7 keys to effective prayer

7 Keys to Effective Prayer | Seven Keys to an Effective Prayer Life

7 Keys to Effective Prayer | Seven Keys to an Effective Prayer Life

Prayer is one of the most powerful acts to attract health, wealth and happiness in life. It’s the only way that can do miracles and transform you or your life in the most unexpected way. You may use this one tool to design the way you want your life to be.

In my experience, prayer can be life changing if done in the right manner. Yes, you may use any language to anyplace but there are certain keys that make your prayer effective. In addition, you may enhance your prayer and relationship with God to the next level.

Be it inner peace, Emotional, mental health, power or wealth, prayer can be your only true act that can give you everything. While there is no certain or confirmed “right way” to make your prayer reach to God, there are some keys that can help you make God hear your prayer instantly or in less time.

In this article I will share 7 Keys to Effective Prayer that can help you attract a life you have planned for yourself and your family.

7 Keys to Effective Prayer

1- Have Full Faith

7 keys to effective prayer

Prayer is just repeated words if it doesn’t include your faith. Your faith is the deepest emotion you carry in your heart and mind. Before praying, make sure you have your complete faith in the existence of God and prayers.

If you want your prayer to work in real life, Admit your faith towards God and His Will. Follow everything He asks for in your day to day life. It’s a way to enhance your faith and show your commitment to God.

If you do it, know that your prayer is already in the manifestation process and keep moving forward. In order to make your prayer effective, Keep saying the same prayer, keep moving with action towards it and have faith in God.

Showing your complete faith and serendipity is the first key of 7 Keys to Effective Prayer. Your faith and trust alone is enough to make God hear you and work on your life.

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2- Stay Focus

Disturbing circumstances often take away all the peace and mental stabilities. Challenges are powerful to the human mind but There is more power hidden within the human mind. Make sure to stay focused and activate your source of power.

In order to make your prayer show its power, use single prayer every time and every day you pray. Keep your focus on one prayer at a time. You focus clears your intention and allows God to work on your intention immediately.

Avoiding distraction is another key of 7 Keys to Effective Prayer and manifestation. Also, having a strong focus in the present moment while asking God to work for you helps relax your mind and not stress and mix your desire with negative emotions.

Keeping focus aligned with your prayer is one of the most powerful ways to get answers to your prayers.

3- Stay Humble and Be Thankful

Challenges make the mind vulnerable and slave to their mind which can be damaging to purity of heart as well. You might get trapped into negative emotions such as ego. Make sure to cleanse yourself everyday and express gratitude for everything you have.

Just like people do more once they hear words of appreciation, universe, energy or God works in the same way. While working on making your prayer more effective, count your blessings and say “Thank You” for everything you feel as blessings.

Let your prayer start with thanksgiving and time to invest in expressing your heart, emotions to God. Thankfulness opens your heart, mind and increases the power of your prayer words. In addition, such action makes you more humble which is an essential quality to receive God’s blessings.

Therefore Gratitude is one of the 7 Keys to Effective Prayer and going closer to God.

4- Be Constant in Your Prayer

If you want to make your prayer most effective, make it a ritual that never breaks. Make a plan to fix time and place to work and consider it an unbreakable ritual. When you discipline yourself, even while praying things manifest.

There are some popular periods of time which are considered the manifestation time. So either decide a prayer to be offered for a significant time period or everyday for a significant time duration.

It will not only discipline your mind, make your prayer effective but lead you to live a life God has planned for you. Be consistent and leave everything upon God’s will. He has the best thing and life to offer you so have faith.

Being regular and focused is one of the necessary 7 Keys to Effective Prayer.

5- Surrender Yourself

In order to make your prayers effective, the feeling of total surrender is crucial. When you surrender yourself to the higher power, He himself takes the responsibility to make your life heaven.

While writing this article, I have decided to surrender myself to the One Father, although I have various experiences with Him. Yet, This time I am practically going to devote myself and see what happens.

I am confident that things are going to change for me in the most mystical ways. Leveling up your life is only in God’s hand so why not to surrender. This one feeling or decision can make everything possible.

Let go of all the attachment and attach yourself to the Divine God and wait for things to happen. Being totally surrendered is one of the 7 Keys to Effective Prayer.

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6- Practice Forgiveness

7 keys to effective prayer

Forgiveness plays an important role in effective prayers. As we all know when prayers come from the bottom of hearts, it forceful. Holding grudges or hurting inside is blocked so in order to clean your heart, forgiveness is essential.

When you release all the negative emotions, your prayer becomes pure and purity is power. Either you hurt someone or someone else hurt you, let it all go. Ask for forgiveness through prayer or forgive others with the same process.

In fact forgiveness should be part of your daily prayers as we don’t know who is getting hurt by our actions, knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore forgiveness is one of the crucial keys of 7 Keys to Effective Prayer.

7- Contribute in Services

Serving others generates more powerful energy, cleanses your hearts and expands your mind to humanity and the world. Get involved in the community who is devoted to help the needy ones and needs volunteers.

Make sure you do it without any expectations in return as service needs to be done by heart and not by mind. When serving others, pour your heart, it will make your true emotions powerful and emotions play a crucial role in prayer.

Contribute as much as you can so that you feel closer to God which is a way to make your prayer effective. Therefore serving others is one of the 7 Keys to Effective Prayer.


1- What are the 4 rules of prayer?

The “four rules of prayer” may be different for different religions, or spiritual communities. Based on my experience, I would like to share some common principles or guidelines that are often associated with prayer in various traditions.

  • 1-Reverence and focus
  • 2- Sincerity and intention
  • 3- Faith and trust
  • 4- Persistence and patience

Final Words: I hope this article will help strengthen your faith and prayer practices.

Prayers, sometimes, check our patience during storms so never lose hope in your trust. Allow God to be sure about your sincerity and work for you in the best way.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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