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How to Be A Christian Psychic By Adrian Lee- Every Christian Must Read

“Christian Psychic” is an eye-opening book for those who have tied themselves to religious belief. Psychic Abilities are a special Gift God has presented to a few special ones that people must explore.

“Tied to the religious belief” doesn’t mean I am attacking; I meant one must explore themselves without leaving their religion. I don’t believe in blind faith; I like to experiment with every belief and If it works for me, then accept it.

Every sentence is written in the scriptures; whether it’s in Bible, Gita or Quran delivers the same message. The Only Difference is the perception, language and the way of teaching.

Whether you are looking for the Difference between religious belief and psychic powers or want to know if you already possess one, It’s a must-read book.

I grew up in a religious family, so I believe in and respect the religion, but I like exploring myself as I know every Individual has something distinctive hidden within.

In order to know The uniqueness, one must explore themselves. So, I found this Christian psychic worth reading. In this article, I will give you five reasons for Every Christian to read it.

Before we jump to the main topic, see what Christian Psychic is and Adrian Lee?

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What is Christian Psychic?

“How to Be a Christian Psychic: What the Bible Says about Mediums, Healers and Paranormal Investigators” Is the book written by Adrian Lee. As the name suggests, the book clears many facts about psychics, mediums, healers and psychics.

Unlike every religion, there are many facts mentioned in the Holy Bible that needed to be addressed. The Author has connected the dots and cleared it so that those who want to explore their physic vision may proceed fearlessly.

Who is Adrian Lee?

Adrian Lee is an Author, paranormal investigator and psychic who decide to awaken those who doesn’t believe in psychics.

The Author, Adrian Lee, has examined supernatural activities for more than 25 years and is the founder of The International Paranormal Society. He currently hosts a Tv Show and has produced some shows related to his research.

The Author has shared this mysterious world, About paranormal activities and psychic powers through his many fiction books. “Christian Psychic” is his latest work, and I found it worth reading.

5 Reasons Every Christian Must Read “Christian Psychic.”

If you don’t believe in paranormal activities and psychics, read it once if anyone reason connects to you.

#1 To Know Your Unexplored Talent

Every scripture has confirmed at every stage of life that God never creates two people the same. If you still find it hard to believe, then look at the twins born on the same date, raised by the same parents, yet different.

Unlike a glass that can be either half full or half empty, it’s entirely based on perspective. The knowledge we share or a preacher preaches cant have the same meaning to everyone.

Most Importantly, it’s not the knowledge we collect and store in mind, but it’s all about how we use that in practical day-to-day life. Those who experiment with the Bible verses start experiencing an awakening and which raises many questions.

This is what life demands one do, at At least I strongly believe so. If you, too, are curious about what special Gift you still have unexplored, you must Read Christian psychic as a guide.

#2 To Understand The depth of Bible Verses

Bible verses are the essence of God’s Teaching that someone, in short, can’t describe. Yes, of course, Preachers explains well enough to understand a few percentages to the common person.

However, many won’t be able to apply in their daily life because they couldn’t connect it with them. In order to act according to God’s word, one must develop the connection by themselves.

Every verse has many answers to many life challenges. In order to receive the right message for your situation, you must develop that wisdom. The book “Christian Psychic” will provoke you to do so for your good.

#3 To Confirm Your Life Path

The irony of life today is a high percentage of people are lost, and few are in search of their life path. Very few numbers are happily satisfied because they have already found their life path.

Exploring tarot cards, developing psychic abilities and associating with such people are the ultimate ways to enhance your senses. An awakened empath or psychics have a better clear vision than followers.

No offense, most of the religious don’t open their mind to possibilities, and that’s really sad. No psychics suggest leaving the Religious believes but only to explore new things and connect the dots.

The book “Christian Psychic” is one of the best ways to explore yourself as the Author connects the dots with The Bible and inspires you to believe in psychics.

#4 To Work With Life Force Energy

Have you ever notices, the essential thing to stay alive is the life force energy. However, no religion talks about appreciating or learn to work with it.

Healers and psychics are known as lightworkers as they work with energy. The main barrier in Christianity about such activities is that some believe it’s not right to do so.
Well, if breathing is allowed, then why not using those power to heal?

Not everyone on this planet is born to heal or guide others, but everyone is born with that potential to live a better life. Learn to channel your energy to heal yourself and protect your home from evils.

Adrian Lee, The Author, clears all the wrong ideas about energy work in the book “Christian Psychic.” One of the most reasonable points to read the book.

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#5 To experience A Fulfilled Life

A fulfilled life isn’t about having a big house, fancy car, and people around you but living a life without regret. A survey has shown that 90% of the people regret on death bed for not doing the things they wanted to do while they could.

The process of developing psychic abilities makes a person so strong and with a clear vision that they start living a life where nothing is impossible.

Close your eyes, see the life you truly desire in your heart and check if you are already living it.

If not, carry your religious belief but learn to awaken the abilities that still reside in your soul. The book “Christian Psychic” will ensure you that you are walking on the right path.

Extra Suggestion

If you are still confused and terrify if this book is the right choice, here is another recommendation. The book will increase your faith that you can be A psychic, medium, healer, ghost hunter and Cristian.

Christian Smith, the scientist and the psychic, has shared his life story, including the disbelief about his mother in the book “The Scientist and the Psychic.”


#1 What does a Christian mom do with a wicked daughter-in-law who believes in psychics?

Ans: Believes are based on experiences, so in order to change that experience, one requires a different experience. Believe it or not, psychics are real, and no one can change the reality.

There is nothing wrong in believing; however, their belief must not harm others. Even if you read the Bible deeply, you will observe psychic’s existence is mentioned.

If her belief isn’t harmful, let her live, but if it affects the Environment, you must ask God to guide her in the right direction. Prayer is the most powerful and peaceful way to change situations.

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#2 How to spot a psychic vampire as a Christian?

Many signs indicate that you are encountering an energy vampire. Energy has no religion, so if you ask me how to recognize energy suckers, I will share few common signs.

  • You like spending time with them, but you realize that it was a waste in the end.
  • People who intentionally want to know everything about you but never open up about them.
  • Those who pretend they care but are more concerned about their own happiness.
  • One of my favorite way to recognize such energy suckers is to notice how your body reacts around them. If you feel heavy, then the person is sucking you, but they are good for you if you feel delighted and light around them.

#3 Suggest a book about a Christian reluctant psychic who helps to find missing people?

“Searching for Faith” is a book about a missing child and a gifted Christian psychic. The book is written by USA Today’s bestselling Author, K.L. Middleton.

The book is chilling, and I am sure it will increase the craving to explore your Gift.

If you want to experience the truth about these mediums, try to have some experiences. There are many Christian psychic reading free offers available on the internet these days.

Getting a Christian psychic reading may open the closed door and allow you to become who you are meant to.

Final Words: I am sure you will connect and accept the fact Author has shared in the book “Christian Psychic.” You may buy it from any popular online store. Don’t forget to share your view in the comment box.

I wish you good luck with your psychic journey, and may you recognize and use your Gift for the betterment of yourself and the people around you.

Stay Blessed