Youth Activities for Spiritual Growth

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If you are a youth or a parent looking for some fun Youth Activities for Spiritual Growth, this article is for you.

These days, In my experience, it’s very challenging to make your child believe in God’s existence. The scientific mind of children is not ready to believe anything that’s not visible.

One of the reasons behind this ignorance in them is the difficulty in accepting and experiencing the Goodness of God. The first step towards Godliness is to take them to the church on a regular basis.

The next step is to engage their analytical mind in some activities aur quizzes that they find engaging. In this article I am going to share some fun Youth Activities for Spiritual Growth which will engage them and make them enjoy it as well.

Youth Activities for Spiritual Growth

1- Form Group of Same Age Children

Often young children don’t take interest in spiritual gathering because they have an impression that spirituality is for older age. In order to make them interested and prove this impression wrong, make a group of people who are at the same age.

Being around people of the same age makes them feel comfortable and open about their spiritual point of view. Plan some fun activities among the group and give them a chance to participate.

Make sure to make them understand to respect, care for each other and be open to listen to different views. Unlike worldly gathering, they might feel uncomfortable so making them feel safe and easy is crucial.

Plan some topic to discuss among them and make them speak about what they truly feel inside. It’s one of the Youth Activities for Spiritual Growth that can help them take the first step towards Godly life.

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2- Invite Them for Retreat or Camping

Youth Activities for Spiritual Growth

Camping is a thing every youth loves to experience. Plan a camping trip and invite them to gather and enjoy some fun activities. You can plan some sometimes to talk about something that helps them connect to Jesus.

Camping helps them to disconnect from social media, other people, and be in the present in a different environment. Plan some activities, worship services and ask them to reflect upon their past week or days.

Reflecting on their past helps them have a better understanding about their actions and reactions. Allow them to realize their path and give them a chance to admit their mistakes easily.

Camping or planning a relaxing retreat is one of the enjoyable Youth Activities for Spiritual Growth.

3- Give Them Some Service Projects

The best thing about youth is that they always complete tasks or projects either willing or unwillingly. Use this habit to make them connect to God by giving them some projects related to spiritual mindset.

While researching for a project they organically gather information which helps them feed their mind with spiritual knowledge. Knowledge is always stored in the mind and it always helps us to grow so it will do the same to them.

Engaging them in the service that expands their life goals and have a bigger vision spiritually. Giving them a chance of service projects is one of the effective and powerful Youth Activities for Spiritual Growth.

4- Practice Guided Meditation or Mindfulness

Practicing meditation helps them focus and experience divinity in the shortest time. The best and most effective way to grow spiritually is by meditation for a few minutes, either daily or a few times in a week.

During camping, retreat or project gathering ask them to sit for a few minutes and meditate either upon any bible verse or follow a script. Meditation declutters the mind of youth which actually needs to be on time to time.

After meditation, it’s the best time to explain some teaching related to their interest and let them think over that. As you know the rule of meditation “Where your mind goes, energy flows” so when they think upon some spiritual line, they gain insight about it.

Therefore, meditation is one of the other powerful Youth Activities for Spiritual Growth.

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5- Create Study Groups

Youth Activities for Spiritual Growth

Study group is the best way to gather youth together and allow them to read, study and discuss scriptures. Reading scriptures can help them know about the holy teaching and touch their core.

Reading has been one of the most effective ways to understand anything that’s the way to learn and understand something. The study groups also help young people to understand things in different ways than traditional.

A study group is an excellent idea and another effective Youth Activities for Spiritual Growth. Reading together scripture means analyzing and understanding this from many perspectives together.

6- Invite to Mentoring Programs

Being in teen age is also a time when they try to do something good and gain popularity and respect from others. Asking them to join any mentoring program seems inspiring and worth attending.

It’s an age where they need to learn various things by joining various groups, attending various seminars and they love it. Inviting them to some mentoring program might help them have a better spiritual perspective.

Learning under someone mature and wise enough is one of the Youth Activities for Spiritual Growth you may organize and make youth benefit from it.

I am sure if you can use these Youth Activities for Spiritual Growth then you will definitely see the changes in their behavior and interest. Now, let’s see some activities that will help them understand and adopt the Bible more profoundly.

Bible Activities for Youth to Enhance Spiritual Growth

1- In order to create interest in Bible study, give them some clues to guess the exact bible verse. Make it a competition between two groups and give them a chance to win.

2- Keep different Bible stories or verses written on paper in a hat and ask a player to pick one. Ask him to act upon the story and let other players guess the exact story.

3- Remembering is one of the common things for youth so give them a week to select a bible verse of their choice and memorize it. The one who can tell it correctly after a week, surprises him/her with a prize.

4- Quizzes are another exciting and engaging game youth love. Create a quiz using different bible verses, and let them play. The team who answers the most correct answer, declares them the winner and does something to praise them.

5- Writing is another activity that is normal to young people. Encourage them to read a verse and express their view about it by writing on paper. In addition they can write a story using the same phrase if they are creative.

6- There are a lot of inspiring stories shared in the Bible. Stories are popular in every age group. Therefore, ask them to pick a story and share it next week in their own words.

7- Select a book and ask them to read it together in a group and discuss their understanding with each other. Ask them about their understanding of using wisdom in real life.

I am sure you will find one of these Youth Activities for Spiritual Growth useful and easy to practice.

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How can I promote my spiritual growth?

Enhancing your spiritual growth is something that depends upon an individual’s capacity. One of the simplest ways to grow is to practice more. Here are some simple yet effective activities you may practice and get benefit from.

1- First and foremost, whatever spiritual exercises you do, make it a daily habit. Follow your discipline strictly and allow yourself to wait until you experience its result in your material world.

2- In order to grow spiritually, you need to connect to those who help you learn more. Join a community who follow the same teachings, beliefs or values. Attend their gathering and participate in their activities as it’s a way to develop yourself fast.

3- One of the essential feelings you need to have when it comes to enhancing your spiritual self is being grateful for everything. Learn to find goodness in everything and express your gratefulness to God and others when required.

4- Don’t forget to look back before going back as it’s a way to analyze yourself and your actions. When you become your own critic you grow fast and develop a deeper sense of life purpose.

Let me remind you, your spiritual growth is a slow process as it gives you a chance to do trial and error. Therefore know that ups and downs are part of spiritual growth so be patient, consistent and keep moving forward.

Final Words: For youth, it’s crucial to stay connected to higher sources and believe in being blessed with His divinity. Sometimes, practicing different activities helps them grow spiritually.

I hope these Youth Activities for Spiritual Growth will help you develop your inner self in Jesus. If you found this article Helpful and guiding, like comment and share with those who might find it helpful.

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