7 Ways to Hear God's Voice

7 Ways to Hear God’s Voice | 7 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

Do you want to get God’s guidance in everything you do? Or simply want God to answer your prayers Instantly? You have reached to the right article, here you will learn 7 ways to hear God’s voice in a clear and loud way.

There are people who still find it hard to believe that God directly connects to His children. You, looking for ways to listen to His advice by yourself, means you know He does talk to you.

In order to have direct conversation with God, all His children need is to develop a strong relationship with Him. When you have a strong bond with someone, you don’t need a mediator to pass your message. Am I right?

In this article I will share those 7 ways to hear God’s voice that helped me in the past. Therefore I have a strong faith that it will show you how to hear God’s voice directly. Before we proceed, let’s know what does the bible say about hearing god’s voice.

Bible Verses About Hearing God’s Voice 

Isaiah 30:21, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.”

First and foremost, I would like to make it clear that it’s not fantasy that God communicates with those who desire it. Reading these Bible verses from years back, I realized that it’s possible to make Him our guide.

Reading Bible verses have been my inspiration, especially when it comes to building my personal relationship with God. These 7 ways to hear God’s voice, I learned by diving deeper into its meaning.

Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

Can you feel the deeper meaning of these lines? Those who have faith in Him and ask Him to lead their ways, He answers in the best way. Let’s explore those 7 ways to hear God’s voice that helped me do so.

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7 Ways to Hear God’s Voice

1- Practice Silence

First and foremost, let me ask you a question. How do you listen? I mean can you listen while talking? I am sure your answer is no. Therefore in order to Listen God’s voice you need to silence yourself.

When I say silent, I don’t only mean to stop talking, I mean to silence yourself at your mind level. One of the main reasons people miss a lot of things is because they don’t pay attention to listening.

When It comes to listening to God’s voice, you need to calm your mind and allow yourself to listen. In order to do that, decide a fixed time and sit in the silence, maybe enjoying birds chirping or watching waterflow.

Before going to silent your mind, Ask God to give you the answer you are looking for or guidance you are seeking. Silence is one of the 7 ways to hear God’s voice clearly in your mind.

2- Daily Prayers

Prayer is one of the most popular and widely used ways to communicate God. Most importantly, people who used prayer to reach out to Him, have experienced miracles.

Praying in the right manner, including your thoughts, queries, emotions altogether make it more effective. It’s one of the 7 ways to hear God’s voice by reaching to Him in very clear and confirmed words.

If you have any request or question, make sure to format it before praying. Being in a clear state is crucial because you might need multiple sessions to get your answer.
Prayers, sometimes, may take time because God also tests your patience.

Be patient, keep calm, stick to your prayer schedule and allow yourself to surrender.

3- Practice Meditation

Meditation has been my way to connect to God after I developed from religion to spirituality. Therefore I can say that Meditation is the most powerful and effective way among all 7 ways to hear God’s voice.

While other meditation involves various objects or breath to focus on, I focus on God Himself. Just being with Him, feeling His warmth, Love and Power around me heals and strengthens.

Meditation might take some time to show its result, however the result will be surely life transforming. Meditation first calms your conscious mind, then connects you to God and makes you eligible to listen to Him in a loud and clear voice.

Meditation has one essential requirement which is studying scriptures on a daily basis. It’s because when meditation clears the clutter from your mind, the empty space needs something.

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4- Bible Study

Here is the easiest way to listen to God. Bible verses have all the answers you require for the lifetime. However it requires your own mind to analyze, not other preachers.

Human mind is capable enough to connect to the Lord, understand His wisdom and act according to His will. When you study the bible on a daily basis, analyze those texts, connect to your life, you develop to the next level of consciousness.

In order to understand the scripture, one needs higher consciousness as it has a lot of hidden meaning. Studying the bible is one of the most accessible 7 ways to hear God’s voice.

If you study the Bible on a regular basis, God will answer you through text or a clear voice in your mind. Most importantly, you will be able to hear Him in the easiest way.

5- Worship and Loving God

By worshiping and loving I mean to develop a relationship like you have with someone you love the most. We all say that God is great and we love Him the most. It’s time for a reality check, do you really love Him the most?

If yes, ask yourself how many hours or minutes you spend being with Him alone and tell everything you experienced throughout the day. This is what you do with your loved ones, right?

Most of you can not claim to spend intimate time with Him. God is a living entity and He also needs your time, emotion and communication. If you can learn to do that, you will be amazed to get all the answers you have been seeking for.

Being with Him, Praising Him, communicating with Him, Dancing with Him develop a next level Bod with Him. God answers those immediately who keep Him closer to themselves. Therefore, Loving Him is one of the 7 ways to hear God’s voice instantly.

6- Connect to Nature

I am confident that you will agree that nature is the most beautiful creation of God. It’s one of the reasons, many places are tagged as God’s own Country or heaven on the earth and so on.

Connecting to God’ s most beautiful creation is one of the 7 ways to hear God’s voice. Take out some time from your busy schedule and spend some time hearing the voice of the sea.

Going to the mountains and hearing the bird’s soothing voice, even waking up early and feeling the cool breeze helps. Most importantly, you can grow plants at home and spend time taking care of them.

In doing so you will feel a change in your state of mind, it gets silent and peaceful. As I suggest at the top, in order to hear God’s voice you need to calm yourself.

7- Connect to Community

Last but not the least, in order to listen to God, be around those who are already connected to Him. The community who talks about God and kindness creates the type of energy which is needed to go closer to Him.

The closer you get to Him the clearer you listen to His guidance of voice. No matter how busy your life is, make sure to attend the community services and get involved willingly.

As they say, in Giving you Receive, so be an active member of the community you feel connected to, it will help you enhance your connection with God. In addition sometimes, God uses some of His other children to pass His message to you so stay open.

So, connecting to God’s other beloved children is one of the 7 ways to hear God’s voice.


1- How can I recognize the voice of God?

First and foremost thing I must tell you that God speaks to you in the most unexpected and mysterious ways, especially when you are not a quiet person. Those who spend a lot of time reading holy books, mediating, He easily connects to them.

One of the best ways to recognize God’s voice is when your core accepts it. The spirit living in you knows the intensity and strength of God. It understands the intimacy between God and itself so your mind accepts without any question or doubt.

2- When silence is powerful?

Well, silence itself is powerful all the time, its of mouth only or of mind. It’s one of the reasons behind the popular quote “silence is Golden”. If you are curious about the right time to use silence for your benefits then it’s the time when your senses give up.

In other words, if you can silence your mind, your senses will be under control, but if you can’t, definitely stay silent when things are not under your control. It’s the time when your silence can be more powerful and give you the best answer.

Final Words: All of the above tips I shared here is my own experience, even today I get my answers in one of the above ways. I believe God has His one way to connect to His children.

Most importantly, He likes connecting in various ways on different occasions so if you want to strengthen your connection with Him and be around Him for the rest of your life, do all of the above activities whenever you get a chance.

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