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What is Spiritual Sickness | Signs of Spiritual Sickness | Types of Spiritual Sickness | How to Cure Spiritual Sickness

Human being is a spiritual person and when there is imbalance in the material and spiritual life, it needs attention. Just like mental, physical and emotional sickness there is a term called spiritual sickness.

When every area of life such as material, emotional and spiritual health is in alignment, a person feels bliss.

When the alignment disturbs, everything goes upside down, sometimes surprising challenges keep coming. If you are going through uninvited challenges, you must read this article. Something might have an imbalance and asking you to balance it.

In this article I will share everything about spiritual health and imbalance. Lets start with the most basic answer to What is Spiritual Sickness? later we will understand in detail about what causes it, what are the signs and how to cure spiritual sickness.

Meaning of  Spiritual Sickness

In order to understand the meaning of spiritual sickness, let’s understand what spiritual health is. Spiritual health is considered above mental, emotional and physical health. In other words, if spiritual health is good all other other health is aligned.

Spiritual health is a higher state of the material world which allows you to deal with all the other material dimensions. When your higher dimension, which is the spiritual dimension, gets disturbed, all the other dimensions get affected negatively.

Therefore, spiritual sickness means the detached feeling from spiritual domination. Often it happens when you don’t care for your spiritual self for a long time. If I have to summarize spiritual sickness in one sentence, I will say “Detachment from your core or deeper self means spiritual sickness.”

I hope you understand What is Spiritual Sickness, let’s see how many types of spiritual sickness there are. Before that Let me share in short the signs of spiritual sickness. In other words, let’s see What are signs of spiritual sickness?

Signs of Spiritual Sickness

  1. The feeling of having no purpose or detachment from your true purpose means you are spiritually sick.
  2. Sense of disconnection from your true self or feeling no empathy for others is a sign that someone is going through spiritual sickness.
  3. The most common symptom of spiritual sickness is having no interest in practicing any spiritual activities like prayers, meditation or spiritual readings. 
  4. The feeling of darkness in life or unable to see light, any future is a sign of very deep spiritual sickness that needs immediate attention.
  5. Going through challenges in finding your path or feeling lost in life means the person is spiritually sick.
  6. Having no faith, spiritual value or belief, in fact often questioning and laughing at others belief is a sign of spiritual sickness.
  7. Feeling tired of negative circumstances and unable to cope with it is an early sign of spiritual sickness.
  8. Finding it hard to forgive those who hurt you or getting hurt by the incident that happened years ago means your spiritual health is a sign that you need to work on your spiritual health.
  9. Having no kindness, compassion or empathy for another person or creature is a big sign of disturbed spiritual health.
  10. Getting attracted or involved in destructive habits like fighting, alcohol, and other addictive substances are another sign of bad spiritual health.

Knowing What is Spiritual Sickness and its sign can arouse curiosity to heal your spiritual health. We will discuss various ways to take care of spiritual health but before that lets see various types of spiritual health.

Types of Spiritual Sickness

A person can be empathetic but feeling hopeless in their own life. Or having purpose but finding it difficult to walk on the right path. Knowing the type of spiritual sickness will help you to work on the specific practice and health of the specific area of your spiritual life.

1- Spiritual Emptiness

In this type of spiritual sickness a person feels empty from inside. A person is not what he looks outside but what he feels inside. Therefore, the inside feelings, emotions create their outer world.

If you get a sense of having no feeling or emotions inside your heart, mind and belly, you are spiritually sick. It happens because a person is deeply disconnected from their life purpose. In addition it disconnects you from other people and society as well.

2- Spiritual Despair

In this type of spiritual sickness the person feels no hope about their future or life. They might have a goal, a vision but not having strength to fulfill it creates hopelessness in their core. Which ultimately creates imbalance in their material and spiritual world.

If the spiritual health is in balance, you naturally feel high to work upon your goals and do something meaningful. If you are not feeling that excitement in your heart, you need to work out on your inner self.

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3- Spiritual Burnout

In this type of spiritual sickness the person feels like doing things but feels tired all the time. They don’t feel like having energy to do their spiritual practice which they sometimes have to practice or are attracted to do so.

Your energy does not only come from food, but you have a natural God’s gift source of energy that generates when you keep your spiritual health in alignment. Feeling tired or not having energy to practice your daily rituals is a sign of spiritual sickness.

4- Spiritual Crisis

As the word suggests, a crisis in anything is not good at all and can break a person’s core. Lets understand What is Spiritual Sickness especially spiritual crises one. As you know when it comes to spiritual beliefs, there is an ocean of information available.

If you are confused at this time and find yourself struggling to accept other beliefs, you are sick. Judging , questions or not valuing others faith is also a type of spiritual sickness that needs to be taken care of.

5- Spiritual Abuse

Unfortunately, modern time is getting worse and it’s one of the reasons people find it challenging to understand who is right and who is not. If someone has been abused by any religious , spiritual groups, people or seeker, it can damage their faith.

It can not only damage by destroying the person’s full life if not treated on time. In such cases if the person is struggling to regain their faith, it’s a spiritual sickness caused by another person.

6- Spiritual Malaise

Last but not the least type of spiritual sickness is spiritual Malaise. In this sickness a person lacks interest in following any spiritual teaching. IN order to understand What is Spiritual Sickness or Malaise, lets see an example.

If a person is doing well in life but has no enthusiasm for anything, it’s a type of sickness. As I mentioned above, balance in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health is the key to abundant life.

If any aspect is lacking something it’s connected to your spiritual health. If you are still with me and reading this article , I am sure you are now interested in knowing about the cure.

Knowing What is Spiritual Sickness and its type is not enough, you must know how to heal your spiritual self naturally. Let’s explore.

Ways to Cure Spiritual Sickness

First and foremost let me clear one thing, there is no specific time duration for spiritual sickness healing. Its personal journey, the more effort, and Good Karma healing happens faster. So don’t hurry yourself, do your duty let your spiritual being heal.

  1. Spend Some time practicing any spiritual activities like reading any book, doing meditation or learning new healing methods. All of these practices will help you to connect your deeper self and understand the real cause.
  2. If you feel the need, do not hesitate to Seek guidance and support. Find a trusted spiritual teacher and get help. In order to get the best one, make sure you feel connected to your guru and Their teaching.
  3. Take out time to Reflect on values and beliefs you have been practicing since childhood. Sometimes, your inner self doesn’t agree but follows because of fear or in pressure. Once you connect your core and the system you are living in, you will be able to heal yourself.
  4. One of the most avoided areas by most of the people, Practice self-care as much as you can. Engage yourself in something that makes you happy, enhances your confidence and aligns with your inner self.
  5. When looking for spiritual healing it’s crucial to Connect with others. Supportive group of people who have experienced the same struggle can inspire you to keep going and not lose hope.
  6. Every morning, make it a habit to write down everything you have been feeling blessed to have. It’s one the way to remind your inner core that there is always hope and you are grateful for being alive.
  7. Take out some time to forgive those who hurt you and yourself for hurting others. Forgiveness has a power which can not be described in words but can be felt in the heart. Holding grudges or pain makes you heavy which is unhealthy for your spiritual well being.

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Causes of Spiritual Problems

Well, knowing the answer to What is Spiritual Sickness, arises the curiosity to know about the reason behind it. There are many things people experience in their day to day life which can easily cause spiritual sickness. Some of them I will share with you.

  1. Any significant event that touches the person’s core and causes Trauma or loss or any emotions can make people distant from the world.
  2. A negative belief system that a person inherits from their family can also make a person spiritually sick and challenging to accept the truth.
  3. Spiritual abuse can make a person totally detached and impossible to believe in any organization. In addition it can take away the person’s faith about the existence of God.
  4. Lifestyle is one of the reasons behind today’s generation being spiritually sick. IN modern world, people are wasting their time doing unhealthy activities that suck their energy.
  5. There are people who want to grow spiritually but don’t get the right teacher, guide so lack of guidance also can be a reason for spiritual sickness.


1-Is Sin a Spiritual Sickness?

“Sin” is a realization of breaking a rule God created for us to be in the circle and do the right thing. However, there are many spiritual practices that claim to be the solution to those who have done any sin.

Many traditions do believe that Sin is spiritual sickness. If you read every aspect of spiritual sickness along with details answer of What is Spiritual Sickness you will find something interesting.

Disobeying God’s will is also a sickness that made forced you to go against nature’s will. Therefore, Yes, Sin is a type of spiritual sickness and it can be cured by doing some rituals your teacher suggests.

Final Words: I am hoping that everything related to spiritual sickness is now clear to you. For those who were looking for the answer to “What is Spiritual Sickness” but read the full article, I am confident that you are going to make every area of your life flourish.

Performing simple and easy activities everyday for a few minutes can transform your life in millions of ways. All it needs is consistency, faith and courage to keep going. If you found this article helping and informative, share it with someone who might need it.

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