How to Build Relationships With God

How to Build Relationships With God | 12 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with God

How to Build Relationships With God | 5 Ways to Deepen Your Relationship with God | 12 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with God

Making a relationship or nurturing it for better bond is always a personal choice. Human beings are a spiritual entity who, at some point, need someone to guide or protect them. Yes, we all are gifted with all the power still having a sense of someone protecting us gives the next level of peace.

If you have been seeking the answer to How to Build Relationships With God , this article is for you. Having a relationship with another person makes us human but developing a better bond with God makes us God’s beloved child.

Before I share 12 ways to strengthen your relationship with God, let’s see what the Bible says about building a relationship with God.

Bible Verse about Building Relationship with God

“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.” – James 4:8

How to Build Relationships With God

In the Holt Gita God says, if you can take one step towards me, I will take the rest of the 9 and come to you. God is our Greatest friend, parents, and well wishers. While we keep looking for people to help, He keeps watching and waiting for us to ask Him.

If you can have enough faith to give all of your emotions, mental, physical and financial burden to Him He will take care of everything. Giving your heaviness to him doesn’t mean you feel free and do unrighteous things.

It simply means that you spend time developing a bond with Him, He will take care of everything you find challenging. In the future of this blog you will get many tips about How to Build Relationships With God .

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

Ways to Build Relationships With God

Lets see how to build relationship with God. Here are the 12 ways to strengthen your relationship with God.

1- Pray Regularly

Prayer is one of the easiest and effective ways to develop a personal relationship with God. All you need to do is speak out your heart instead of following some prayer script. You may take guidance from prayer scripts if don’t have anyone ready for yourself.

Whatever you are grateful for, whomever you want to be with or leave, whatever you want to achieve, create a different script for each and talk to God. Sit alone in your peace and let your heart out with Him.

In general People pray twice in a day so think how fast you can develop a personal relationship with God. He is Father and allowing your father to take care of you is How to Build Relationships With God.

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2- Read the Bible

The holy books are not just a bunch of text to guide you or learn about God and His will. It’s a way to Know God deeply, understand how He works and spend time with Him. While reading the Bible, tell your mind that you are going to listen What God has told in the Bible.

When you change your intention before studying the Bible, the meaning of every verse becomes deeper and easily accessible to you. It strengthens you and gives you courage to follow everything God has offered you through the bible.

Bible study will help you reflect, cleanse, heal, and go closer to God. Therefore studying the Bible regularly is How to Build Relationships With God .

3- Attend Church


Visiting Holy places as much as you can give you relief from your daily life struggle and remind you of God being on your side. Life is a battlefield and the struggle can make you forget that God is watching over you.

Attending church, listening to wiser people, meeting with various minds can open your wisdom and help you understand different dimensions of life. Sometimes, seeing other people’s struggle can make you realize how blessed you are compared to others.

Visiting a place where the Vibe is Godly can easily enhance your faith and the more you talk about God, the more He thinks about you. As you read above, when you go near Him, He comes closer to you.

Therefore visiting holy places like church is How to Build Relationships With God.

4- Participate in a Small Group

Do you know when you talk or think about someone you naturally begin to receive their energy. Instead of talking about your problems, people who make your life more challenging talk about God.

When you talk about people, you start receiving their energy, similarly, when you talk about God you connect to Him. Join or create a small group where you can discuss His grace and wisdom. It’s a very effective way to be social and it’s How to Build Relationships With God .

In addition you contribute to society spiritually and help others develop their faith in God.

5- Volunteer

Spiritual organizations keep working on various methods to spread God’s word and positivity around the city or state. Connecting and being regular help you plan out your day and serve society.

“In giving you Recieve” when you serve society in the name of God, you receive more than you give. Volunteer as much as you can and let your heart and mind surrender in the service of God. The more you do, the more you go closer to Him.

The best part of serving others is that you organically develop a bigger vision of your Existance. The sense of belonging is How to Build Relationships With God, especially a very personal one.

6- Fast Regularly

Regularly doesn’t mean everyday but once in a week is possible for everyone , I believe. Fasting is a way to ground yourself, surrender and develop a personal relationship with God by spending time with Him.

Fasting is recommended by doctors as well because it’s good to cleanse your system which can help you have better health. Have you ever noticed, when you fast, your mind is calm and automatically gravitates towards Spiritual activities?

I am confident your answer is a big “YES” so if you haven’t started yet, decide one day in a week to fast and pray. It’s a simple way to How Build Relationships With God. Fasting also helps discipline your mind and physical system .

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7- Journal about Your Feeling


Do you know in silence you do a lot more than when you speak? When you share your emotions with other people you receive a reaction and their energy. When you write a letter to God or simply express yourself on a paper, you naturally connect to divine.

Whether you are aware or not, when you are alone, not thinking about other people or things, God is there for you. In silence or when you are simply alone, He is listening, protecting and loving you.

Writing is a way to connect to God and develop a very close, divine and personal relationship with Him. Keep a personal diary and write about your emotions, challenges, and sometimes personal things. It’s How to Build Relationships With God and Let him take care of everything you are going through.

8- Meditate with God

Meditation is my way and I can claim that the most effective way to develop a personal relationship with God is “Meditation.” Meditation is the most effective way to calm your mind and if you can connect to God during that silence it’s powerful.

As I mentioned earlier, when you are silent, God reaches out to you naturally. When you consciously choose to spend time in silence with Him and talk about things you want, It’s a divine experience.

If you haven’t experienced His togetherness, Fix a time, place and meditate with Him. When you crave to sit with him, talk to Him, share your life with Him, you allow Him to be involved in your life.

It’s How to Build Relationships With God and spend quality time being away. In addition His presence declutters your life and protects you from evil things.

9- Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is an emotion that opens your heart, the center of your material and spiritual realm. When you start counting your blessings and say Thank You Lord, you cleanse yourself. When you do that, your energy reaches God and pleases Him.

God made us and gave us everything we needed to survive in this world. However many people don’t appreciate what they have which takes them away from God. In order to enhance your personal relationship with God, start your day with gratitude.

The thankfulness fills your heart to higher energy which matches God’s Love and takes you closer to Him. Therefore, Practicing gratitude is How to Build Relationships With God in less time.

10- Seek Guidance

If you are new and in search of seeking God’s Presence in your life, seek guidance from a spiritual teacher. If you feel a connection with the explanation of the teacher, stick to them and continue your learning.

Seeking guidance helps to walk with the right practice, wisdom and saves a lot of time. Be thankful to the teacher, your spiritual Guru, to God and to yourself for making yourself eligible to connect to God.

Even the expert one can get blocked at some point in their journey, so having a teacher is always helpful. Gaining Greater wisdom and information about God is How to Build Relationships With God .

11- Live out Your Faith

Believing in God’s existence, reading his guidance, memorizing Bible verses don’t help unless you practice it. Yes, God loves those who actually practice His teaching in today’s activities. Be in the present moment, help others, be thankful and live a meaningful life.

Everything that you read in your holy book needs to be in your habits. Develop a habit that includes everything you learn in spiritual teachings. Let your faith guide you by following everything God.

No one can be perfect, yet have the intention to be the perfect mirror of God’ beloved child. It’s How to Build Relationships With God and go closer than ever before.

12- Trust God


Building a relationship, even with humans, requires trust, time, love and attention upon each other. The same are essential ingredients in developing relationships with God as well. If you are totally willing to keep God closer to you, put hundred percent trust in Him.

No matter how challenging circumstances you experience, no matter how broken you feel, keep asking God to hold you tight. When you show your dedication, love and trust to Him, He is bound to be there for you.

I have many experiences that you can get tired of hearing so I can say, if you can be so confident to have Him, He is all Yours. Trusting Him completely is How to Build Relationships With God.

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1- How long does it take to build a relationship with god?

Nobody can claim a specific amount of time when it comes to building a new relationship or fixing an old one. However, when it comes to spiritual practices and its results, 21 days or 40 days have a significant result.

There is no specific time mentioned anywhere to develop a relationship with God. It can take a month, a year or sometimes a day to experience His presence around. The time depends upon the person’s purity, intention and past Karma.

Even if You can connect to Him right now, you need to keep practicing activities to enhance your relationship with God. Life is a long journey, with rough and plain patches you may feel close or distant to Him so consider it a lifetime journey.

Unlike other relationships, you need to stay committed, have patience and be willing to invest time, effort and Emotions into it. Therefore, Lifetime commitment is How to Build Relationships With God.

2- Why is it important to have a personal relationship with God?

Well, do you think it’s important to have a good bond and relationship with your parents living in your house? If yes, then there is a spirit living inside you that needs Its father who needs your action and attention both.

If you have heard story about a child and father conversation where the father says, hold my hand during a storm so that I can protect you. The Child replied, “Father, hold my hand so that If I get scared, become weak or leave your hand, you keep protecting me.”

For different people, building relationships might have different meanings. For me, developing and keeping enhancing my relationship with God gives me a sense of belonging to Him, having a greater purpose and living a stress free life.

In addition, He is the one who never gets tired of you, He is always there whenever I need. If you have someone who is that much available for you, you might question the efforts. Otherwise, I ask God to make them feel His presence around Him who have been searching for answers to “How to Build Relationships With God “.

Final Words: I am sure some of the above mentioned practices you already do. All you need to do is make it regular, intense and put your complete faith. Even God can not avoid His child who is regularly working hard to go closer to Him.

In fact, God only wants to have a clear intention and come one step closer, He will pick you in His lap. Although developing a relationship with God is an individual’s choice, I believe it’s a bond everyone must experience once in their lifetime.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed