10 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Positive Thinking on Mental Health

Everyone around the world is looking for tips to develop a positive mindset but find it challenging to do so. If you are one of them, once you will know about the Benefits of Positive Thinking, it will inspire you to change your thinking.

Positive thinking not only helps you manifest but gives you so many other advantages. Positive thinking is a powerful tool that can transform you, your life and entire future.

In this article of BigBrainCoach, I will share 20 Benefits of Positive Thinking that might help you focus on positive thinking. 

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Positive Thinking on Mental Health

1- Improved Mental Health

Thoughts are the seed of anything happening in life externally, even internally. Our thoughts are also a reflection of our beliefs and perspective towards certain things or people.

Having a positive perspective towards things keeps your mind calmer and focused. One of the main Benefits of Positive Thinking is that its a way to enhance your mental health

Negative emotions create stress, anxiety and pain which is unhealthy for mind and body. A simple change, outlook in the mind has an enormous effect on your brain and overall health.

2- Enhanced Resilience

Life is full of challenges and challenges are the source of new ideas and solutions as well. However, if a person has a critical thinking habit, they don’t find the solutions to reality, even if it’s around them.

On the other hand, positive thinkers are better and faster to bounce back, look around and reach for solutions. Even if solutions are not there, they find a new idea to develop and move on.

Such things happen because their mind is trained to look at the bright sight so it works in that direction. In other words, one of the Benefits of Positive Thinking is that it develops a solutions oriented mindset.

3- Increased Happiness

Happiness is nothing but the outcome of taking things in the positive way, no matter what. A positive thinker has a sense of being grateful for the things available around them.

Being thankful doesn’t mean they have everything but they feel blessed for the things they already own. Having such insight towards life makes them magnet to happiness and they keep encountering events that make them happy.

One of the other Benefits of Positive Thinking is that it allows you to live in the present, count your blessings and feel the joy within.

4- Enhanced Emotional Well-being

Thoughts play a crucial role in generating certain emotions in the human mind. Unlike food that supports physical health, thoughts are connected to emotional health directly. Positive thinking generates positive emotions.

By focusing on thinking positive all the time, even during adverse situations, supports human emotional well being. When you think positively and keep repeating it, your emotional health improves.

Better emotional health ultimately helps you have great self esteem and positive self image. One of the very crucial Benefits of Positive Thinking is that you stay stable during stormy days as well.

5- Better Physical Health

It’s scientifically proven that your thoughts affect your physical health in many ways. Thoughts generate emotions and emotions affect physical health heavily. When you develop a positive mental attitude, you allow your mind to take care of your physical health.

Positive mindset protects you from stress, worries like negative thoughts. If the mental state is in healthy shape, physical organs remain healthy and function properly. With positive thoughts and emotions, many diseases can be cured.

In other words, one of the other amazing Benefits of Positive Thinking, is that your immune system improves and you get fitter and healthier day by day.

6- Strengthened Relationships

One of the reasons behind unhealthy or bad relationships these days is “Trust.” Once the trust is broken, it’s natural to find it challenging to trust again. In addition, Overthinking makes situations worse than one can possibly imagine.

Positive thinkers are like a magnet who attracts more people than normal people. Positive thoughts create a magnetic aura who makes other people believe in you and trust you easily.

In other words, you easily connect more people and make older ones stronger than earlier. One of the Benefits of Positive Thinking is that you become empathetic, wiser and supportive to the needy ones.

7- Increased Motivation

Every human being, including me and you, at some point of life requires motivation to keep going. Fostering a positive mental attitude helps us find inspiration within our own mind.

With time and constant practice of positive thinking fuels our mind, heart and spirit that boost mental strength. It helps think creatively, positively, goal oriented, solution oriented.

Ultimately, positive thinking leads to personal goals and professional goals as well.

8- Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills

One of the most required skills to become successful in life is a solution oriented mind. When you feed your mind with positive thoughts everyday, it naturally gets trained to find a solution when the time comes.

Most importantly, a positive thinker doesn’t need time to look for solutions, it just naturally appears in front of them. One of the most amazing Benefits of Positive Thinking is that you know how to overcome any obstacle in life.

Positive thinking is also a way to have peace of mind and stay calmer as you know your mind has the solutions. 

9- Improved Creativity

As you force yourself to look at the brighter side of the situation, you command your mind to think differently, creatively. By doing simple actions you encourage your mind to become more creative and do things differently.

Enhanced creativity is the scientifically proven benefits of positive thinking. When you keep your mind at ease it’s the natural quality that your mind finds many different ways to do the same thing.

In addition, positive thinking allows you to see opportunities in challenges and solve problems in more creative ways.

10- Enhanced Decision Making Ability

Positive thinking allows you to experience your own thoughts and make your decision the right one. With more experience and confidence your decision making ability, with time, grows and grows more.

Taking the right decision at the right time is the key to success in any area of life. A positive thinker finds it easy to decide immediately and make their decision the correct one.

It’s one of the benefits of positive thinking on mental health that allow you to be quick and sure about your decision.


1- What are 5 positive attitudes?

Positive attitudes simply means looking at the bright side that makes your heart shine. An attitude that impacts your and others’ lives for the good. Attitude such as having a different and positive attitude, even in adverse circumstances.

Some of the examples of positive attitudes are as follows

  • Changing your perspective
  •  Smiling and being kind to others
  •  Practicing self-compassion
  •  Not taking things personally
  •  Being happy for others’ success

Final Words: In order to develop a positive mindset, reading books, listening to positive podcasts and thinking about it is the best choice. In the beginning you might find it challenging to believe it but if you keep experimenting, it’s worth your time.

Making small small changes in your thoughts, you can do great things in life, for which you are here, on this planet. My best wishes are with you and I hope you find a way to develop a positive mindset for lifetime.

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