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Believe it or not, everyone, including you, is blessed with a unique ability that no one else has. In this article you will learn about List of Spiritual Gifts mentioned in the Bible along with its meaning.

Everyone is gifted but many of them don’t even know what God’s gift you have. Knowing about your gift will help and guide you to walk in the right path and use your gift wisely.

Once you recognize the List of Spiritual Gifts you are blessed, you can be something that you desire deep in your spirit. Connecting to your true self clears all the confusion and takes you to the path you are meant for.

Let’s dive into the list spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible, along with brief descriptions.

List of Spiritual Gifts in The Bible

1- Management

The first and foremost spiritual gift is the skill of managing this , people and events. When it comes to life, it’s crucial to have insight about having the skill and strength to do administration responsibility.

This gift is not only helpful in God’s services but it’s necessary for life as well. Lack of this skill or you may say gift means having a life that might look messy and imbalance.

If you are easy going and capable of doing admin work perfectly, it’s a gift of God to you. You must use it to enhance your service and be a part of the Godly family by taking related responsibility.

The main reason behind putting management on top of the List of Spiritual Gifts is that without it things become more challenging.

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2- Apostleship

If you have strength and courage to gather people, guide them and make them listen to you, it’s your gift. In order to use it for the benefits of the world, you need to come forward and use it to spread God’s word.

If you find yourself in the center of groups and have impact on other beliefs, you have the capacity to start new churches or ministries. As they say people leaders are not born, if you have skill to affect other people’s thoughts, you are a born leader.

All you need to do is furnish and discipline it to do something bigger, follow God’s plan for your life. It’s one of the reasons, its second skill in the List of Spiritual Gifts mentioned in the bible.

3- Craftsmanship

Things become more effective and result oriented if you can use your crafting skill and design it differently. In the modern era, everyone has become logical and connected to things that match their level of understanding.

Therefore, If you have got that skill naturally, it’s your spiritual gift, God wants you to use and help create a better world. Those who are gifted with crafting skills can create things, graphics and design something that others can relate to.

Using your spiritual gift to spread love, light and God’s wisdom is the greatest thing you will do on this planet.

4- Discernment

Having an insight to understand what’s invisible is another spiritual gift mentioned in the bible. In other words, if you think you have the ability to judge things, even if it’s messy, you are blessed with a gift.

In order to give your best to the world, you must know to recognize truth and false. Not every shiny is diamond so you need to have the vision that truly recognizes the real diamond.

Having the wisdom eye is another gift in the List of Spiritual Gifts mentioned in the Bible. If you have that ability to sense the truth, that’s your special gift.

5- Evangelism

Everyone is a teacher however, those who impact hundreds, thousands or millions of people are truly blessed ones. If your preaching makes an impact on those who listen to you, you are one of those blessed teachers.

In the modern world, it’s challenging to make people understand and accept the Gospel messages easily. If your words make them clear their inner conflict it’s your gift.

6- Exhortation

Another spiritual gift mentioned is exhortation. In other words, if you have the ability to influence people to follow Jesus, you are blessed with a unique gift. If you find it natural to talk about God and people listen to you, that’s it.

It’s your gift and you must use it to enhance people’s belief in Him and follow him to live a better, Godly life.

7- Faith

Having Faith in God is something that can lift you to the level you have never imagined. Faith isn’t just having trust in the existence of God but having a blind faith.

Yes, I call my faith a blind Faith in God because I don’t need any scientific proof of His existance. I know in my Heart that He is there and He will be beside me whenever I need Him.

Faith is another thing in List of Spiritual Gifts mentioned in the Holy Bible. Therefore If you have that faith, you are gifted.

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7- Giving

In the time when nobody feels complete or fulfilled, giving to others seems impossible. However, there are people who still believe that in giving we receive. It’s a gift very few are blessed with.

If you observe their lives closely, they have bigger goals, work hard, but are fully satisfied with whatever they have. Giving to others without expectation, with the feeling of being blessed is in the List of Spiritual Gifts mentioned in the Bible.


Being a Healer I can connect to some of these gifts as Every morning I feel I get another chance to share my gift with the world. Today, everyone is hurting inside, even though they are strong enough to now show on their faces.

If you are someone who can connect to other pain, help them heal with God’s teaching, sharing your healing vibe, you are supremely blessed. You may enhance this gift and help others to heal their physical, emotional, or spiritual health.

9- Helps

Do you genuinely feel like helping those who are in need, even though you are not capable of helping them? Believe me, God has made you do it so you need to enhance your life and do what your heart demands.

Having a desire to help needy people will lead you to become eligible to do so. Accept your gift, strengthen yourself and take a step towards, assisting, supporting and guiding those who are in need of the same.

10- Hospitality

If you are natural to host people and make them feel welcomed, valueable and comfortable you are blessed with the gift called hospitality. In service, everyone likes to be treated well and personal attention adds more generasity.

Hospitality is in the List of Spiritual Gifts mentioned in the bible as it plays a crucial role in service and spreading God’s words. Be it in the church, home or any event if you can make other people welcoming and valuable, you are gifted.


Power without understanding where to use is useless. On the other hand Knowledge itself is power. Knowing spiritual wisdom, on some day, can give you much power to control your life naturally.

12- Leadership

Being knowledgeable means you must share it with the world and spread awareness about living above material life. In order to do that you need skill to lead.

Leadership is another gift of God can be seen in the List of Spiritual Gifts mentioned in The Bible. If you have leadership qualities you will make people follow Jesus’ path together.

13- Mercy

Having compassion for those who are weaker than you and forgiving those who hurt you repeatedly is a gift of God, not everyone has it. Having the feeling of Mercy is a God’s gift that gives you power to heal those who are suffering from guilt and previous mistakes.

14- Miracles

Having power to do things the world believes is miraculous is a gift. If you are able to do something supernatural, it’s clear that you are gifted. Working with energy and other natural things that make changes in other people’s life is a power you are gifted with.

15- Prophecy

The ability to connect with other people living far away from you and connect to God is a gift. In other words, if you feel you are a messenger of God, you are closer to God, you are gifted.

Prophecy is another gift mentioned in the List of Spiritual Gifts.

16- Shepherding

Being someone who provides spiritual care, being available to those who are looking for spiritual guidance is also a God’s gift. People around the world are looking for someone who can guide and connect them to God, if you are the one, know you are gifted.

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17- Speaking in Tongues

Having the ability in your tongue is a gift that allows you to speak other languages you have never learned in this life. Having such power in your spirit is a blessing to the people living around you.

Speaking in tongues gives you a wide opportunity to spread God’s words.

Final Words: These are the List of Spiritual Gifts mentioned in the bible. Apart from these, if you have a positive skill not mentioned here that makes you unique from others, it’s your gift from God.

I hope this article helps you recognize your gift and help you enhance your skill and use it for services. If you found this article Helpful, like, comment and share it with those who might be looking for it.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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