, you will get my insight about managing your time and energy while growing spiritually. In order to have peace, strength and a fulfilling life, it’s one of the must read Christian Books for Women.

3- “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp

If you want to transform your life using God’s guidance this book is for you. The book is written by Ann Voskamp who has her own unique way to manifest everything using emotions called gratitude.

In this book the author, using her poetic phrase, shares her personal experience of how she discovered her true gift in the middle of the worst days. The book is an inspiration and guide to invite happiness in life by simply being grateful.

Truely, by simply counting your blessings, anyone can attract the happiness the heart desires. In other words, I can say this book is a guide to recognize God’s gift, and express your gratitude to God.

The book is not only useful for material gain but spiritual growth as well. If you, too, desire to have both, this is one of the recommended Christian Books for Women to read this year.

4- “Women of the Word” by Jen Wilkin

As the title of the book itself is empowering and powerful, so does the content within it. In this inspiring book, author Jen Wilkin shares every essential need that a woman needs to understand the bible deeply.

The book is a practical guide that helps develop discipline and study the bible with full focus. I believe if you have these two things while reading the Bible, all God’s wisdom will be there for you.

By including many insightful scripture in this book, the author shares ideas to transform life in the most spiritual way. If you desire to nourish your life with knowledge, wisdom and enhanced relationship with God this book is for you.

In my opinion the right way to live life is the spiritual way, by being connected to God so, it’s my favorite Christian Books for Women you must explore once.

5- “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers

If you are not into non fiction or reading directly the message, this book is for you. It’s a novel filled with messages hidden within the story written by Francince Rivers. Based on the biblical story of Hosea the book shares a story of a Godly woman. 

Angel, the lead woman of this novel, through her struggling journey connects us all to herself. The book is a great reminder of God’s love, unconditional that heals in no time with no conditions.

If you love reading stories based on love , heartbreak and healing, this one is definitely for you. I loved the story as I believe in God’s love in all circumstances, even when we are not aware about it.

Diving deep into God’s love, exploring yourself and fitting yourself within that is next level excitement. If You think you can allow God to be around you, this one of the Christian Books for Women you must read for your spiritual growth.

6- “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis

As the name suggests, this book is pure work dicing deeper into Christian faith and lifestyle based on it. If you are a woman of faith and have blind faith in the Biblical teaching this one will lift you up.

However, there is no mention that this one is focused on women, but if you are into spirituality, I believe you must read it. I think when it comes to Faith, God, and his principles, gender has no place there.

Using some fundamental questions about God, faith, morality and other ethics, the author connects to the core of the spirit. I find it a very effective and powerful way to explore your core and the level of attachment to God.

Every woman on this planet is God’s creation full of many emotions that need to be invested in the right direction. Therefore I added this book to the list of Christian Books for Women.

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7- “Becoming Myself” by Stasi Eldredge

If you are someone walking on your own journey and looking for more profound guidelines, this book is for you. Although I believe all of the spiritual books are for those who desire to transform themself, this one is special.

The author shares her own experiences with the divine and the guideline by the holy Bible which is inspiring. Diving into it will help you to identify the wound, heal them and move forward with complete faith in God.

The book basically focuses on inspiring women to get over the challenges they have been living with. By letting them go you will heal, live your true self and enhance your relationship with God as well.

As I mentioned the current citation every woman is going through, this book is an answer to all of them. It’s one of the most authentic, effective and guiding Christian Books for Women.

Final Words: Reading is one of the most powerful ways to invite change in the direction you want. After my experiences with all of my reading, I found that sharing it with others is one of the kindest acts one can do to others.

If you found this book guiding and informative, let me know in the comment box and share it with at least two people. Let them follow you and by doing that transform themselves.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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