8 Steps to Spiritual Maturity | Steps to Spiritual Growth and Maturity

Being spiritual, in my opinion, is the greatest way to live a meaningful life on this planet. If you are looking for easy and simple 8 Steps to Spiritual Maturity, this article is a roadmap.

Having knowledge in mind but not practicing in the world has no value. Practicing any habits doubles your capacity, where the habit is good or bad. Spiritual habits and principles are something that the world needs in the modern era.

If you are practicing any spiritual exercises like meditation or healing methods, your daily habits play important roles in its growth. If you desire to achieve a certain level of achievement in your spiritual growth some habits are very effective.

In this article I will share top 8 Steps to Spiritual Maturity which will help enhance the power of God’s gifts you already have. Before jumping to those steps, let’s understand what spiritual maturity is and why it’s important to have.

What is Spiritual Maturity?

In order to understand the true meaning of spiritual maturity, it’s crucial to understand the meaning of maturity first. Maturity is a state of understanding where you know what is right for you and accept what’s right for others.

In other words, a level of understanding that allows you to be sure about the deepest desire of your soul. The spiritual being is not the one who only thinks about themselves but considers themselves a part of a bigger purpose for this planet.

Spiritual maturity also means being calm and patience during storms and knowing that everything happens for a reason. Spiritual maturity gives you a sense that everything happens for a good and everyone in your life plays a role in your life for good only.

I assume that now you are aware of the real sense about spiritual maturity and ready to learn the 8 Steps to Spiritual Maturity. Before jumping to the main point allow me to share my thoughts about why it’s crucial to gain spiritual maturity in life.

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Importance of Spiritual Maturity in Life

1- Life becomes really meaningful, enjoyable and worth living when you have a sense of purpose. Spiritual maturity makes you so clear in your mind that you easily can understand your purpose and live to fulfill that.

2- Do you know that the main reason behind all the suffering is emotional imbalance? Having spiritual maturity guides you to connect or disconnect emotionally . Which ultimately protects you from emotional damage and keeps you healthy and happy.

3- If you look around you can see the level of cruelty that is making a bunch of people suffer. Spiritual maturity increases your compassion and empathy towards other beings. The world needs more people who can be an example to others and spread love and kindness.

4- Today, everyone is going through some or other challenges which they feel are the greatest. In the time of challenges, pain and suffering we forget to be grateful for being alive. Life is a gift that needs to be shaped constantly, so spiritual maturity allows you to be grateful for getting a chance to shape your life.

5- Patience which is a power people lack the most. Spiritual maturity allows you to wait for your time and be more adaptable for the things that come in front of you. Lack of patience and acceptance is one of the reasons behind failure of many relationships and businesses.

6- Spiritual maturity gives you clarity about things that you conscious man doest give. It gives you strength and pushes you to make decisions which will be good for you or your future generations.

I hope now you are tempted to know the easiest and simple 8 Steps to Spiritual Maturity. Let’s explore those habits that will help you grow your spiritual wisdom.

8 Steps to Spiritual Maturity and Growth

1- Reflect on Yourself Time to Time

The best way to grow yourself from inside is to take out some time to reflect on yourself before going to bed. In other words, become your own critic. By reflecting upon your day, behavior and response you will be able to choose.

Your spiritual self depends upon your thoughts, emotions and actions in response to those emotions. Make sure you don’t follow all of your emotions as emotions are the root cause of all suffering if not controlled or guided.

You might have been responding in different ways lately, it’s time to choose your action as it’s going to help you become a better person. Therefore, the first and foremost step to 8 Steps to Spiritual Maturity is to keep a record of your emotions, thoughts and actions regularly.

2- Express Gratitude

Your heart is the center of your physical and spiritual words so it needs to nourish on a daily basis. In order to do that you need to fill with the emotions that enhance your positive energy and keep you happy all day.

What can be better exercise for a heart than expressing thankfulness for everything you have in life. Take out some time every morning and either write on a paper or put your palm on your heart and say count everything you feel grateful.

The feeling of Thankfulness is the greatest way to keep your heart healthy, happy and vibrate a higher state. IN addition it helps you attract more of the things you are feeling grateful for.

Second and essential step to 8 Steps to Spiritual Maturity is to keep your heart in balance and grow abundantly in a spiritual way.

3- Practice any Spiritual Exercise

There are many habits that help you overcome stress, anxiety, and even cure depression. Such spiritual activities detach you from worldly challenges and enhance your quality of spiritual life.

Taking some time to either pray, meditate, be mindful, yoga, focus on breathing or practice some self healing method. All of the activities eliminate toxins you have been caring unknowingly for a long time, sometimes many births.

The intention behind these exercises is to connect with your inner self, your core and balance the material and spiritual life. Whatever exercise you choose to practice, make sure to read or listen to something related to it every morning.

Practicing spiritual exercises are one of the additional steps to 8 Steps to Spiritual Maturity that help you blossom.

4- Be Compassionate

When you practice inner cleansing exercises, you become more energetic which needs to be shared at some point. These exercises connect you to higher energy sources and become capable of accessing many things that are mystic to the world.

Now, when you have decided to grow your spiritual self, practice compassion towards life and other people. This one simple action will help you grow rapidly as you start to contribute to the world which is the main purpose of this life.

Practicing compassion towards other creatures develops the understanding of different people, circumstances and perspective. All of this knowledge helps you analyze and adopt the best for your spiritual growth.

Therefore, One of the 8 Steps to Spiritual Maturity is to connect with your other spirits by connecting and showing your compassion towards them.

5- Forgive Quickly

Yes, there are people who deserve forgiveness, but don’t be judgemental. There is a system created by Lord God called Karma, which is going to take care of everyone. Therefore, don’t hold grudges and forgive asap.

Not forgiving others for their mistakes means keeping your heart and mind burdened with others’ mistakes. Whether you release or not, until you forgive them they hold a place in your mind and make your heart feel heavy.

Forgiving others cleanses your system and enhances your creative energy to do more, be more and move on easily. Therefore, one of the crucial steps to 8 Steps to Spiritual Maturity is to keep your mind and heart light by letting go of things and forgive easily.

6- Give Meaning to Your Relationships

By giving meaning I am saying that let your relationship hold a place in others heart. Do things for others selflessly, never expect anything in return and be available when they need you.

Today, everyone is looking for someone genuine to connect so be that one who can be reliable. Connect to those who share the same value as you do and do teamwork to make your service more effective and valuable.

Developing long lasting, trustworthy and meaningful relationships is one of the 8 Steps to Spiritual Maturity that can add color to your spiritual journey.

7- Practice Meditation

Before this point you already read about practicing any spiritual activities. However, meditation, in my opinion, is essential for those who truly, genuinely want to grow spiritually and attain some deeper wisdom.

There are various meditations being practiced around the world but my choice is Raja Yoga, taught by Brahmakumaris. There is no doubt that all of the 8 Steps to Spiritual Maturity works like wonder, but meditation makes them work faster.

Meditation organically slows down your mind’s unnecessary clutter, speed and allows you to relax deeply. The relaxation of your experience by meditating helps you in your service and provides you with enough energy.

In addition, Rajyoga gives you a very profound insight about life and how to shape your life being conscious. Also, it doesn’t need you to sit with closed eyes, you can practice it anywhere even while walking.

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8- Serve Without Expectations

Last but not the least, Look for the opportunities that give you a chance to serve others, society in various ways. By serving society you gain a deeper sense about life.

In addition, helping others without expectations enhances your compassion, kindness and happiness to your soul. The purpose of spiritual life is to serve and give a deeper meaning to your own existence.

Most of the population around the world is craving for help so be a part of it and hear them. Helping others is one of the very meaningful steps to the 8 Steps to Spiritual Maturity.

Final Words: Being a better human being on this planet is not any less than being an angel. However you need to remind yourself that you are a human being trying to be your true self for yourself not for others.

If you can dare to practice these 8 Steps to Spiritual Maturity, you will enhance your self worth and lifestyle to the height you ever imagined. If you found this article Guiding and informative, do like, comment and share with others.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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