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Spiritual Signs You are on The Right Path | Signs From God You Are on The Right Path | Signs You are Following Your Destiny

Life is a journey that needs to be explored and meaningful and fulfilling as well. Often while traveling this path people get confused where the path is right or wrong. If you are one of them, You will find some of the signs in the article that will confirm you are walking on the right trail.

Walking on the right path includes living a life that matches your inner belief system, core values and should feel authentic. In addition, when you take a step to explore your inner world, it should be giving you purpose and satisfaction as well.

As you walk on the spiritual path, remember this path is most difficult and exciting because it’s all about grooming yourself inside out. It involves efforts to eliminate habits you don’t like, adopt which you like, have patience and accept what’s not in your control.

Sometimes you lose things you love the most and gain things you never expected. In this article I will share 7 uncomfortable Spiritual Signs You are on The Right Path. It will comfort and ease you when you realize that it’s the way every spiritual being has been walked on.

7 Uncomfortable Signs You are on The Right Spiritual Path

Before we begin I want to clarify that spiritual journey is all about cleansing the inside clutter, healing and redesigning your life. So the meaning of “Right Path” can be sometimes different for everyone.

Therefore, while reading this article, connect to your life, evaluate and then decide if it’s right for you or not. However, I will share it in detail so that you can easily analyze yourself.

1- Discomfort and Challenge

The most uncomfortable and challenging path of life is the path of spiritual enhancement. At the same time, if someone can dare to keep walking, the rewards are life changing. The reason behind all the discomfort and pain is walking on the path made of truth.

As you can see today, the world is filled with all the evils and people who lack spiritual qualities. When you’re surrounded by such people, being part of them is easy and comforting. However, if someone doesn’t desire to be part of them, being unique is always painful.

The worst part of being on a spiritual path is facing your own demons and trying to let them go with whom you have been willing to date. Own demons such as ego, fears, and jealousy start going away from you and in the beginning it’s scary.

One of the first Spiritual Signs You are on The Right Path is that you feel changes in your own self in many ways, we will discuss the future. Remember, The change which makes you uncomfortable is always for betterment.

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2- Sense of Disconnection Old Ways of Life

As you move forward on the path of spirituality, you feel you are leaving your old self behind which might not feel so good. It’s not easy to leave old habits, behavior, beliefs, sometimes people you used to feel better with.

The disconnection from old life may scare you as you were addicted to those. If it’s happening with you, remember, it’s all the cleansing process and universe intent best for you. Therefore, make peace with the feeling of disconnection and keep walking.

Old ways of life were not fulfilling or something was lacking, for sure. Life has a better plan for you so it’s leveling your system up. Sense of disconnection with everything from the past is one of the common Spiritual Signs You are on The Right Path.

The disconnection might create an emptiness loneliness in you so you need to follow any spiritual teaching that might feel related to your core. It’s crucial to fill the empty portion with something better you haven’t learned yet.

3- Struggle with Uncertainty and Ambiguity

Spiritual path is the only way to clear your past, unresolved karma while being conscious. When your level of consciousness starts growing, you sense everything happening in your body and out in the world.

The more mystic and exciting it feels while reading, the more discomforting it is when it happens with you. You keep experiencing uncertainty and your mind opens up for new things. Although it gains strength to accept everything yet it’s challenging to process.

You might question everything you know, feel and experience and evaluate your life which is normal. It’s normal and crucial because your mind expands and becomes capable of analyzing your own self.

Experiencing unsettling and disorienting things is one of the other common Spiritual Signs You are on The Right Path. Keep in mind that with time you will grow and make peace with all these uncomfortable feelings.

4- Criticism and Judgment from Others

One of the hard truths some people are still unable to accept is that earth is awakening. Those who are lucky enough sense the change in time and try to change themselves as well. On the other hand some people still find it funny to know the truth.

The worst part about it is that they are none other than your family friends or near and dear ones. They might laugh at you and make you feel insane about your practice, but you need to have faith in your journey.

These are people who are not meant to walk with you so let them do their part, keep calm and keep moving. So, if you are facing criticism, judgment and negative comments from people, it’s one of the Spiritual Signs You are on The Right Path.

These comments and people make you learn patience and avoid those who are not supportive.

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5- Sense of Detachment from Material Desires

Spiritual Signs You are on The Right Path

Spiritual path is for overall development where material things or desires come last. When Detachments start happening it not only makes you distant from negative things, toxic people but material desires as well.

Material things that might feel essential to you before, might not have the same value while growing spiritually. You learn to prioritize things where your inner development comes and outer things at the end.

Therefore if you are losing interest in man made things and desires, it’s one of the Spiritual Signs You are on The Right Path. Spiritual path, first unburdens you from the worldly things and then prepares you for higher purpose.

6- Confront Own Flaws and Shortcomings

One of the most uncomfortable things people experience on the spiritual journey is self realization. The realization makes you analyze your own flaws and shortcomings, which is super uncomfortable.

If you don’t learn to deal with such understanding and rising emotion, it can take a shape of guilt. Understanding our actions is the good part but remember no one is always right but no one is always wrong as well.

Growing awareness can shorten the process of studying things and you can reach the result instantly. It can be exciting, thrilling, humbling at the same time uncomfortable. If you are able to confront your own flaws and shortcomings, it’s one of the Spiritual Signs You are on The Right Path.

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7- Deep Sense of Purpose and Meaning

Last but not the last symptom of you being on the right path is you get a sense of being a part of a greater cause. When you break the barrier of limited life, people and cause, you understand that you are part of this limitless universe and are here to something great.

Knowing that you are here for a greater purpose might give you a sense of deep peace while your mind can create conflict comparing your past life. One of the Spiritual Signs You are on The Right Path is realizing your value and working on making yourself more worthy.

Despite the discomfort and challenges, It’s one of the most powerful feelings that might make you keep going and wait until the next event unfolding.


1- How do I know if my manifestation is coming true?

First and foremost I want to tell you that if you are working for something to manifest any of your desires, keep doing it. I always recommend to keep practicing because someday, you will surely manifest.

If you are looking for signs of your manifestation coming true then here is the main sign. Before your manifestation becomes your reality, you strongly feel it in your heart and experience immense joy.

You might experience some guidance from the universe, angles or your own subconscious before you manifest your desires.

2- Are synchronicities signs you are on the right path?

If you are still not convinced that you are walking in the right direction of life, know that the Universe itself confirms you. Co-incidents are not random, know that it’s all a sign that aligns your mind, heart and spirit along with the path as well.

Final Words: As you might have understood that there is no wrong and right path, it’s the journey which can be different from other people. The destination of the spiritual journey is the same, so keep walking, practice ethics and grow yourself.

Un comfortability is also a sign of moving out of your comfort zone and doing something that will give you great results. The only suggestion I will give you here is to have someone to guide you from time to time in person.

If you found this article helpful and guiding, do let me know in the comment box and share it with someone who might benefit from it. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page for more informative articles like “Spiritual Signs You are on The Right Path” for instant access in the future.

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