Know How to Plant A Bamboo Plant in Soil, Water and Planters

Tired of trying to save your lovely charm “Lucky Bamboo” but failing repeatedly? Maybe you are planting it in the wrong way or not providing the right environment. Or maybe you are looking to expand your indoor collection and wondering how to plant a bamboo plant in water or soil?

In this article of bigbraincoach, I will share few easy and practical tips to grow a lucky bamboo plant and its basic needs in detail. Also, you will explore every tiny piece of information about these magical plants.

Dracaena Sanderiana is one of the most popular plants you can easily find in the store, home, and workplace. Being famous also means it’s easy to take care of if you have all the required information about it.

However, lack of light, food, and care harm it, and it dies within few days. Before we jump to see the care tips, let’s see how to plant a bamboo plant in soil?

How to Plant A Bamboo Plant in Soil

Generally, Lucky Bamboo is an indoor plant, so the public prefers to grow it in water. However, if you have a growing and large plant, you may extend it in your outdoor garden to grow in soil. The only requirement is a bit of extra care until the root is developed.

If you plan to grow a Bamboo plant in soil, find a place under another plant. Lucky Bamboo doesn’t require direct sunlight as it naturally grows under the shadow of other plants.

Find the right place where the temperature is between 65 to 95 degrees.

Plant the root in the soil and water only to moisture the soil because More water will damage the root.

How to plant a bamboo plant in water?

The most auspicious gift Chinees shares on new year’s eve or special events is a Bamboo plant. There is no secret behind seeing these popular plants in most of the office tables.

The plant not only invites good luck and more prosperity but cleanses the air too. Let’s see How to plant a bamboo plant in water.

#1 In order to grow the bamboo plant in water, cleanse its roots properly, dirty roots invites germs, which is harmful to plants life.

#2 Take a glass jar and add a pebble layer to hold the roots adequately, which is required for the plant’s healthy growth.

#3 Using a Glass jar or transparent pots helps you guard your plant’s root and dried leaves easily.

#4 make sure you use filtered water for the Lucky Bamboo as the content such as fluoride or chlorine present in the tap water may burn your plant.

#5 Keep the plant at a place with no direct sunlight but enough required light for the growth of the Bamboo plant.

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How to plant a bamboo plant in a pot

Planting a Lucky bamboo is easier if it’s in water rather than soil or pot. If you plan to grow lucky Bamboo in a pot, here is how to plant a bamboo plant in a few easy steps.

#1 Take a pot with suitable drainage holes, add the potting mix, and add a few pebbles around holes for better drainage.

#2 To grow in the planter, you need a unique mix of soil that holds moisture for a long time. Also, the pot drains the extra water quickly.

#3 Before planting the plant, clean the roots, remove extra, and damage roots or leaves.

#4 place a small amount of soil in the container, shake the planter to adjust the soil properly. Plant the Bamboo roots in the soil and fill the pot with the required soil mixture.

#5 water the plant entirely in order to moisture the soil and the roots as well.

How to grow lucky Bamboo from cuttings

The precious and most wanted plant, The lucky Bamboo, grows through cutting too. If your plant has grown enough that new shoots are all over and you want to grow more plants from its cutting, it’s pretty easy.

Follow the steps given below.

#1 Take a healthy plant but cutting it from below the nods. It’s crucial that cutting must a have at least one healthy leave.

#2 You may use any rooting hormone; otherwise, Lucky bamboo roots organically in the right environment.

#3 In order to grow in water, set the plant in a transparent pot, pot, fill the pot with filtered water until the root area is below the water and leaves over the water.

#4 In order to grow lucky Bamboo roots in the soil, place the trimmed stalk in the soil and cover it with soil.

#5 moisture the soil and let it grow beneath the soil organically.

Now you know how to plant a bamboo plant in water, soil or planter. Before planting a lucky bamboo plant, know the type of soil or food the plant requires.

Unlike other plants, there are some specific requirements of this popular plant. Let’s explore more information about its basic need.

Soil for lucky bamboo plant

Generally, Lucky Bamboo grows healthy in PH soils that are a little acidic. When it comes to soil texture, Bamboo likes loamy soil.

The Lucky Bamboo plants require a well-drained and rich soil mix to grow healthy. You may use a potting mix that’s fit for succulents.

If the soil mix isn’t available, your pot has enough drainage holes to release the excess water.

Food for lucky bamboo plant

Having a lucky bamboo and knowing what to feed lucky Bamboo is two different things. In order to have a healthy, green and lush plant, one must feed them the right food.

Here are various Food, you must provide your lucky charm.

#1 for the Lucky Bamboo in the soil, organic fertilizers and manor are the best Food. Drop the fertilizers on the top of the soil and keep it moist as it needs to compost.

#2 For the lucky Bamboo in the water, add dirty some aquarium water once in 1 or two months. Also, you can use liquid fertilizer food for the plant while changing the water every week or every other week.

How to take care of a bamboo plant?

The most crucial part for plants or pets lovers is knowing how to take the right care of them. Having the Lucky Bamboo and taking good care of it is the actual secret behind making it charmed.

After knowing how to plant a bamboo plant, its essential to know how to take care of it. Here are the tips from basic to advance care for your plant of health, wealth and happiness.

#1 Let’s see how to take care of a lucky bamboo plant in rocks. Clean your jar every month thoroughly in order to prevent your plant from algae. Also, don’t forget to change the water every week and let your plant bathe.

#3 Here is how to take care of a Lucky Bamboo in soil. Always plant it under the shadow of another plant so that it doesn’t expose it to direct sunlight. Only water to moisture the soil don’t let it store much water.

#4 Let’s see how to take care of lucky Bamboo in the pot. Make sure you use a pot with enough drainage holes and keep it at the place away from darkness and direct sunlight.

#5 Here is how to take care of a bamboo plant with yellow leaves. The most common reason behind yellow leaves is either fluoride water or direct sunlight. So, in order to grow your plant green and healthy, give it the right water and light.


#1 Does lucky Bamboo grow better in soil or water?

The Lucky Bamboo is a plant that can be grown in water and soil as well. However, in water, it needs water change every week, meaning a lot of care.

On the other hand, once it’s planted in soil, it grows slowly but has a long and healthy life.

#2 Does bamboo need soil?

Its not at all essential requirements for lucky Bamboo; it can be grown in water too. However, if you are using soil, make them not overwatered or have a good drainage system.

#3 How deep do you need to plant Bamboo?

It would be best if you planted the root deep enough to go completely go beneath the soil. Suppose you are planting in the soil, Probably 50 cm under the soil.

Final Words: Now you know how to plant a bamboo plant and the right way to care for your plant. I am sure the article all of have your queries solved.

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