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Do you often get confused with the similar words like Faith, trust and belief? I am sure unlike most of the people you find challenging to find the Difference Between Trust and Faith.

In this article I will share some very crucial points that will reveal many tiny things that will clear your thoughts about these two words.

If you are religious, you might hear the word faith many times a day. For those who read, write or listen to spiritual or religious content on a daily basis know the depth of faith.

However, it’s really difficult to describe the Difference Between Trust and Faith for them as well.

There are some very tiny different meanings that make these two words different and more powerful than others. First and foremost let’s find out the answer to Does faith mean trust?

Faith And Trust

Well, in some scenarios, Faith can be taken as trust, but it’s also been considered as belief, loyalty, or devotion. Faith is a system that involves a strong belief in something which cant be based on any available evidence or proof.

In religious belief, faith means trusting in a divine entity, and following the teachings and principles of a particular concept. This type of trust is clearly based on personal experience, tradition, choice or scripture.

In the same manner, faith can be used to trust in a friend, a political system and so on. Therefore faith can be considered as a complex thing that involves belief, trust, and devotion.

Most importantly, it can vary depending on the context and individual’s choice.
Now, let’s go a little deeper and see what are some crucial points that presents Difference Between Trust and Faith.

Top 5 Difference Between Trust and Faith in The Bible

1- The Base of Trust and Faith

In very clear and simple words, trust requires experience, evidence or clear knowledge to be there. However, Faith is deep rooted, sometimes it’s been there and it does not require any proof.

In other words, trust can be developed with experiences, past performances but faith is already there. It’s not so easy to develop trust. As you read above, usually faith is used in a personal belief system that has been in the heart.

Therefore, I believe, faith is a heavier, grounded and powerful thing than trust. First Difference Between Trust and Faith is its organic and developed nature. 

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2- Rationality

I believe, there is no need to say that truth always demands evidence, no one shows support without any evidence. In order to gain someone’s trust, you constantly need to prove your loyalty, present evidence, and give a lot of logic.

On the other hand, Faith is something that doesn’t require any explanation or evidence. I believe it’s one of the most powerful differences Between Trust and Faith that everyone will agree, including you.

Such rationality is one of the main reason which  that make faith more potent than trust. 

3- Scope

I think trust has a limit but faith is beyond any limit. For example, you trust those who make you trust them by their actions, but faith has a broader scope. It’s never limited to any one, anywhere or anything.

The area of trust can be limited to other persons’ actions, behavior or perspective. On the other hand, faith is spread around all over spirituality, philosophy or deeper core of a persona, which is the major Difference Between Trust and Faith.

Everyone, Either religious or spiritual, without faith there is no growth. Trust may lead them a few step but to overcome darkness within, one need faith. The strength and intensity is another Difference Between Trust and Faith. 

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4- Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the factors that makes anything stronger or weak. Earned things might be lost at some points. For example if you have earned respect or trust from someone, you might lose it by one mistake.

Faith is not earned, its deep rooted feeling that doesn’t easily go away. If I talk about my faith, it will never go away even if things constantly go against me, I have faith in God and time.

Faith makes a person so strong and rigid that others opinion doesn’t shake them even during the darkest days. Faith allow a person to bend, move and stop according to their intuition. Its one of the powerful Difference Between Trust and Faith. 

5- Context

One of the other big differences Between Trust and Faith is the place where we present our opinion based on these two. Trust is commonly between two people, like friends, family or any professional relationships.

Faith is for masses, it’s mainly used for spiritual belief, community gathering or religious context. Therefore The gap between these two is unmeasurable, which makes faith powerful than trust.

I believe these simple yet big differences Between Trust and Faith can make some people more filtered and focused. I understood it at an early age and printed it on my hand as a tattoo.

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1- What comes first, faith or trust?

As you read above, these two terms are related yet distinct concepts. When you need yourself to present evidence to show your loyalty, it’s full of effort. Yes, it’s what gaining trust requires, effort. On the other hand, faith is effortlessly.

Faith does not require any effort to prove yourself, it’s what makes the word more powerful and you more confident. It’s one of the main reasons, I believe, that faith comes first than trust.

2- What is faith and trust in God?

Having faith in God means having unshakable trust. In other words, You have to trust your entire being and accept that God has your back. Believe that God will help you and take care of you even if you are alone in the entire world. 

Have faith that He knows what is best for you and will surely provide you when the right time will come. With all your heart truly embrace what He has planned for you and keep walking towards him. 

Believe that “Our trust is not foolish, for our God is both faithful and good.”

Final Words: Small words make a huge difference when it comes to mindset and its results. I hope now you are clear about the Difference Between Trust and Faith.

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