4 Stages of Forgiveness

4 Stages of Forgiveness in The Bible | What are The Four Stages of Forgiveness

4 Stages of Forgiveness in The Bible | Stages of Forgiveness Worksheet

Forgiveness is an act that helps eliminate any burden and move forwards making your mind body spirit Light weight. The words have a significant meaning and value. It’s one of the reasons. In the Bible, “Forgiveness” is repeatedly mentioned.

We are human beings, especially made for acting things either wrong or right. Sometimes, it might be right for you but harmful for other people. Therefore, it’s always healthy to ask for forgiveness in your prayers for things you have done unknowingly.

In the holy Bible, forgiveness is mentioned as different stages. In other words, the process has been broken into 4 steps. If you are looking for effective teaching on forgiveness, keep reading. I will share those 4 Stages of Forgiveness in The Bible which will help you recognize and practice.

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4 Stages of Forgiveness in The Bible

1- Recognition

In order to forgive or ask for forgiveness, the recognition of action or event is essential. When you know what wrong you did or any event did to you, it becomes easier to heal. Therefore, take some time to think, analyze and recognize the event clearly in your head.

Even if you are unable to recognize, or something is hurting your life but you don’t remember doing anything wrong, just pray for forgiveness. When you are clear about the incident, it requires less time and effort to heal.

Recognition of the wrong is first and foremost of the 4 Stages of Forgiveness in The Bible. God says, if you can realize the wrong, accept and then move on to heal, the process becomes easier and most effective.

Visit the church, sit in front of God, admit the event and pray for healing and forgiveness.

2- Repentance

Admitting mistakes sometimes can create a huge guilt in somebody’s heart. Let me remind you, guilt is the greatest, destroying emotions one can carry. Admitting and feeling bad for your actions is good but don’t make it a long term process.

Admit that you are ashamed of your behavior, or feel sorry for what you did but don’t let it hurt your core. We all are human beings, making eros, fixing it and moving on is the process of development.

Therefore, repentance is the second step of 4 Stages of Forgiveness in The Bible. Let this emotion come from your heart, not just using tongue and mind. Expressing genuine remorse is crucial because it helps make things right and give your strength as well.

If any of your emotions or expression is fake or doing not willingly, keep in mind you are far away from forgiveness.

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3- Release

The third stage of forgiveness is about releasing the energy you have been caring for in your heart, spirit sometimes in your body. Let go of someone who has done wrong to you or you have done wrong to them.

Let go of every thought, emotions and memories that have been hurting you or making your feel bad. It’s not necessary to feel completely free from them immediately but admit that you are letting things go.

Forgiveness is not one time process in order to heal fully. It takes effort and depending upon the depth of pain. Therefore you chose to let them go , heal yourself and move on with your life feeling free.

The third stage 4 Stages of Forgiveness in The Bible is letting things, people and memories go away from your life.

4- Reconciliation

The last and final step to forgiveness is to resolve everything and make peace with the event or person in reality. In other words, create peace between you two and let them know that you are moving on with harmony.

Let me remind you here, it’s not necessary that it comes from the bottom of your heart at first which is completely normal. However, practicing it everyday until it comes from the depth of your spirit is possible so do it for now and move on.

When you do it once, your mind becomes ready to move and heal you. Doing this process once is like giving order to your mind, body and spirit to heal. Therefore, even if you feel you can’t restore the relationship, do it in real time, in future time itself will do what you asked for.

Therefore, the fourth and last step of 4 Stages of Forgiveness in The Bible is reconciliation.

These 4 Stages of Forgiveness in The Bible are mentioned in many historical many. For example you can read it in the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) and Jesus’ teaching on forgiveness in Matthew 18:21-35.

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Final words: As you can understand, forgiveness depends upon the individual’s strength and capacity. Someone can feel free doing it once and someone can’t, even after a month of practice.

The important step towards forgiveness is the willingness to take all those The Four Stages of Forgiveness in the Bible. Once you do it, you are already moving on, even if it doesn’t feel so. I hope you found this article helpful and worth reading. If yes, share it with someone who might need it right now.

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