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What is Sound Healing | How Does Sound Healing Work | Benefits of Sound Healing|  Types of Sound Healing

Human body has secret ingredients to heal itself if one can get the idea to access those points. Unlike reiki and meditation there are various techniques that help heal the body naturally.

Healing your emotional, physical and mental pain with sound therapy is like awakening the sleeping power from your body. I am sure that you have experienced the effect of music on your mind while you were tired or feeling down.

Listening to simple music can boost your mind and make you move your body with rhythm. In this article I will answer questions like What is Sound Healing, How does sound healing works and benefits of sound healing.

Let’s start with first and foremost, what is sound healing and How does it work?

Meaning of Sound Healing 

Sound Healing is a technique where different sounds are used to heal a person’s physical, mental and Emotional wounds. If you are aware that the universe itself has a sound we know it as OM.

The sound has a significant effect on the human mind, body and soul because Human body is made of five elements of this universe. The energy frequency which is generated by the sound cleanse the blocks and heal a person.

The sound frequency releases the negative emotions through vibrations and promotes relaxation. Relaxation is a way to allow your body to heal the wound and take care of itself.

Every mental, physical, emotional and physical disease can be healed by using various sound healing therapies. There are a lot of people who have already healed themselves with the help of various sounds, and everyone can do it.

I am sure you are clear about What is Sound Healing and How It Works. Let’s move onto next point, which is the different type of sound healing popular around the world.

Types of Sound Healing

1- Music Therapy

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Music therapy is a way to use music to heal your pain by relaxing yourself with the help of music you like. I am sure there is a playlist available on your phone which has all the songs you like.

Music therapy involves writing, listening and playing musical instruments. When you listen to the sound of an instrument or lyrics that generate good emotions, you feel relaxed.

As you read above, the best way to allow your body to heal the damage is to relax yourself. Yes, You can heal yourself by just listening to music for a specific time regularly.

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2- Tibetan Singing Bowls

One of the popular sound healing therapies is using Tibetian singing bowls. The Tibetan singing bowl, made of different metals, has a significant sound when you play it.

When you attend the Tibetan singing bowl session you experience the deepest relaxation. The sound goes deeper into your mind and helps you lose control of your mind.

When you stop running your mind, it gets relaxed and relaxation enhances the healing power of your body. When the human body is relaxed it finds out the sick and damaged part of it and heals.

3- Chanting and Mantras

Your mind, which is the controller of your body, if guided in the right direction heals your pain. Chanting a specific phrase called self talk or popular Mantras is a type of sound healing.

Mantras are collections of some divine and powerful words like Om which includes the most powerful frequencies. There are many mantras used for various purposes.

Chanting a mantra or repeating self-talk for a specific period of time commands your mind to relax and heal the body. When you learn to access your subconscious by using self talk, it heals your mind, body and soul naturally.

4- Tuning Forks

Tunic forks is an instrument that vibrates a certain frequency that opens the blocked part of your body. The diseases are the result of blocked energy and when you clear the blocks, energy flow increases and the body heals.

While researching the proper answer to what is sound healing and types of sound Healing, I came to this one. I personally don’t have any experience with it. However I felt connected as I have experience with Tibetan singing bowls.

Tunic forks vibrate the frequencies that have a significant effect from head to toe. IN other words, this tool is specifically being used on various joints and points that promote healing.

5- Gong Bath

Gong bath or sound bath is another popular type of sound healing therapy. In this method The gong is played during meditation sessions. When you hear the sound your mind stops thinking and gets connected to the sound.

The relaxation during sound baths you experience is amazing and very effective when it comes to healing. The vibration it generates is powerful and forces you to be in the present and lose control over your mind and body.

In other words, a sound bath especially under Gong sound is a powerful way to relax your mind, body and heal various diseases including depression or physical pain.

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6- Crystal Singing Bowls

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When it comes to healing, crystals are a popular tool everyone loves using. While the crystal itself is powerful, using a crystal bowl adds extra power to the process.

All these bowls, including crystal one, need to be plated in the right manner to generate the right amount of vibration. Many Healers use the crystals on their chakra and allow them to bathe under bowl singing.

The high frequencies of crystals is helpful in healing faster than simply using crystals to heal. It promotes cooling effect while cleansing and healing all the chakras.

After knowing about What is Sound Healing and the various types of sound healing, I hope you are interested in more details. If you want to know about the benefits of sound healing, allow me to share it with you.

Benefits of Sound Healing

1- Those who have experienced sound healing therapy, even for once, reported feelings of deep relaxation. When the mind is in need of a relaxation stage all the stress, anxiety and depression goes away. It promotes stress free life.

2- Physical pain is the outcome of over activity or energy block on the different body parts. When you bathe under the sound of a tibetan or crystal singing bowl, it helps clear the block and give you relief from pain.

3- The level of relaxation sound healing therapy gives, it helps in having a deeper and sound sleep. A relaxed mind and sound sleep, combined helped heal the mind, body and soul more profoundly.

4- It’s scientifically proven that when a person feels relaxed and sleeps well, Their immune system improves. Which ultimately helps protect from anything contagious and lessen the chances of cold cough or any diseases.

5- Deep sleep and relaxation also increases focus and keeps you concentrated. Sound healing session is a type of healing therapy that naturally attracts your attention and makes you relax. So it’s a powerful way to enhance your focus.

6- Sound healing therapy helps eliminate stress, relaxes and calms the mind. When the mind is calm a person is more cheerful, happy and has a clear mind in doing whatever they do. In other words, sound healing improves mood.

7- People who are on a spiritual journey are more sensitive to energy which often makes them suffer more. Sound healing therapy helps them to cleanse and clear the path of spirituality.

Sound healing technique promotes better well being and heals emotional pain which is the greatest block in spiritual growth.


1- How does sound healing work?

As we all know, even universe has a sound called “OM”. We are a part of this universe so every sound has a significant effect on the human mind, body and spirit.

Sound healing works activating the parasympathetic nervous system. The system that naturally hold power to heal the body.

Final Words: Those who have been searching for an answer to What is Sound Healing and how it works, I will suggest them to experience once.

Overall, sound healing therapy is one of the powerful and effective ones which has several benefits. If you found this article helping and informative, like, comment and share it with others.

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