Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something

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Experiencing different phases in your life these days? Or looking for some Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something to change or adopt?

Yes, God does give us signs which we often find unable to recognize. When there is a random and unexpected change in life, and you find yourself helpless, notice, God is trying to tell you something.

Challenges are God’s way to warn us, and also guides us to choose the right path and live a better life. Often we get vulnerable and make ourselves weak and blind to the message God wants us to get.

If you are also going through unexpected challenges or feeling too weak to understand what’s happening, know that God wants to say something to you. In this article I am going to share 4 Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something.

If you are looking for the answer to how to know if God wants you to do something, Here is the guiding Signs.

Top 7 Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something

1- Experiencing Same Problems Repeatedly

Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something

As I believe that we only bring our attention to our life when things go against our wish and that’s the way God warns us about the thing we are doing wrong. Sometimes, we are so distracted that we don’t bother about the small things impacting our life negatively.

God is our guardian who always wishes good for His children no matter how bad they are. So, if you are encountering the same challenges again and again, it’s one of the Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something.

For example If you are traveling with the same friends again and again and every time you are stuck in traffic or meeting unfortunate events, there is a message for you. No matter how loving and caring your friend is, you need to change your travel partner immediately.

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2- Common Messages Through Different People

Sometimes, Some people get that there is something wrong with their life but couldn’t recognize the real message. In that case, if you are getting the same message from different and random people, that’s the message.

As they say, if you will look for signs, you will get it, So, when you start focusing on the message you need to know it appears. Your partner may unconsciously say something, your parents, your friends, sometimes, a random person says the things that have the same meaning.

Receiving the same message from different people, location or events, you need to know God is warning you. It’s one of the Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something which needs your full attention so, accept it and work on it.

3- Constant Financial Challenges

Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something

After Food, shelter and clothes, Money is a crucial thing that everyone needs to survive this life. If you are working hard but finding it challenging to fulfill your daily needs or money comes in between when it comes to comfort, you need to think.

Financial challenges are one of the most crucial Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something. You need to sit, relax, think and catch the message in your mind and heart aligned with the message you receive.

Yes, when it comes to financial challenges, you need to relax and know the real mistake you are making with your money. If you have a job or business, working hard to earn money, yet it’s less from your living, God is warning you to change something.

In order to understand that change, you must align with your thoughts, emotions and important needs. It will help you overcome financial challenges and bring your life on the track you want to walk.

4- Feeling Spiritually Disconnected

Do you know having doubt on God’s existence is also a sign that there is something blocking your goodness. It happens when something harmful blocks your higher self and doesn’t let you connect the divinity.

Everything is energy and everybody carries some energy with themselves, so if something is blocking your way, there is something not right. If you feel distancing yourself from God, Know that it’s one of the crucial Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something.

When the positive lights are blocked, there is darkness and darkness stops people to believe that there is light. If you feel distant from God, force yourself a bit, pray more, do rituals more and have Faith that He is there and will protect and guide you.

5- Random Dreams with The Same Message

Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something

Dreams are never random because it has a message your subconscious has received. Your deeper core is always connected to God but your conscious mind never makes you realize.

Often the conscious mind looks for logic in everything and looks for physical evidence. Making your conscious mind calm and listening to the subconscious makes a lot of things clear.

Therefore if you are experiencing dreams repeatedly with the same message, it’s one of the Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something. Be conscious and make the required changes for your better.

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6- Encountering Birds or Butterflies

Other creatures are God’s angel and many times are messengers from God. Seeing the same birds repeatedly while going through adverse circumstances is one of the hidden Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something.

There are some creatures like different-colored butterflies indicating that God wants you to know that you are going through transformation. Transformation is painful like hell but trust me, something better box God is about to open for you.

Hope is a light that keeps us going while looking for stability, happiness and abundance. So, stay hopeful and let the guiding light take you where God wants you to take.

7- Feeling Lost or Afraid

Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something

One of the most experienced and casual Signs God is Trying to Tell you is feeling Lost and fearful. Negative emotions like depression, feeling emotional pain and fear are very common Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something.

All of the painful emotions are the result of something not going well in your life. In such situations, know that pain is one of the most experienced signs that God is warning you about something.

Pay attention to those people, situations or things that are causing imbalance in your well being and happiness. Only spending time with yourself using any meditation technique can guide you to the right path. Also eliminates all the harmful energy from your life.

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1- How do you feel about God’s presence?

Asking this question means God is already watching over you. God goes around His children who are concerned about His presence, protection and Love. If you have been loyal to Him, praying to Him and desire His presence in your life, He will definitely come to you.

One of the simplest ways to know that God is around you is You sense someone’s presence around and feel safe and pleasant.

2- Can God speak directly to you?

The straight answer is Yes! God does speak to His children who pay attention to Him. The first and foremost eligibility to listen to God is to have a strong connection or relationship with Him.

When you develop a strong connection and directly talk to Him, He directly speaks to you in a clear voice and gives you direction or message you need at that time.

Final Words: Challenges are the Only way to look, find and change the circumstances. If you are going through a challenging and painful phase, look for these Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something.

After knowing these Signs God is upset with you, look for these symptoms, understand the message and follow the path God is leading you. If you found this article guiding and helpful, like, comment and let others know about it by sharing it on your social media.

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