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Relationships with others add extra charm to our lives and make life more exhilarating. If you are looking to better your relationship with others, this article is about a Prayer for Relationship Healing.

Unfortunately, every relationship goes through rough patches and needs healing. The energy you share with others to make your life colorful is worthy of trying to heal and make things right.

I believe that’s the only reason we look for others and expect to be friendly, supportive, and inspiring to each other. Even if you don’t want the person back in your life, it’s crucial to heal the Past.

Unhealed Past and toxic relationship haunts your happiness and steal all your mental peace. Before we go to the Prayer for Relationship Healing, let’s see what God says about restoring broken relationships?

Bible Verses About Broken Relationship

Ephesians 6:4 “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.”

Prayer for Relationship Healing Images

The above Bible Verse taught me that some relationship brings out the worst in me. It’s not God who created us angry, abusive, wild, and unhealthy for others.

He created us to Love each other, support and inspire others. No matter how bad a relationship you have experienced in the Past, God’s love can heal you and bring out the best of you.

Yet, If any of your past relationships hurts you or makes you regret your or their actions, use a Prayer for Relationship Healing and Let God do the rest.

Prayer for Relationship Healing Images

Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

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Short Prayer for Healing Relationship with Girlfriend

“Heavenly Father, You are our source of Love. I pray to you to heal my relationship with my Girlfriend. Let go of all the pain we caused to each other and all the conflicts and help us find and bring out the best in each other. Let our Love and mutual respect be enough for each other, Lord, Amen.”

Prayer for Relationship Healing Images

Conflicts in a relationship are natural, but arguments or hitting each other on a personal level are not. There are always better ways to work out in a relationship, but sometimes people get blind or pushed by each other.

If you genuinely love your partner and you are sure she too does, Involve God in your life and use a Prayer for Relationship Healing. No matter How parted your relationship is right now, God can heal you, guide you and make your relationship better again if you can stay connected to Him.

Prayer for Relationship Healing Images

“Dear God, I am grateful for sending a partner in my life who made me feel every emotion. However, all the conflicts and misunderstandings are tearing our relationships day by day. I pray you bless us both with better wisdom, care, and Love so that we respect, understand, and solve our issues together in better ways. Amen.”

Prayer for Healing A Mother Daughter Relationship

“Loving God, I thank you for blessing me with the beautiful girl I love the most. However, I find it hard to accept her life the way she is designing it, and I might be wrong and hurt her in the past. I Pray you to please heal my relationship with my daughter and provide me with enough wisdom and Love to accept her as she is. Amen.”

Prayer for Relationship Healing Images

Parents often force their choice on children, which strongly causes conflicts in their relationship. It’s crucial to accept that it’s their life and will; they must get a chance to explore their ways.

If for any reason, your daughter is distant, you need not worry; just show your acceptance, Love, and concern; she is always yours. You may use this Prayer for Relationship Healing with your daughter.

Prayer for Relationship Healing Images

“Good Lord, Let my daughter feel my Love, care, and concern for her betterment and safety. Heal my relationship with my girl and let there be pure Love, acceptance, and peace between us. Protect our relationship with any conflicts Lord, Amen.”

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Prayer for Healing a Broken Relationship

“Heavenly Lord, Healer of all the healers, Please Help me rise above my mental and emotional state. Heal the relationship that matters to me a lot Lord. Please bring acceptance, Peace, Love, and respect for each other. Amen.”

Prayer for Relationship Healing Images

Broken relationships are always a good teacher to become a better partner. Additionally, you connect yourself to God in better ways than before.

I know it’s hard to analyze your relationship when you are already going through a lot. However, along with using your Prayer for Relationship Healing, keep studying your heart too.

Prayer for Relationship Healing Images

“Good Lord, I feel lost and losing confidence in myself. I pray you guide me and strengthen me to find the true reasons behind my current situation. Heal and restore my relationship Lord; I promise to be a better partner in the future. Amen.”


1- Can God heal relationships?

Truth to be revealed, God is the only one who can heal any relationship quickly. However, your faith in God and the relations you want to heal are essential.

God sees your intention, not the words you utter, so if your intention is true and pure, He will do the best for you. In my experience, He kept healing my relationship in the past until I realized the person wasn’t good for me.

2- How do I ask God for help in a relationship?

If two people found each other in love, I have seen them forget to involve God in their day-to-day lives. After a few months or years, relationships start falling.

The good news is, If you can surrender your situation to God and follow the path He guides, you can save your relationship. The condition is that you need to act on everything He has taught.

Before asking God for help, Make sure your intention if you want to person in your life or move on. Whatever your intention is, you will experience the result.

Simply, with pure heart, ask God in your prayer whatever you genuinely want.

3- How do you pray for a relationship restoration?

In order to restore your relationship, make sure to analyze every aspect of your connection with the person. Often, relationships fail, or God removes people who aren’t good for your future or are not a part of your future.

If you are sure that you want them back, Think Good about them and pray to God to guide you and heal your relationship. Don’t forget to add his wisdom and strength to your prayer script.

“Dear God, I apologize for my previous mistakes, and I am ready to make things better in the future. I pray you to bring the person [Name] back into my life and guide me to have a better life together. Amen.”

Final Words: People get tied to your core at the moment you give space in your heart or life. Feeling separated or less loved can break your heart easily, and a broken heart loses its true power.

Therefore, before praying to restore any relationship, it’s crucial to heal yourself first. Take care of yourself, love yourself, and fill yourself with the love you expect from others. It will make your prayers more powerful and effective.

If you found the information shared in this article useful or helpful, share it with others to heal their relationships and themselves.

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