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13+St Valentine Prayer Images for Love, Marriage, Gratitude and Protection

St. Valentine was a Roman priest and physician removed from the general roman calendar because of the lack of reliable information. Before reading St Valentine Prayer, know that St. Valentine is also a patron saint of Terni, Epilepsy, beekeepers and, of course, Love.

On February 14 (Worldwide known as Valentine’s Day), He was executed in Rome at the time of emperor Claudius II. The reason behind his execution was the effort valentine was taking secretly to let the lovers marry against Claudius’s will.

St Valentine Prayer Images

He was entitled as Saint after his execution because of his exceptional service. To know more about Who was St Valentine and What is the true story of Valentine’s Day, Go to the given link and read in detail.

Surprising Facts About St. Valentine

As you read above, He understood the lack of love people were going through at that time; He helped people marry and love each other.

So, St. Valentine Prayer helps to find your soulmate, A lover and spread affection and togetherness. He was a dearest one to the Son of God, so Prayer to St Valentine works effective if done with full faith.

Here are a few St Valentine Prayers you may use to manifest a genuine and the right one for you. Notice your feelings while reading it, and pick the one St Valentine Prayer which gets your attention. 

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St Valentine Prayer To Find Love

st valentine prayer Images

“O holy St Valentine, The patron of Love, I pray to you to remove the vacuum of my life and fill it with someone worthy. Look into my heart and fill it with the faith in Lord and his will so that I can live in the moment and not waiting for someone. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

If you feel less connected to God and struggling to live alone, here is another way to pray effectively. Praying to St. Valentine for your current desire will make you tension-free if the person will be the right one for you or not.

The best way to deal with your worry is to give it to Lord and be burden-free as he serves more to those who surrender their 100 percent faith to him.

St Valentine Prayer Images

“O holy Martyr, St. Valentine, Pray for the peace in my heart and feeling of being loved instead of betrayed. Let the right person find me and grant me the wisdom and clarity to recognize and accept. Amen.”

St Valentine Prayer Novena

st valentine prayer Images

“Dear Father, my deepest desire is to meet the special one with whom I can share my life. I may not be able to understand your plan and losing faith in your will. Fill my heart with Love and faith in your plan for me. Lord, please open my heart and grant me the eye to recognize my soulmate.

Eliminate the hindrances blocking my way, So that I might attain the feeling of being wholly joyful and peaceful.

I surrender myself, including all of my desire, to your son Jesus, who has the kindest heart. MY faith is in you, and I know that He will listen and answer my Prayer. AMEN.

Divine Heart of Jesus, I put all my faith in you. St Valentine, pray for me. Amen.

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St Valentine Prayer For Epilepsy

st valentine prayer Images

“Holy St Valentine, The dearest son of God, You healed many and filled their life with health and happiness. Today I am praying you to remove every tiny particle that’s causing me Epilepsy. Let your healing power heal my mind, body and soul. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

St Valentine, Popular famous as Protector of Love, is also known as a physician and healer. During his time, he was able to cure many diseases, specially Epilepsy.

Those days, diseases were the sign of sin and happiness of blessings. So, people use to pray to God to heal the diseases instead of searching for a doctor.

I firmly believe, Prayer still works more than medicinal treatment. With a few changes in lifestyle, Food intake and putting powerful words together in St. Valentine Prayer can heal any disease.

st valentine prayer Images

“O Holy son of God, God gifted you with the healing power to make people believe in the power of healing energy. Let my faith increase while you remove Epilepsy from my body. Forgive me for my past unintentional sins and grant me the capability to perform only a good deed. Amen.”

St Valentine Prayer For Love

“Dear Lord, Thank you for showering all the Love I ever needed and protecting me by being my angle. The only missing part of my life is a trustworthy person who can be with me till my last breath. Please grant me the capacity to magnetize the right person you have chosen for me. Amen.”

St Valentine Prayer Images

“O Devine St. Valentine, You are the healer of many lonely souls. You have been filling their life with more Love and togetherness. Today, I surrender myself to you so that you can fill the empty part of my heart. Please find my soulmate and remove all the lonely feelings I have been carrying. Amen.”

st valentine prayer Images

Even If you have already met your life partner, stay grateful for all of your fulfillment. Use this St Valentine Prayer for all the Love He has poured upon you and your loved ones. 

St Valentine Prayer Images

“Heavenly Father, Life has been magical because you are my protector and guiding source. Today, I just want to thank you for all the blessings, accomplishments and comfort you have presented. Please keep your eye upon my family and me today, tomorrow and forever. Amen.”

Prayer to St Valentine for A Happy Marriage

st valentine prayer Images

“O holly St. Valentine, The God of Love, Thank you for blessing me with such a Lovely and wise Companion. Let our Love blossom more in the coming year, and let our life become more exciting. Let your blessings shower upon us today, tomorrow and forever. Amen.”

Having an understanding and supporting spouse while others are busy fighting with each other is nothing less than a miracle blessing. Let’s never forget to show our gratitude and stay grounded for all the blessings. 

Also, help others to find their soulmate by using this St Valentine Prayers.

St Valentine Prayer Images

“Dear God, I am ready to spend my life with someone you have chosen for me. I always put my faith in you and pray to you to show me my soulmate you have made for me. I surrender my future to you so that you can design it in my favor. Amen.”

Prayer to Saint of Protection

“Holly Father, Sometimes life gets messy and painful for me, including my family. I am praying to you to grant me the strength to stay calm during challenging days. Hover over us, dear God, and protect us so that my family can be in peace under your blessings. Amen.”

St Valentine Prayer Images

The most required God’s blessing these days is his protection so that one can walk in the right direction fearlessly. Praying to Him and pleading to grant the required wisdom and become your shield is the only right way.

St Valentine Prayer Images

“Heavenly Father, All that you have given me, I have always valued it, and I am forever obliged. I surrender my entire life to you and promise to follow your words with wholeheartedly. Let your blessing stay upon us forever. Amen.”


1- Why is St Valentine, the patron saint of Love?

When the time was tough, and people could not express their Love or be together, St. Valentine helped them believe in Love. He gave his life while spreading Love and togetherness as equal rights.

His passion for Love and his fearless work is worthy of the title St of Love.

2- What really happened to St Valentine?

He was sentenced to death as he privately was helping soldiers to marry and meet their lovers. At that time, soldiers were not allowed to marry. St. Valentine was caught and punished.

3- Which bird symbolizes Valentine’s Day?

The day “Valentine’s day,” when the lovers of the entire world wait to be together, is associated with specific two birds. The Dove and, of course, Love birds represent Love, peace, brotherhood around the world.

Encountering these two birds on 14th February delivers a special message from angels to you. To read the details, go to the link given below.

Spiritual characteristics of Dove

Final Words: Select any one of the above St Valentine Prayer and use it to attract your soulmate. Make sure you feel the genuine connection between the words while praying.

I wish you good luck with your bright future and More power and happiness. If you found this article helpful, do like and share it with others.

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Stay Blessed