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What Does The Bible Say About Greed and Selfishness | 10 Signs of Greed | 20 Consequences of Greed | Types of Greed in The Bible

Desire is an emotion that makes a man aggressively active towards fulfilling it. On the other hand, over-desiring can make a person greedy and selfish. If not controlled, the man can do wrong just to fill his greedy desires.

Greed and selfishness, both are characteristics that have been there since the beginning of life. Greed is the desire of having all the wealth, power and selfishness make it worse by making a person focused on only his own happiness and fulfillment.

Desiring for material possession is not wrong, but in the pursuit of your own desire forgetting about right and wrong is not a good charactarstic. Mistreating other fellows and harming society can make a person heartless, greedy and selfish.

In this article I will share all the guidance the Bible has provided us about greed and selfishness. The teaching guides us to understand the thin line between ethical and unethical things.

Bible Verses About Greed and Selfishness

“For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.” (1 Timothy 6:10)

What Does The Bible Say About Greed

First and foremost the root cause behind greed is money as in the time of today it has become not less than oxygen. In order to make even just a simple living one needs money. However, some people have become too blind that they do unethical things to fill their bank balance.

“Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” (Philippians 2:3-4)

What Does The Bible Say About Greed

The best part of Bible teaching, I feel, is the awareness that when you think and care about others, God takes care of you. Act towards pursuit of your needs, dreams, goals but make sure not to hurt the society or any other person.

“Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)

When you think about others, work to fulfill your desires and allow God to guide you things organically falls into place. In addition you become free from greed and selfishness because God rewards according to your faith and hard work.

Reading such powerful and deep bible verses clearly says that greed and selfishness are negative qualities. It can lead a person to harmful behavior which is opposite to God’s will. God’s will is to have desire and goals, work hard to fulfill but think about contributing good to the society at the same time.

While you are looking for an answer to “What Does The Bible Say About Greed” it’s crucial to know the various types of greed. According to the Bible there are some specific human behaviors which are signs of greed.

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Types of Greed in The Bible

1- Greed for Money

The bible verse 1 Timothy 6:10 says that over love of money can lead you away from God . When you go away from Godllywood, you get into a trap of greed and selfishness without any efforts.

It takes a man to do unethical things, things that are harmful for society. Money is essential for life but having it at the cost of someone’s else’s happiness or wellness is evil.

2- Greed for Power

Today, everyone is seeking power as the world is being operated by a small circle of powerful people. At Least that’s what a common person thinks when they look at one side of the picture. According to Verse Mark 10:42-45 seeking power to rule over others is a type of greed.

The time is gone when people needed a king to guide and make them disciplined. It’s time where everyone has the right to learn, be self disciplined and do the right things. Having power sometimes makes a person greedy, selfish and goes against God’s will.

3- Greed for Food or Drink

Food and water is the basic need of a man however, some of the people go so blind and store things while others are starving. On the other hand some of the people have a habit of overeating or over drinking.

According to Proverbs 23:20-21, over consumption or collection is a type of greed , one must avoid in life. Keep in mind, how during covid time everything was rationing to fill everyone’s needs.

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4- Greed for Attention

In the time of social media and modernity, seeking attention and praise from other people has become common. According to Philippians 2:3-4 seeking attention is also a type of greed one must avoid.

Even if desiring secretly is a harmful characteristic, someday it can take all of your peace and happiness. DO things you like, be the way you want to be but don’t seek attention from people but only God.

5- Greed for Knowledge

Surprisingly, having a deep desire for knowledge can lead a person to greed and selfishness. The story of Adam and Eve mentioned in Genesis 3:1-6 indicated that too much temptation by knowledge can develop greed.

Seek knowledge but make sure to be in the limit and not go against God’s will and gain it.

These were some of the types of greed mentioned in the bible. If I miss anything, let me know in the comment box, I will include your suggestion by updating this article.

Excessive desires and too much expectations for yourself indirectly distract you and take you to the path of greed. After knowing about “What Does The Bible Say About Greed ” lets see some of the common signs that indicate the person is in the trap of greed and selfishness.

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10 Signs of Greed in The Bible 

What Does The Bible Say About Greed

1- Hoarding

One of the very basic signs of a greedy person is that they are always looking to have more even when there is no need for it. Such desires that are unnecessary is a sign of greed.

2- Selfishness

Being selfish and not thinking about other people is another sign of someone trapped into the negative feeling, Greed. For selfish people their own desires come first, even if it takes others’ well being away.

3- Discontentment

A person who is greedy never feels satisfaction in their heart and mind. Their mind is trapped into dissatisfaction and they keep wanting more and more.

4- Envy

A greedy person might feel jealous of those who have more than them. Their jealousy makes them desire more and have more than others have. The desire of wealth and material comparison is one of the signs of greed.

5- Obsessive Thoughts

Greed is such a negative emotion that id blind a persona and leave them only thinking about owning more material things. They might constantly think about having more than others in their circle.

6- Stinginess

A person who is filled with greed is never willing to help others, at least not with genuine emotions. They might give once someone asks but in return they definitely want something that’s more valuable than their help.

7- Deception

The person who is greedy will go to any extent to fill their greed, they can lie, cheat or not care even for their own family. Such possession of greed can make them do anything to acquire what they want.

8- Exploitation

A greedy person never hesitates using someone else for their own benefits. They may take advantage of others to fill their greed, increase their own wealth and for better status in the society.

9- Anxiety

A greedy person always feels stressed if they don’t get what they want. Acquiring more money and increasing their own status is what makes them happy and satisfied. If they fail in their efforts they are heavily affected by anxiety.

10- Lack of Gratitude

A greedy person never gets a sense of gratitude as they constantly think about making more and more, even if it’s not needed. They don’t find anything to be thankful for because they think they are one who is doing everything.

These are some of the signs I got when I was searching for the answer to What Does The Bible Say About Greed. There might be more if we observe human behavior closely. Let’s find out what are some of the consequences of greed.

20 Consequences of Greed

1- Deteriorating Relationships

The person who is full of greed and selfishness always damages their relationships. Even if they have some, they lose because of their selfish behavior and greedy desires. In other words, they themselves damage their relationships.

2- Financial Instability

Greedy people often make wrong decisions in order to have more and this behavior leads them to financial instability. The feeling of acquiring more makes them take risky decisions and do risky investments which often make them lose their money, sometimes empty their entire wallet.

3- Moral Decay

Due to their greedy desires they lack morals in life which is crucial for someone like us humans. The greed may convince them to go against their morals and cheat, steal or lie to possess more material things or status.

4- Legal Trouble

One of the most common results of doing unethical things and owning more is you getting into legal trouble, Sometimes, without any reason. In addition greed may lead to illegal activities, such as fraud, or insider trading and so on.

Its crucial for a person to know What Does The Bible Say About Greed and selfishness to stay out of any legal trouble. 

5- Anxiety and Stress

No doubt that greed or selfishness may make a person more anxious and stressed out if they don’t get what they want. Such negative feelings always attract mental issues in lack of possession.

6- Dissatisfaction

A greedy person who is never satisfied, it’s another reason for them to be unhappy. Dissatisfaction is another result of having greed or selfishness in heart.

7- Loneliness

Greed or selfishness often make a person feel lonely as a human being is a social animal. If they don’t find a connection loneliness comes in. Lack of care for other people disconnected a greedy one to others and they become alone even in their own family.

8- Addiction

Addiction is one of the most horrifying habits one can have and greed may lead a person to addition. Having too much desire and the rush to have them can make a person addicted which is an unhealthy behavior.

9- Loss of Perspective

A greedy person often loses their perspective towards other areas of life. Other areas such as personal relationships, friendships, spiritual connections or other personal growth can be seen absent from their life.

10- Erosion of Trust

Greed is one of the most common reasons behind business or family disputes. Two people can lose faith and interest in each other when one of them is greedy. Greed is one of the strongest and worst emotions that damage everything.

11- Environmental Damage

Greed can lead a person to do things that are harmful to the environment or society. Sometimes it forces people to go overfishing or deforestation, in the pursuit of profit.

Know What Does The Bible Say About Greed and Curruption and its outcome, it helps walking on the right path. 

12- Exploitation of Workers

A greedy person always thinks about their benefits even if it costs their employees funds or other persons loss. If a corporate CEO becomes greedy it can damage his own industry and make them unhealthy for corporations in the long term.

13- Inequality

Greed also can make people lose their confidence in themselves as some of the people can grow easily and others don’t. It’s not necessary that every greedy person grows positively. Income issues can arise due to greed and selfishness.

14- Social Unrest

People might not say on the front but they don’t like greedy and selfish people. No matter how good you try to be with them, once they experience anything greedy in you, they will make sure to stay far from you. Therefore, losing others’ trust can be the result of greed.

15- Spiritual Emptiness

Greed is an emotion which is the outcome of spiritual wisdom. Spiritual activities or connections make a person fulfill, even when they lack. On the other hand, a greedy person, no matter how much he is fulfilled, there might be an emptiness due to no spiritual connections.

16- Loss of Reputation

Undoubtedly, greed and selfishness is one of the reasons people do not have a good connection or reputation in the society. If you understood What Does The Bible Say About Greed and Selfishness, you will understand how harmful, greed can be.

17- Health Problems

A greedy person might hurt other people while gaining wealth or in pursuit of their desires. They don’t receive blessings from other people. In addition, their own anxiety and stress definitely can cause them multiple health issues.

18- Lack of Empathy

Greed is an emotion that sucks all the humanity, empathy and kindness of a person and makes them cruel. Lack of these simple but powerful emotions they become distant from others and contribute nothing to the world.

19- Diminished Creativity

A greedy person is always focused on gaining more and more wealth. During this process they lose all the other creativity of the mind which makes life colorful. Lack of creativity also means no fun in life.

20- Spiritual Consequences

Last but not the least, Greed, selfishness or a corrupt mind can not gain any spiritual power or blessing. Due to their selfish feelings they can be disconnected to God or any natural power. In the end, spiritual connection is required to live a peaceful life.

In the bible geed is considered as sin or a powerful negative emotion that can ruin a person’s life. These are some of the punishments for greed in the bible. All of the consequences can take away all the social reputation and family love and affection from a person.

Final Words: Knowing all the consequences and negative results of greed and selfishness is something that keeps a wise man dedicated to God. Sometimes it is confusing to know the right and wrong, but having God beside you always protects you from doing anything wrong.

Negative emotions like greed and selfishness can make you rich with money but can take away all the peace, health and happiness. If you find this article helpful and guiding. Let me know in the comment box and share with someone who might need to read it.

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